For years people have lamented that sex toys and virtual sex were no replacement for a real, physical relationship. But if there’s one thing the 2013 movie “Her” taught us, it is that technology is forever optimistic. 

True, the AI chatbots still need a lot of work. But today’s best male sex toys are getting more and more realistic in terms of mimicking the human sexual experience. 

What’s the difference, though, between strokers, cock rings, and prostate massagers in terms of orgasmic joy? 

We answer this and more with our top best sex toys for men in 2023, rated and reviewed below.

Find out which toys made it to the top!

What Are The Main Types Of Male Sex Toy?

When shopping for the best male sex toys, you have to consider the method of operation. Here are five basic types of sex toys for men and why they each have unique functions.

Fleshlights & Strokers

Fleshlight revolutionized the male masturbators market for debuting a highly-textured sleeve inside a hard case, and one that naturally creates suction. The male stroker is a realistic oral sex simulation. 

Penis Vibrators

The penis vibrator provides stimulation via vibration patterns, some of which have over 10-20 modes to choose from. The penis vibrator may offer a hands-free orgasm (similar to the way a vibrator gives a female orgasm), or may be used as an aid to lubricated thrusting.

Prostate Massagers

For players looking to explore anal stimulation safely, prostate massagers provide a safe shaft made from soft and flexible silicone material. These anal toys work like vibrators but are made for the male anatomy.

Automatic Masturbators

Automatic masturbators give the player a “hands-free” experience. Some masturbation aid toys allow men to view VR porn on the top VR porn sites while using specially designed “scripts”, while others connect to other players via remote control or even online control. 

Cock Rings

Cock rings can help in prolonging or intensifying the male orgasm but they are also designed to enhance your sex life with a partner since the cock ring material provides indirect pressure on the partner’s clitoris.

Best Sex Toys for Men in 2023

1. Lovense Max – Best Male Sex Toy Overall

Top features

  • Blue-tooth ready and interactive
  • Multiple vibration & contraction levels
  • Good price of $99
  • Additional sleeve is only $10 extra 
  • Adjustable suction strength

For many years now, the best sex toys in the industry have been plagued by one simple problem. The player had to use the toy manually, whether it was thrusting into a Fleshlight or using a soft silicone “sleeve” to masturbate in an up and down fashion. 

That’s why the Lovense Max catapulted to the top of our list, as it’s basically a hands-free sex toy made for the sophisticated penis-owner who wants an immersive fantasy. The adjustable air vents of the toy allow users to change the suction level. 

This sex toy sleeve is Bluetooth compatible, meaning players have 3 different modes to experience orgasm.

These include:

Local Control that lets Smartphone buttons decide the sensation, Long-Distance Control to have a friend (or a stranger) take over the toy, or Long Distance Play, which actually syncs with other Max or Nora adult toys from the Lovense company.

The multiple-sensation sleeve provides pleasure on its own, but within the sleeve case there are vibrating mechanisms, as well as 360-degrees contractions for a thoroughly hands-free experience. 

Users (or the one controlling the toy) can choose between seven vibration settings, like Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Fireworks and Earthquake. The three contraction settings, Subtle, Mild, and Deep, also add unique sensations that coincide with the vibration settings. 

Bottom Line

Since most other sex toys are skyrocketing at prices of $300 or more, this is likely the most affordable and the most intense sex toy you can buy in 2022. Get it here.

2. Autoblow AI – Best High Tech Sex Toy for Men

Top features

  • AI intelligence that simulates a BJ
  • 25 unique experiences & 10 speeds
  • Heavy duty enough for a wall outlet
  • Bluetooth ready – download pre-made scripts!
  • $239.95 + sleeves for $50-90

The Autoblow AI looks weird at first glance, but frankly, it’s the most advanced sex toy for men in terms of artificial intelligence. The Autoblow AI is twice the size of the average sleeve sex toy, but in terms of width not height. 

The first compartment of the sex toy has the interchangeable sex sleeve, while the second half stores all the fast moving parts under a plastic guard. That’s the side of the toy that gives you ten different speed controls, and actually has a mini computer inside that connects to WI-FI. 

