Launched in 2017 as a cryptocurrency that would fix Ethereum’s scalability issues and provide a better Layer 2 solution, Polygon (MATIC) quickly rose to prominence and captured the attention of traders.

With its ability to make transactions much faster, it didn’t take long for Polygon to enter the top 20 list of cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap.

However, after reaching its all-time high of $2.5 in December 2021, things have slowly started going downhill for Polygon.

The bear market hasn’t been kind to the project and the currency is continuously struggling to hold its psychological targets.

Plus, if Ethereum’s Merge proves successful in fixing the network’s scalability problems and transaction speed, Polygon will have to find new ways to attract developers onto its network.

While it certainly is possible that Polygon will see new ATHs sometime in the future, projects like D2T, IMPT, RIA, TAMA, and TARO are looking like much better alternatives.

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How Polygon’s Future Will Look Like 

Considering how cluttered with information Ethereum’s network is, the developers might be prompted to use additional Layer 2 scaling solutions instead of only relying on the Merge.  

One of Ethereum’s long-term strategies is to work in coordination with Layer 2 solutions so its own network can scale even further.

This is where Polygon can be helpful.

Currently, Polygon can manage approximately 7,000 TPS (transactions per second), a number that can increase even further if sharding comes along.

While some analysts seem certain that developments with Merge will put an end to Polygon and other Layer 2 sidechains, other industry experts say that it’s not likely. In fact, these sidechains might even benefit from the Merge.

If Polygon’s network develops alongside Ethereum, it could potentially become ETH’s primary scaling solution in the upcoming years.

At the time of writing, Polygon is still around 60% shy of its all-time high from December 2021, but there’s a high chance that it will enter new bullish runs as the crypto market starts to recover.

Furthermore, it’s a positive sign to see Polygon standing its ground in the middle of the crypto winter, it shows that it has what it takes to endure tough times and bounce back stronger.

Some analysts suggest that we might see Polygon’s price increase to the $1.5 mark by the end of 2022.

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Dash 2 Trade Can Maximize Profits Unlike Any Other Crypto Trading Platform

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto trading platform with robust analytics and social trading features.

In fact, it’s considered to be one of the best places to get actionable market insights and see what’s going on in the industry.

Traders can rely on social indicators to help them understand the bigger picture of the latest crypto occurrences. This is a huge asset considering that the vast majority of crypto trading platforms only offer technical analysis indicators.

Next, we have the presale analysis tool that you can use to get Dash 2 Trade’s evaluation of ongoing presales and whether they can be profitable. Nowadays when the market is filled with interesting presales, this can be very useful to segment the projects worth paying attention to.

This is just a sneak peek of what Dash 2 Trade offers, some of the other features are API trading, investment signals, strategy testing, etc.

To access these features and use the platform, you’ll need to get the native utility token – D2T.

Currently, D2T tokens can be bought on the live presale that has been going incredibly fast ($6 million raised in record time).

The current price is 0.0533 USDT per D2T token and it will gradually increase over the following weeks. 

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Robotera Trending on the “Metaverse Game” Scale

Robotera is a new crypto P2E game based in a futuristic robotic Metaverse and it revolves around innovative block-building.

But that’s far from it – users can also explore the planet, build cities, trade virtual land, and talk to one another.

Since every detail in the Metaverse is fully customizable, players can create unique designs and then monetize them. Think of it as Minecraft on “crypto steroids”.

There are several camps within the game that you can join and each one comes with a distinct set of perks and users.

The native utility token is TARO and it’ll be used for staking, reward distribution, in-game transactions, and more.

By getting TARO tokens, you acquire DAO voting power and can even cast votes on who should rule the Robotera government (presidents, managers, directors, etc.). Notably, Robotera will only be the first P2E game in this shared multiverse.

You can get TARO tokens for 0.020 USDT per single token, which is the lowest price we’ll see considering that the project just launched its first presale phase. 

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IMPT Captures the Attention of Big Brands

IMPT is one of the most interesting projects that the community is buzzing about nowadays.

In essence, IMPT was created with the goal to help people make a positive impact on the environment through the use of carbon credits and NFT technology.

This is done by turning IMPT tokens into carbon credits and then exchanging them into NFTs that can be retired from circulation.

Users will be able to get IMPT tokens by shopping at one of its various partners’ stores, including Adidas, Hugo Boss, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

IMPT is currently in Stage 2 of its presale with an impressive $12.6 million raised in less than one month. You can purchase one token for $0.023 at the moment, but not for long as the presale will enter the next phase in a matter of days. 

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Calvaria Is an Epic P2E Crypto Game Designed for Mass Adoption

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is an epic P2E card-based crypto game that revolves around strategic battles among players.

They use NFT cards that represent members of the three conflicted clans – Arcilla Divina, Miaquilia, and the Void.

Owning NFT cards does provide you with interesting characters, but it doesn’t increase your odds of winning. Instead, only players that devise the best strategies can come out victorious from battle.

Furthermore, you don’t have to own NFT cards or cryptocurrencies at all to participate in the game, which means anyone with a mobile device and an internet connection can have fun with Calvaria.

If you do, however, decide to buy RIA tokens/ NFTs, you’ll get full ownership over your assets and receive DAO voting power.

Just like D2T and IMPT, RIA tokens are also live on presale and you can get 40 RIA for 1 USDT. Once the first $2 million is reached, the price will see a slight increase. 

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Tamadoge Climbing the Ranks in the Meme Coin Universe

Tamadoge is looking like a great option at the moment in terms of big returns.

The presale for TAMA tokens has been really successful and the demand wasn’t affected by the ongoing crypto winter, which just shows that quality tokens are always popular among investors.

After the presale ended, Tamadoge landed several CEX listings like OKX, LBank, BitMart, and MEXC. 

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a meme cryptocurrency that connects users with the Tamaverse (platform Metaverse), in which they can explore P2E opportunities, NFTs, and much more.

Furthermore, Tamadoge has one big advantage over its meme coin competitors – it comes with real-world utility.

The P2E game revolves around taking care of digital pets that are used for battles once they grow up. Players that win the most battles each month have a chance to win the main prizes.

Tamadoge has announced several major CEX listings once it goes viral and LBank is one of them (confirmed a few days ago).

With all of these features in its arsenal, industry experts seem certain that Tamadoge will explode by the end of 2022 and bring huge profits to early investors.

On a final note, it’s worth mentioning that there’s no “rug pull” danger associated with TAMA – the project was audited by SolidProof and KYC’d by CoinSniper.

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The Verdict

Polygon has been one of the rare currencies that have been trading in green lately, but it’s still a long shot that the project will bring any huge returns soon.

That’s why so many investors are buying alternatives like D2T, IMPT, RIA, TAMA,and TARO.