This is the best time to buy the KCS token, as the market sentiment is bearish. Buying at a low price gives you a better chance to earn a huge profit when you sell during the bullish market momentum. Since the KuCoin market trend is also volatile, the price would likely rise soon. This also applies to other cryptos running on presales, including D2T, TARO, IMPT, and RIA.

There are reasons why financial experts encourage crypto investors to buy these cryptocurrencies, which you shall discover in this piece. Meanwhile, a bearish moment is also an opportunity for wise investors who can maximize the situation – are you ready to seize the opportunity?  

KuCoin Price Prediction

Technical indicators identify the projection of cryptocurrency growth and future market price. Over the years, KuCoin has experienced price volatility, just like many other cryptocurrencies. According to the CoinCodex report, KuCoin price will most likely drop by 3.43% on the 19th of November, 2022.

The market price for KuCoin at the time of writing is $7.79. However, financial analysts predict the price will hit $30 in the next few years. This is because KuCoin shows less risk compared to most other cryptocurrencies. In fact, the low market price is associated with general crypto market inflation.

Below is a table showing the price prediction of KuCoin till 2026.

YearBeginning of the YearEnd of the Year

Here are Cryptocurrencies You Should Buy in this Current Market Season

Even though these cryptocurrencies have not been launched into the crypto community yet, they can be considered a bearish market moment. Their token prices are low because most are currently running their presales. Meanwhile, the costs will keep increasing as crypto advances its presale stages. 

Here is a quick list of these cryptocurrencies before delving further.

  1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)
  2. RobotEra (TARO)
  3. (IMPT)
  4. Calvaria (RIA)
  5. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is an adopted innovation in blockchain technology. It provides users and the crypto community with the correct information through social indicators. Some of this information includes trading signals, social metrics, presales news, listing alerts, and technical indicators.

The Dash 2 Trade will keep improving its features, especially when the presale closes by 2023. Some of the projects to expect are D2T listings on reputable exchanges. The D2T ecosystem also allows users to decide their participation level. 

D2T token is currently sold for 0.0513, at the stage three presale value. Interested persons with the MetaMask wallet installed on their devices can buy the D2T token on the presale platform. Once the presale season is over, investors can claim their tokens.

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  1. RobotEra (TARO)

The RobotEra is creating more opportunities for the crypto community to express their ideas creatively. It helps them to build virtual properties while appreciating in value. Every project owner receives recognition for their work, as they can determine who to access their projects. 

Even though every creator on the RobotEra platform is known as a robot, they are assigned specific tasks. These robots are also responsible for representing physical operations in the digital space. Every activity on the RobotEra ecosystem will be carried out using the TARO token. 

TARO token is currently available at 0.020 USDT, which will likely increase soon. Having recently started the first stage of its presale, RobotEra has sold more than 4 million tokens.

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  1. (IMPT)

The IMPT project focuses on NFT innovation to reduce double counting and fraud cases. Thus, the ecosystem rewards participants who burn their carbon credits with NFT. This is a way of contributing to the green environment through cryptocurrency, as one carbon credit is equivalent to 1 ton of CO2.

The IMPT development team aims to solve challenges such as selling non-existing projects. This project has enormous possibilities, as the team aims to collaborate with more than 10,000 green brands. 

The second presale stage is on, and the IMPT token is set at $0.023. This is the best time to buy for a potentially massive return on investment. Since IMPT has great potential to pull a large crowd across the crypto community, investors should buy the token at the current low price.

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  1. Calvaria (RIA)

The Calvaria project is based on strategic gaming plans among users within the ecosystem. Users participating in the Duels of Eternity card games will be rewarded with the RIA token. This implies that users can develop gaming plans that help them to upgrade their cards on the battlefield.

The most exciting concept of Calvaria is its accessibility to non-crypto users. The Free2Earn version allows people to participate without owning a wallet as long as they have a working mobile device. However, participants using the Play2Earn gaming version will have access to more features. 

Calvaria is also running its presale, and one USDT is equivalent to 40.00 $RIA. Meanwhile, the price is said to increase to 33.33 $RIA soon. Since starting its presale, the crypto has sold more than 100 million $RIA and will continue to sell out massively.

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Final Thoughts

The cryptocurrencies discussed above are not only recommended due to less market price. Even though buying crypto at a low price is a huge consideration to investors, the features are also vital. The recommended cryptos exhibit unique attributes, bringing innovations compared to older altcoins. Thus, amazing offers will attract a large number of the crypto community.