The adjustable “penis gripper” adjusts the tightness of the squeeze, while the moving parts deliver over 25 unique sexual experiences at 10 different speeds. 

Like other WI-FI ready sex toys, you can hand over remote control to a friend or stranger, or download “dozens of blowjob” scripts, which are pre-made scripts that program the toy to move in a certain way. 

There’s also “Free Style” mode with manual buttons or a very interesting “Voice Control” option, that lets you just talk to the bot like you would a lover.

Lastly, the replacement sleeves for the default are pricey, from $49.95 and up to $89.95 for an artisan-designed “realistic” sleeve.

Bottom Line

What makes the Autoblow so competitive, even among other cool sex toys, is the power. It’s so “heavy duty” powerful that you plug the toy directly into the wall, in a similar fashion to the Hitachi Magic Wand for women. Find the Autoblow here.

3. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice – Best Fleshlight Toy for Men

Top features

  • Advanced Fleshlight texture
  • Adjustable suction strength
  • Discreet
  • Most realistic non-vibrating oral sex toy
  • $69.95 – low price!

The Fleshlight series dominated much of the 2000 era for male strokers, and over the years they’ve invented some new technologies to help keep the brand alive and wanking. One of the newest innovations is that of the Turbo Thrust (available in Blue Ice color and with a clear case), which is called a Blowjob Simulator. 

It’s a more discreet toy than some of the other porn-inspired Fleshlights, since it’s a non-anatomical orifice, but with a brand-new inner texture. The texture doesn’t have a motor but is designed to create natural suction because of three unique ribbing sections inside. 

The first chamber of the Turbo Fleshlight mimics tightness for lips, then a softer rib for a tongue, and then a tighter chamber of a feel of deep throating. As with all Fleshlight models, you can adjust the tightness and intensity of suction by tightening or loosening the end cap. 

Bottom Line

The lack of a motor may be disappointing, but texture wise, Fleshlight is still the King. Find out for yourself by clicking here.

4. Lovense Gush Glans Massager – Best Hands-Free Male Sex Toy Massager

Top features

  • Hands-free massager
  • Adjustable and flexible material
  • Bluetooth ready
  • Waterproof and easy clean up
  • $99

The Lovense Gush Glans Massager is remarkably simple in appearance. 

It’s a simple little teal-colored “wrap” vibrator that offers three main advantages: it’s adjustable (regardless of your size), offers hands-free strong vibration, and can also be used for manual thrusting, like a regular sleeve. 

The material is soft and flexible, while the whole sex toy is completely waterproof – which is not only ideal for messy sessions, but also for taking the toy to wet areas, like a shower or tub. 

The optional band that comes with the toy can change the degree of tightness, intensity, and targeted pressure points of the penis. This Bluetooth-ready sex toy can interact with other Lovense toys or can provide you with multiple vibration levels. 

Bottom Line

The power and quiet noise of the motor is second to none, and the fact that you can use it hands-free or continue to thrust with vibration makes a good compromise. Check out the Gush by clicking here.

5. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Ring – Best Budget Bullet Vibrator Ring

Top features

  • Cock ring design but with powerful vibrations 
  • Fits snugly and stimulates perineum and base
  • Hands-free solo pleasure 
  • Or couple’s fun
  • $29.99 for a tight toy on a tight budget 

The Lovehoney Bionic Bullet is actually a cock ring in design, but with a stronger vibration level comparable to the other Lovense toys. The silicone material feels nice and all, but the bullet that can be removed or added to the shaft is what gives it some power. 

The two rings on the Bionic Bullet toy wrap around the penis. The first ring fits on the base for a snug but not a tight fit, and another ring fits snugly behind the testicles, stimulating the perineum. 

However, the bullet cock ring can be fit anywhere, including on the frenulum underside of the penis. 

The Bionic Bullet is waterproof and can follow you anywhere for simple but safe operation. 

Bottom Line

Is it definitely going to give you the hands-free orgasm you want? Yes, but invest a little more money and you will get far more interaction. Click here to check out the Bionic Bullet.

