One of the things that have been talked about a lot in the public, especially in the circles of popular people and people of “higher class”, is certainly the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. 

Why was this NFT collection talked about among this group of people? Well, it is clear to you – precisely because of this, not-so-small price, because the fact is that not everyone can afford to own NFTs from this collection.

And precisely because of this, many average crypto users prefer to invest in cryptos such as RobotEra (TARO), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), Calvaria (RIA), (IMPT), and of course, the best meme coin Tamadoge (TAMA). But let’s briefly return to ApeCoin.

How the value of ApeCoin will develop in the future, and whether it is wise to invest in it now, will be revealed to you at the end of the text.

About ApeCoin

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. This coin was created by a decentralized autonomous organization ApeCoin DAO, and the main idea was to launch a token that will strive for growth. So, basically, ApeCoin was created for governance and utility.

At the same time, ApeCoin is actually the official token of the previously mentioned Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, but, this token was not created by Yuga Labs, although many people think that it is.

Who are the holders who own ApeCoin? First of all, those are the owners of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs. They received ApeCoin as a kind of reward for owning NFTs from the mentioned collections.

Of the entire amount of ApeCoin tokens, i.e. of a total of 1 billion, 15% will be distributed precisely to the owners of NFTs from those collections. However, those who are not NFT holders will also get a chance to use APE, because this coin can be used as a payment method on many existing crypto exchanges.

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ApeCoin Price and Price Prediction

At the moment, the current price of ApeCoin is around $2,89. And, if you are wondering what factors can influence the value of ApeCoin to grow, one of them is certainly the already mentioned possibility of using this token as a payment method, but what shows the greatest chance of making it one of the best coins is certainly its integration with the metaverse. If APE would integrate into the metaverse, then, without a doubt, it would be wise to invest in it. Time will tell whether that integration will happen. Until then, if you still have doubts about investing in APE, we advise you to take a look at the table where you can see the ApeCoin Price Prediction until 2025.


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Is there a better investment from ApeCoin?

The fact is that when you take a look at the ApeCoin Price Prediction, investing in this coin can seem really tempting since there are chances that this coin will reach a fairly high value. However, we cannot be sure that this will actually happen, primarily because the integration of this coin with the metaverse has not yet occurred.

Precisely because of this, perhaps a better choice would be to invest in something that shows real chances of success, like RobotEra for example.

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APE vs RobotEra (TARO): which one is better?

It is already quite clear, taking all factors into account, that it is far wiser to invest in RobotEra, that is, in TARO than in ApeCoin at this moment. It’s true – ApeCoin promises much higher earnings based on invested funds, but in this case, there is little chance that this promise will be fulfilled. For this very reason, we advise investing in a safer option, which in this case is the TARO coin. 

If you are wondering are there some other interesting crypto projects  in the crypto market at the moment, we have to say that there are a few that you should check out. The year 2022 brought a lot of interesting and promising projects to the crypto market and RobotEra is surely one of them.

Why do more and more users decide to invest in TARO? Let’s ask you something.Have you ever imagined how amazing it would be if you had the opportunity to create the world you would live in? Well, the RobotEra multiverse allows us to realize that idea and that is why an increasing number of users decide to invest in TARO. 

The only thing that is necessary for joining RobotEra platform is to have the TARO coin, which is now on presale and its price is only 0.020 USDT. Invest in TARO as soon as possible and enjoy everything the RobotEra multiverse has to offer.

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APE vs Dash 2 Trade (D2T): which one is better?

By investing in a D2T coin you will get a lot. Insights into all important information, crypto trading signals, price predictions, and social analytics that will raise your crypto activity to a whole new level is the first good thing. And besides the fact that this platform will help you become informed when it comes to crypto investing, you will also directly profit from this coin in the future.

The enormous success of the presale so far is only the beginning, because it is assumed that the D2T coin will experience serious success when the presale ends and D2T becomes available on exchanges. So, be wise and invest in it now, when its price is favorable. You will certainly get much more from it than from the APE coin.

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APE vs Calvaria (RIA): which one is better?

And when we already mention the extremely successful crypto presaleS, we must not forget the presale of Calvaria’s RIA coin, the presale that breaks all records.

RIA coins are being sold at a tremendous speed and the number of new users is growing just as fast. Of course, this is partly due to the current favorable pre-sale price, but mostly because this is a revolutionary play-to-earn platform. RIA coin gathers a growing number of users around it every day, much more than APE coin does, so RIA is certainly a much better choice for investment.

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APE vs (IMPT): which one is better?

The IMPT coin shows much more realistic chances for future success than the APE coin does. This is because IMPT was created in such a way that, in addition to providing profit to investors, it also brings a revolutionary performance that will directly affect the preservation of the environment and the reduction of pollution. 

More and more people, and therefore crypto users, are becoming environmentally conscious and simply want to do something to make a personal contribution to the preservation of the environment. IMPT coin has enabled them to do exactly that, so it is expected that it will maintain and even surpass its previous success, which cannot be said for APE coin. 

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APE vs Tamadoge (TAMA): which one is better?

Tamadoge with its TAMA coin succeeded in raising $19 000 000 during its presale, got listed on best crypto exchanges in the world, and even dropped an NFT Collection. So yes, TAMA is the hit among the crypto coins that you can invest in and it is definitely a better choice than APE! At this moment, you can buy the TAMA coin on extremely favorable terms, and we advise you to take a look at this coin as well and to take advantage of the current situation.

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Ok, now that we have thoroughly paid attention to all the important things related to ApeCoin, we can say that although this coin, in the long term, shows chances of success, there are still much safer investments.

Yes, it sounds really nice that the potential minimum price of ApeCoin for the year 2025 is a whopping $50, but how likely is it to actually happen? Instead of striving for incredible earnings that are not overly realistic, it is certainly much wiser to opt for investing in something that does not promise huge earnings but is much more realistic, such as investing in TARO, D2T, RIA, IMPT or TAMA. In the long run, investing in something like this will certainly bring us much more.