Flow is a decentralized blockchain designed by DApper Labs that powers apps, digital assets, and new-generation games. With its high speeds and new developer-friendly design, the Flow applications are allowing users to keep their data within their control. You can create, and trade NFTs, and also thanks to the multi-role architecture, it serves almost everyone. From game players to business leaders. 

It has also an open-source tooling system that includes Flow Go Software Development Kit, Flow Javascript, Visual Studio Code Extension, Flow playground GUI, Human-Readable Security, Reward Programs, a Smart User Account, and a Developer Ecosystem which are additional features of Flow.

The crypto was launched in 2020 and the current price for the coin is $1.82. The highest price was recorded in March 2021 where you could get $39.11 for one Flow. 

It has great potential in the long run, but there are some other cryptos that are promising for 2023 and can make you massive returns. Those coins are Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, IMPT, TAMA. Make sure to check them out.

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Flow Price Predictions

Looking at the analysis and how the coin’s price moves, we confirm that it can reach even beyond its highest price. You will have to be patient regarding this coin because for the year 2023 the predictions are around $2.80 for a coin of Flow. For passing its highest prices so far you will have to hold onto the coin until 2031. You can also check the graph below for the exact price predictions regarding Flow.

As mentioned before, Flow is an interesting project with many great features that are worthy of your investment. You have to be patient regarding price growth, and that is why Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, IMPT, and TAMA can give you 10x profits within 2023. 

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – the best crypto that will explode in 2023

The most unique platform with amazing features where users have access to metric signals and social trading tools. No matter if you are a professional trader or are just starting your journey, anyone can be a part of Dash 2 Trade. The project has now reached its Presale Stage 3 and so far over $5 million has been raised. You should hurry up and grab the opportunity since the price will raise as soon as the Presale Stage 3 is completed. 

The heart of the Dash 2 Trade platform is its powerful and innovative dashboard. All tools are summed up together.  They include metrics, indicators, turbo-charge trading performance, and signals.

The Dashboard has various features which are listed below. Just have in mind that some of them are still under development:

  • Social Trading – follow D2T most successful traders and compete for prizes
  • Auto Trading API – connect directly to your broker to trade
  • Risk Profiler – helps you improve your decision-making and minimizes the risks
  • Listing Alerts – immediate access to new crypto listings for all subscribers
  • On-chain Analytics – it will scan leading networks around the clock to identify specific trends

It also operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The D2T token complies with the ERC-20 standard where the total supply of D2T is 1 billion tokens. The D2T tokens are taxless, and the developers are planning to let that stay forever. There are also going to be Trading Competitions and rewards within the D2T ecosystem. 

There are 3 subscriptions for you to choose from, and each of them is unique and stands out with different features. Make sure to see it for yourself and look for the best option that is suitable for you:

  • Free Tier – D2T tokens are not required for this membership. Users will have access to the Dash 2 Trade market which offers tier-one pricing information which all traders should use. The main goal of this subscription is to offer insight into the Dash 2 Trade dashboard.
  • Starter Tier – gives you access to advanced on-chain data and basic insights into notable presale launches. You are limited to 2 watchlists, but you have access to automated trading tools and members-only Discord channels where the users can discuss metrics and insights.
  • Premium Tier – all features are accessible which includes access to the quarterly trading competitions, where 5% of subscription fees are allocated to the prize pool. Plus many other features that you should check right now.

Many experts have high hopes for Dash 2 Trade because it is definitely the most unique project so far. You want to be a part of it because it will definitely go 10x in 2023 and make a great return on your initial investment. 

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Calvaria (RIA) – among the cryptos that will give you 10x return in 2023

Calvaria is a new fantasy card game where players can battle against each other and wager against one another in PVP games using the native token $RIA. It really stands out from other P2E games, because it offers a story mode. Players earn and improve their cards in preparation for war. Different groups in the universe have their visual styles, which are reflected in the characters they use.

It will also offer both P2E and F2P (Free-to-Play) features which will attract crypto enthusiasts and traditional gamers. That is why you will find it for PC, App Store, and Google Play Store.

This game has a variety of features that includes a DAO in-game store for NFTs, a staking platform, mini-games, and a scholarship system. The Calvaria team is looking forward and wants that the community to have a big part in running the game. Another thing that you should be aware of is that users will actually not need any assets in order to start playing.

You will have full ownership of everything you earn in the game. Whether it’s NFTs, tokens, skins, potions, and others. All the features that we mentioned will definitely make this game stand out from the competition. 

All this information is proof that Calvaria will explode in 2023 and give you massive returns on your invested money. The presale is already live and more than $1.4 million has been raised for the growth of this quite amazing project. There will be stages regarding the presale which is why you should use the opportunity now because later the price will rise. You can purchase around 40 RIA tokens for 1 USDT and around 300 million RIA tokens are available throughout the presale stages. Currently, the project is in Stage 4. That is why you should get yourself involved in this project as soon as possible.

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IMPT.io (IMPT) – the project that will make  a difference

Impt.io is for sure among the best coins to invest in that will give you over 10x return in 2023. This project has its purpose to reduce carbon emissions that will help our environment. Around thousands of the largest retail brands allocate a specific percentage of sale margin for environmental projects. It is connecting users with various eco-friendly projects that have a mutual goal.

The token relies on its blockchain technology, which records transactions and tracks assets in a business network. According to IMPT.io, the carbon offset market will be worth over $700 million by 2027. 

Users accumulate the IMPT tokens until they reach the necessary amount of the carbon credit of their choice. This means that users can continue shopping, while on the other side they do a good thing and help the planet.

The predictions for this token are immense since they already hit some milestones. It already raised $12 million in presales, which is just confirming that it is the crypto you should definitely buy before the price goes up high.

Make sure to also check their official Telegram group and stay up to date. The group has already grown to nearly 14k subscribers and keeps on growing.

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Tamadoge (TAMA) – P2E platform that will grow in 2023

The trend regarding this coin in the crypto market continues since the value increased almost 10 times within a few days of its release in July 2022. If you have missed out on this first run, you do not need to worry because this coin is still desirable and it is going to increase its value.

When it comes to features, Tamadoge is the first meme coin with its metaverse, NFT store, and P2E crypto game setup with absolute utility. Many analysts are expecting that it will become the next Dogecoin. The hype is huge regarding this meme coin, and that is why you should get on board and profit from it as already many investors did.

The concept is simple where you have to take care of your Tamadoge, so they can become stronger. If you leave them unattended for too long, they will end up as Tamaghosts.

In order to make purchases, you will be using TAMA, the ecosystem native token. The system uses the latest NFT and token standards to bring you tokens that you can use to inject life into your Tamadoge pets. Everyone is working hard to make sure that your Tamadoge feels like a member of your family. You have to take care of them daily. 

There is a fixed supply of 2 billion TAMA tokens, and it has a 5% burn rate which makes it a deflationary token. You want to make sure to invest in this project where you will get a 10x return during 2023.

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Cardano (ADA) – can it recover? 

Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency with a current value of $0.37 and it is the most active crypto asset over the past year. The long-awaited upgrade was launched and it brings smart contracts to their blockchain. This allows developers to build decentralized apps (Dapps) and also brought them into the world of DeFi and NFTs. 

The predictions of 10x in 2023 are realistic, and that is why you should consider ADA as a short-term as well as a long-term investment. 


Many new projects have come in the past years but only a few made a boom and difference. Flow has a lot of potential, especially in the long run. If you are looking for the best coins that will make you 10x profit in 2023, then you should invest in the coins we presented to you in this article.