6. Fleshlight Go Torque – Best Sex Toy for Men With a View

Top features

  • See through case & texture
  • Travel friendly
  • Discreet and lightweight
  • Adjustable suction & tightness 
  • $59.95 – budget friendly

The Fleshlight Go Torque is another discreet Fleshlight model, that’s also travel-friendly and lightweight. The sleeve and case give you a transparent view inside the toy, since both are made of see-through cyberskin material. 

The suction level of the torque is comparable to other recent Fleshlights (especially the Fleshlight GO and the Fleshlight Crystal), and can be adjusted for tightness and intensity with the end-cap. 

Bottom Line

The Torque is best recommended for self-strokers who want a very clear and sexy view of their own appendage. Hey, it’s awesome if you get yourself off staring at yourself, we’re just saying not every guy will dig this experience. View the Torque here.

7. Lovense Calor – Most Realistic Vibrating Men Sex Toy

Top features

  • Naturally warming action
  • Multiple vibration levels
  • Sensors feel your depth and auto-escalate sensation
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • $99

Calor is a realistic pocket sleeve toy that simulates one very important aspect of real life sex – naturally warming lubricant. The Lovense Calor not only has a heating option, but also multiple levels of vibration, and a squeezable grip that lets you alter the tighter or looser feeling of the toy.

The depth-control of the case is somewhat interactive, in that it has sensors that “feel” your depth and respond accordingly. If you go deeper, the toy automatically vibrates more intensely. You can manually set your vibration level, let it go “auto”, or even save your favorite speed. 

Unlike some other “smaller” sex toys, the Lovense Calor is Bluetooth compatible in local range or online, so you can connect to other Lovense toys. 

Bottom Line

It’s averagely priced and yet does give you a heating option and full vibration + suction – unlike most other cock rings and massagers. Click here to check out Lovense Calor.

8. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage – Exciting Tech Male Sex Toy

Top features

  • Smallest Fleshlight, easy to travel with
  • Removable cap
  • Works with mega-powerful Fleshlight Launch System
  • See through case
  • Very small and inexpensive at $34.95

The Quickshot Vantage is the smallest Fleshlight sleeve and with an insertable length of 3.5 inches, it’s more like a giant cock ring that just so happens to be made of Fleshlight SuperSkin material. 

One of the Quickshot’s best features is that it can be used with the far more expensive Quickshot Launch unit also from Fleshlight. 

Using advanced technology, the Launch can actually simulate hands-free penetration at a much faster, stronger and yet more customizable rate. The technology shared by Fleshlight and Kiiroo is enough to give you 250 strokes per minute, which is ridiculously powerful – assuming even the more physically fit porn star can do 1 lap per second. 

Bottom Line

Don’t buy Quickshot to be cheap. Buy the Launch too and experience the ultimate Fleshlight experience. Head here to see the Quickshot.

9. Fun Factory X Lovehoney Cobra Libre II – Best Sex Toy for Men in Design

Top features

  • Hybrid of massager and sleeve
  • Toy takes in the entire head of penis
  • Hands-free with 11 vibration settings
  • Quiet & waterproof
  • $99

The Fun Factory X Cobra Libre II has the most unique design on our list, as it’s a hybrid of a massager and a sleeve. The ergonomic design allows for a whole swallowing of the head and frenulum, as opposed to just the base. 

This is also a hands-free toy, so thrusting or moving the toy up and down is not necessary like it is with other massagers. With 11 different vibration settings, there is plenty of customization. 

Bottom Line

Basically, it’s a question of whether you like the feeling of a massager swallowing the whole head, which is a slightly more realistic oral sex simulation, or just a massager that grips the base, which is like a hand job with benefits? 

Decision is yours, see here for the Fun Factory.

10. Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive Kiiroo – VR Porn Compatible Sex Toy for Men

Top features

  • Interactive VR porn connects to toy
  • 8+ turbo speed oscillation
  • 5 vibration modes
  • $179.99
  • Perfect as a couple’s set too

The pulsating vibrations are strong enough to make it a hands-free experience. Choose between 8+ turbo speed oscillation and 5 vibration modes, which can also be fine-tuned for a unique experience. 

The unit is also waterproof for easy cleanup or use in a shower or tub. 

But the real attraction here is that the Pulse Solo Interactive, like all of Kiiroo’s line, can “connect” with over 4,000 interactive porn videos in 2D or VR format, or with the Feel Connect App for real-time virtual sex.

