The cryptocurrency market showcases thousands of new and existing projects with compelling use cases worth considering and investing in before 2023. A few of these crypto platforms came into existence thanks to the impressive 2021 bull run, which led Bitcoin to its all-time high of $67,600.

Since the bulls have lost their steam which led to a more than 50% loss in crypto value in 2022, many investors are looking forward to better investment opportunities to compensate for their losses and position themselves for future bull runs. This article analyzes a crypto platform, DForce, and provides four alternatives, such as Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, and, that could offer huge pumps in 2023.

DF Price Prediction and Analysis

DForce platform is an interoperable open finance protocol providing asset trading and lending services. This permissionless lending platform enables users to earn yield, make fast withdrawals, and facilitate large-volume trades.

Despite its use case, crypto experts believe that the services rendered by the DForce  platform are primarily beneficial in a bull run where many traders want to secure a trading position with huge volume before the market continues its upward trend. 

From the daily outlook of $DF/USDT, there was a recent surge in price despite the preceding days showing a continued bearish trend. While these could signal bullish intentions, the overall outlook of $DF price action is quite bearish. Investors could take a keen interest at support levels (green line) to take short-term long opportunities cautiously. 

These Cryptos Are Set to Pump Massively in 2023

While DForce remains unsure of its direction despite the recent spike in price actions, these tokens could offer massive pumps to the crypto market. 

  1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – The best social analytics and prediction platform
  2. Calvaria (IRA) – The number one P2E battle card game
  3. (IMPT) – The best green cryptocurrency
  4. Decentraland (MANA) – The number one Metaverse token

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Crypto users and investors are increasingly becoming aware of the need for better in-depth crypto market analysis. The need for a platform that provides value-added market insights that leads to unrivaled trading strategies cannot be over-emphasized. 

Dash 2 Trade is introducing a world-class platform that provides users easy access to thousands of crypto projects in the crypto space. Since it is hard to keep up with these projects from different sites, Dash 2 Trade platform will keep users up-to-date with relevant market data to consistently make the best trading decisions.

The platform introduces top-notch features such as listing alerts, new presale listings, technical indicators, social/market analysis, and on-chain data. The Dash 2 Trade platform provides these features to support a trader’s journey in cryptocurrency trading.

Dash 2 Trade platform is currently running its first round of presale with eight more rounds to go. Investors can actively participate in this presale by investing so they can enjoy massive pumps when the token is in the market. Also, Dash 2 Trade has a community of users who actively support and provide relevant information regarding the project to the investors’ benefit.

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Calvaria (RIA)

Gamification is an effective tool to bring non-crypto users and gamers into the crypto space without hassle. Developing a quality game paired with play-to-earn functions could be influential in the crypto space, which Calvaria aims to bring to the crypto world.

Calvaria aims to get the best of two worlds; creating a high-quality immersive game and implementing blockchain features that will increase mass adoption in the crypto industry. Calvaria seeks to make the game easily accessible and available to every user who plays games, irrespective of their crypto knowledge.

Calvaria is set to release a flagship card game in two versions; one will be free-to-play and easily accessible via mobile app stores (Google Play and Apple Store), which will sensitize gamers to the crypto world. The other will be the play-to-earn version, which will reward users for active participation in the game.

The game will enable players to develop unique strategies to defeat opponents and ensure they own their in-game resources earned by playing or investing in the Calvaria ecosystem. Calvaria ecosystem provides an in-game store where players can trade their in-game assets. The Calvaria ecosystem runs on multiple chains for easy issuance and transfer of tokens and assets earned in the game. 

Through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, the Calvaria community can make suggestions and decisions to spur the platform’s growth, which other community members will vote on and implement.

The native currency of Calvaria is the $RIA token. The fixed supply is 1 billion $RIA tokens, with about 30% up for grabs during the presale, which is currently up on Calvaria’s official homepage. These RIA tokens will feature 0% transaction tax and can be used in a Proof-of-Stake protocol where users can lock their $RIA tokens while earning passive rewards.

>>>Buy Calvaria Now!<<< (IMPT) platform cares about the environment, with so much bad press regarding how Bitcoin and other crypto assets emit colossal carbon footprints. platform offers an efficient solution to reduce greenhouse emissions as quickly as possible. is a platform built on the blockchain network which invites individuals, businesses, and brands to offset their carbon footprint in a secure and straightforward process. Users can use the carbon offset market to acquire carbon credits when they shop from eco-friendly affiliate brands or buy on the platform.

These carbon credits are then tokenized as non-fungible tokens or NFTs so users can hold them in their digital wallets, trade them in the market place or retire them (burn them, thus reducing the circulating supply of such NFTs).

Finally, connects users with hundreds of environmental projects that will positively impact the environment and significantly reduce the overall carbon footprint worldwide. is in the first stage of its presale, and its token, $IMPT, is selling out fast. 

You can partake in this presale by buying IMPT tokens from the platform at its low price before it launches to the market. Also, when the project fully launches, you can actively shop with the platform’s affiliate brands or participate in environmental projects and earn carbon credits. 

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Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a metaverse token with use cases beyond just making online payments. The blockchain consists of digital plots of land that are represented by NFTs. Its native token (MANA) is used to purchase these virtual plots of land on the Decentraland platform, thereby giving users a unique Metaverse experience.

Interestingly, Decentraland is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which gives it an edge in leveraging smart contracts. With its diverse functionalities and use cases, MANA is primed to pump massively in 2023.

Final Thoughts

There are newer exciting crypto projects that could offer investors massive gains in 2023 as long as they actively participate in their respective presale rounds. Investors must do adequate research and diversify their portfolios to have multiple high returns on investments.