In the crypto space, the metaverse is all about combining cryptocurrencies with the virtual representation of the physical world. Although the saturation of the term “metaverse” is quite high on the internet, the technology is still in its early phases and this is attracting a huge interest among tech and crypto investors. This phenomenon is causing metaverse currencies like TARO, and RIA to emerge as potential new crypto projects alongside IMPT and Dash 2 Trade

Judging by the current presale success and the unique feature offered by these emerging projects, experts are expecting them to surpass popular metaverse projects like Decentraland and Sandbox. 

How exactly? Let’s take a closer look. 

Why emerging metaverse projects are a better investment option?

Engaging in the metaverse at this moment will offer you a cutting-edge marketplace that is still in its initial phase. Investing in emerging metaverse projects can at this time be beneficial to you as you can still buy your preferred metaverse token at an extremely low price and diversify your portfolio with the best-performing crypto assets. 

Another reason that lies behind the popularity and potential of these tokens is their metaverse appeal. Being an early investor in the metaverse can speed up the process by investing in projects like TARO  and RIA. Judging by the current potential of the industry, the metaverse is going to take flight and at that moment only the early investors will shine through and get a chance to gain massive profits. 

Last but certainly not least, purchasing fresh tokens like RIA and TAROis a sign of a smart investor since these are still in their early phase. As these coins also come with extensive utility to the crypto space they are highly likely to experience price surges as time goes on. When the crypto winter will end there’s a high possibility that these tokens will pump at a faster rate where only early investors will gain massive returns. 

With that being said, let’s take a deep dive into the most potential crypto projects at present that might be an excellent option to invest in right now.


RobotEra is one of the brand-new cryptocurrency initiatives that revolves around an interactive metaverse. RobotEra enables its users to own their virtual land by playing and developing games without the requirement of any coding experience. Where RobotEra stands out from most metaverse projects is its unique features and functionalities. In RobotEra players can manage a piece of land in the platform’s metaverse, collect resources through farming and build relationships with other robots in the game. 

TARO, the native token of RobotEra is currently on presale and is responsible for powering the in-world economy of RobotEra. Additionally, TARO acts as the governance token of the platform that helps in the future development of the project as well.

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Calvaria is making the headlines recently by introducing an interactive card game where players will be able to compete with each other by taking part in tournaments using different cards. Calvaria consists of two separate versions for the players to enjoy the game fully. 

The free version of the game is available on both android and iOS and anyone with a PC or mobile device can access it as long as they have an internet connection. The second version is made to encourage the payers to get introduced to the blockchain version. Here players can take advantage of RIA, the native token of Calvaria, and get added benefits in the game. 

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Dash 2 Trade 

Dash 2 Trade is the newest crypto project that is making the news with its world-class analytics platform for cryptocurrencies and a unique social trading feature. Users of this platform can gain access to various trading signals, social sentiment, on-chain analysis, strategy builders, social trading tools, crypto alerts, and more that certainly influence the success of D2T’s presale. 

D2T has already crossed $6 million in its presale and is making its presence strong among other new cryptos at present. Dash 2 Trade’s aim to provide actionable insights and trading tools is encouraging the demand behind the token’s success so far. 

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Next on our list is the green crypto IMPT, which is revolutionizing the world of crypto by merging blockchain technology with the initiative to preserve the environment. IMPT has partnered with more than 10000 brands where users can earn and collect carbon credit by purchasing from them or directly from the IMPT marketplace. 

These carbon credits can be further minted into unique NFTs and sold in the NFT marketplace. This helps the users to prevent any kind of fraudulent activities and ensures a stable and transparent ecosystem. The IMPT token is also in the presale phase at present and has already collected more than  $12 million in funds. 

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TARO, RIA, D2T, and IMPT – all the cryptos mentioned here are currently in the presale phase, which means you can get ample opportunity to invest low and get high returns in the future. This is the sole reason why these cryptos are smashing their presales more than most new tokens that have emerged recently.