The Pulse Solo can also connect with other human partners using the FeelConnect app, or be sold as a “Couple’s Set” along with the Lumen Vibrator or another Pulse Solo unit. 

Bottom Line

The Pulse Solo has two big things going for it: a simple massager design and loads of fully interactive porn videos or couple’s play. Check it out here.

11. Aneros Helix Syn V Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager – Best Vibrating Prostate Massager for Men

Top features

  • Powerful and orgasmic prostate stimulation
  • Safe way to explore safe anal play with flared base
  • 8 vibrating patterns & 3 speeds
  • Very smooth silicone material
  • $99

The Aneros Helix Syn V Prostate Massager is the only sex toy on our list that focuses attention on the oft-neglected P-spot of the male anatomy. The so-called male G-spot has been touted as having 20,000 nerve endings, though there’s no study on that, I wonder why?

But many men will agree (at least if they’re brave enough to boldly go exploring anal stimulation) that P-spot stimulation is either a separate orgasmic feeling altogether or at the very least will enhance the usual orgasm by 100%. 

The Aneros Helix Syn V has a premium silicone, hypoallergenic and velvet-smooth shaft with two flares on the side that also hold the buttons. You can choose from 8 vibrating patterns with three levels of intensity. 

Bottom Line

The design is not only new age but convenient, in the sense that you can easily access the buttons and give yourself a self-massage by rocking your hips. One of the best and safest anal toys you can buy. Click here to check out the Aneros.

12. FUN FACTORY Manta – Best Two in One Mens Toys

Top features

  • Hybrid between cock ring and massager
  • Deep throat feeling 
  • Use in multiple positions
  • Turns the penis into a vibrator for a partner
  • $139

The Manta from Fun Factory is a hybrid design in between a cock ring and a wrap around massager. It has a design like a cock ring, with a “wings” at the top that wrap around the base or the head of the penis, as well as a cleft in the center. 

You can use it on the shaft for stroking or focused sensation, or use it as a blow job enhancer, since the wings on the base will simulate a “deep throat” feeling. The ridges on the wings are intentionally designed to hold more lube for a more soft and gliding experience. 

You can also use it during intercourse for your partner’s pleasure, since the strong vibrations actually turn the penis into a vibrator with some extra rumbling all along the shaft. 

Bottom Line

The ability to hold the Manta in any position makes it unique as a solo pleasure toy and useful as a couple’s toy. It’s a glorified cock ring, but it can be used for practically anything, from a toy for women, or even nipple play. Check out the Manta here.

13. Lelo TOR 2 – Best Cock Ring Sex Toy for Couples

Top features

  • New age cock ring with flexible material
  • 6 stimulation modes
  • Great for partner play
  • High speed pulsating that’s hands-free
  • $111

The Lelo Tor 2 is another new age cock ring design, though unlike the Manta, it has a more traditional shape. Attached to the circumference of the soft and flexible cock ring is a big motor that offers multiple vibration speeds and styles. 

The ultra smooth silicone can fit all shapes and sizes, and also wiggle into any position you find yourself in – or that your partner likes. The waterproof design also makes it shower, pool and tub friendly. There are only two buttons that switch between six stimulation modes. 

The thicker vibrating component should be facing up so that it provides incidental pressure on a partner’s clitoris or labia. 

Bottom Line

It’s pricey, but for couples who don’t care for the Manta shape, this is a more traditional cock ring with some handy features. Check it out here.

Best Male Sex Toy in Conclusion

When it comes to deciding on a male sex toy it’s important to define, in advance, the kind of sexual experience you want. Do you want to immerse yourself in fantasy, using VR films, and a hands-free toy that doesn’t require any manual input? 

Or do you want someone else, with either remote control access to your toy, or a list of pre-programmed scripts to customize a unique experience for you?

Answering these questions will help you decide which sex toy for men is going to work for you. 

From our list, the best models were clearly the Lovense Max and the AutoBlow, which both combine the best technology in sex sleeve, massager, and penetrative simulation technology. 

If you haven’t bought any male sex toys in the last 15 years you owe it to yourself to see what all the hype is about. Go out and get you one.
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