After being the number one trending coin in September, Ravencoin (RVN) is now experiencing a significant decline, going as low as $0.020 per token. Two months before, RVN reportedly reached $0.060 per token.

The September Ravencoin jump coincided with the long-awaited Ethereum Merge, and the coin stood out as the best Ethereum alternative, leaving giants like Bitcoin and Shiba Inu behind.

What is going on with Ravencoin now? What the future brings for holders of this coin, is Ravencoin a good investment, and what is RVN crypto price prediction?

In this article we bring you the newest Ravencoin price prediction, helping you stay up to date with this promising crypto. We will also discuss the best new alternatives to RVN you can buy today. We’ll talk about cryptos that are breaking records with their lightning-speed presales and changing the way we perceive cryptos for the better. 

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Top crypto alternatives to Ravencoin

Here is the list of coins emerging as the best new assets you can buy today that can also be regarded as good Ravencoin alternatives:

  1. RobotERA (TARO);
  2. Calvaria (RIA);
  3. Dash 2 Trade (D2T);
  4. IMPT;
  5. Tamadoge (TAMA);
  6. Ethereum.

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RobotERA (TARO) is a new creative Metaverse project that is inviting users to participate in a world-rebuilding experience in a robot-populated universe. Users will be invited to build and create buildings, land, or robots that will populate this new world.

The RobotERA project is going beyond its own universe and building bridges to other blockchain-based communities by hosting a theme park where NFTs from other communities will be welcomed. The project is also planning to include an event-hosting option.

RobotERA users will earn through play, but will also be given a chance to sell their NFTs, or stake tokens in exchange for a monthly yield.

The RobotERA Metaverse is powered by a TARO token that is available on presale for $0.020 per token. This is just Stage 1 that will be over before you know it, and the price of TARO will soon rise to $0.025 per token in the upcoming Stage 2. Hurry up to catch this hot new coin at a bargain.

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Calvaria (RIA) is a new card battle game set on the blockchain that has some true potential to appeal to crypto-shy investors and leave its mark in the P2E space.

This project focuses on the user experience, offering in-game collections players can truly own and earn with. These valuable cards come in the form of collectible NFTs, but the Calvaria universe also offers staking of its native RIA tokens as another means of generating income.

Calvaria raised more than $1,75 million so far in an ongoing presale, currently in Stage 4 and offering RIA for $0.025 per piece. The price is shortly to increase to $0.030 per piece.

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Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is the coin with the hottest presale at the moment, and it managed to raise more than $6,2 million so far. The project will be launching a real-time crypto analytics platform with all the useful data updated live, saving the usual time and energy investors spend on making an informed decision.

The platform will also have an auto-trader at your disposal, that’s great for new investors eager to start earning money but not skilled to do it by themselves. Dash 2 Trade trading platform is planned to go live in Q1 2023.

The project’s coin D2T is currently on presale in Stage 3, getting sold for $0.0315 per coin. Stage 3 will be ending in a matter of days, meaning the presale price of D2T will be increased to $0.0533 in Stage 4.

This fresh coin is expected to list on the LBank exchange right after the presale is finished, after which many other CEX listings and the launch of both the platform and auto-trader are expected. All of this sets D2T on a course for major price spikes in near future, making it one of the best Ravencoin alternatives you can buy today.

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For those investors looking into sustainable crypto options, IMPT is the best solution we’ve ever seen. This is the greenest crypto project you will find on the market and a record breaker that raised close to $13 million in presale so far.

IMPT is dealing in carbon credits but on a more down-to-earth scale. This project is enabling shoppers who back eco-friendly brands to earn carbon credits. Shoppers can then support environmental initiatives and projects by relocating those carbon credits to their causes.  

The project is still on presale and currently available for $0.023 a coin. If you hurry you can catch this great alternative to Ravencoin before the presale goes to the next stage and the price rises. 

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Tamadoge (TAMA) is the first meme coin with utility, that managed to raise a record-breaking $19 million in presale setting an example with its digital pets Metaverse project. Owners of Tamadoge NFTs will earn rewards in TAMA tokens in this innovative P2E reality.

This stellar crypto project already managed to sell two rare collections of its first in-game NFTs and is currently offering another bunch. These NFTs are Tamadoge pets, digital dogs that are collected and nurtured to adulthood to battle each other in the Tamaverse, but also make valuable digital companions to their owners.

Tamadoge is planning to gradually develop its P2E metaverse, and the first stages in this roadmap have already given a significant boost to the coins price, making Tamadoge a valuable asset to own and a good alternative to Ravencoin.

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Ethereum, known also as the Bitcoin killer, is even more appealing to investors than before since it now has moved from the proof-of-work (PoW) protocol and completed the Merge. Nevertheless, the price of Ethereum is still following the price of Bitcoin as if the two were a couple on the dancefloor. Ethereum is significantly cheaper than Bitcoin, and much more appealing since it is making moves to modernize and follow trends, unlike Bitcoin which has stayed more rigid.

At some point, Ravencoin was considered the best alternative to Ethereum, but at this stage, it seems things can also go the other way around. Ethereum has a stable reputation and is backed by a greater community than Ravencoin.

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Ravencoin Price Prediction

A shift of Bitcoin’s biggest competitor Ethereum towards proof-of-stake (PoS) made miners search for alternative investments that are still using PoW, and Ravencoin quickly appeared as the number one alternative most talked about, and most sought after.

The price of Ravencoin went through a surge in August and particularly in September, going against the general sentiment towards cryptos that at the end of Summer all experienced a fall.

This November, however, Ravencoin did not separate from Bitcoin and Ethereum but is following in their decline and experiencing a small dip as well.

Ravencoin is operating in the range of very fierce competition of Ethereum fork tokens that could leverage the original consensus algorithm. Current RVN price prediction considers RVN Bearish at least till the end of the year, not expecting major changes in price before the turn of Q1 to Q2 2023.

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Ravencoin vs. Alternatives – Which One to Buy?

Ravencoin’s popularity this September for a moment made it seem like a good Autumn investment, especially since the coin was rising during September when big players like Bitcoin were staggering. The fact that Ravencoin at one point left Ethereum behind is a good indication this coin will be the one to watch closely. Some potential upgrades or movements in the roadmap of the coin would make Ravencoin price prediction more precise.

At the moment when Bitcoins decline is putting all cryptos to the test, many investors are giving an advantage over Ravencoin to coins with more precise roadmaps and excellent performance. 

With projects like Meta Masters, Calvaria, and Dash 2 Trade the future is somewhat easier to predict than with Ravencoin which can be replaced by some other Ethereum fork token. 

Meta Masters, for example, will be listed on its first CEX and launch its first game called Meta Kart Racers, while Dash 2 Trade is to be listed on the LBank exchange and launch its platform and an auto-trader. All of these events favorably influence the movements of a coin’s price.

RobotERA and Meta Masters are both new projects investors like to know about first because these presales give some real bargain prices for coins that have real potential to enrich an investors portfolio as the crypto sensation Tamadoge did with its record-breaking presale and now successful NFT Collections launch. 

Since the crypto market is highly volatile, make sure never to invest more than you can afford to lose, and thus choose a project that gives you something to believe in.

The IMPT Project, for example, is proving cryptos can be green and can take part in saving the environment, making it an investment you wouldn’t like to miss out on. Significantly, you have the chance to be amongst the first who recognized it.

Whatever project you chose to back keep in mind that prices in presale are changing fast to favor the earliest investors the most, so be quick to pick your stellar crypto at a bargain price.

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