A few cryptos have been shown in the past few months, attracting buyers and investors quickly. Unfortunately, Aptos is not among them since it had a poor presale start. Although it has the potential to grow, you should turn to the better and safest options. Calvaria has attracted buyers from the beginning and offers great models of investing. The exact worth for Dash 2 Trade, and IMPT, are both high potential models and impressively attractive for funding. 

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Aptos crypto price prediction

Aptos crypto is the much-anticipated blockchain that has become a severe investing model in a short time. The project, created by Silicon Valley wunderkinder, did not have a great start. The first weekend it dropped about 50% in its first 24 hours of trading. This project has a $959 million market cap and was valued at $2 billion in prelaunch, but it seems that it had not started ideally. Although experts predict value growth, it is hard to say if it is just because of the origin of the currency or potential among investors. 

For those reasons, we would be happy to recommend much more potential and safe models for investing. Among the most attractive is Calvaria, the cryptocurrency with impressive potential to attract numerous buyers. Thanks to the perfect combination of gaming and crypto support, it has the potential to keep people entertained. The second one is Dash 2 Trade, a platform for investors with exciting models of investing, and finally, there is IMPT, the currency that combines environmental protection and funding. 

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What is Calvaria (RIA)?

Calvaria is centered around speeding up the mass adoption of crypto through the P2E battle card game. The main goal is to create the first effective ambassador between the “real world” and crypto. On the one hand, it should be a fun and accessible game, available on both phones and PCs. On the other hand, it is a real cryptocurrency, evaluated on the market as a highly potential investing model.

Gamers can compete within the Web2 gaming market with two versions of the game. The first one will be a free-to-play model, easily accessible on app stores for beginners, non-crypto users, and gamers. The second option is a play-to-earn version, held on all the blockchain functions, allowing the creator to make the game accessible without constraining barriers. Thanks to that, the free version will attract more public, educating and creating informed crypto users.

 According to that, the game will have two design choices. The first one is for starters, where creators have created the battle card genre for the depth of the strategy and ease of expansion. This game will keep you entertained and engaged for a long time, regardless of the primary goal of gaming and investing in crypto. All should be one way to keep the currency’s value stable for a long time, providing reasonable prices in the future.

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How to play Calvaria?

Users that play the free-to-play version of Calvaria will convert to the premium version on two premises without significant incentive and ease of entry. Thanks to that, people will not go through the process of entering the crypto space and investing, convincing them that they have decided without being sold to, and it should allow them to respond better. The game should have a visible lifetime tracker and how much the player would have earned if they played the paid version. In that way, they will face options if they join the premium version, provided in-game rewards for completing a gamified yet educational mode. The game has an NFT version of cards worth crypto, too. 

As the game expands, the player can access the avenues and mediums to expand the IP. The future of gamification is that it should become a valuable educational tool of the future and one of the greatest assets for onboarding new users to the crypto space. This game combines blockchain play-to-earn functions, quality games, high accessibility, and education, creating a perfect storm. 

The game has great potential for all P2E projects, is available on apps, and caters to non-crypto users. This accessibility makes the game available to everybody, even those unfamiliar with crypto. Players will join a gamified staking platform, scholarship system, and in-game store, creating a perfect ecosystem. The gamer will fully own the assets and everything he earns in the game. It includes tokens, NFTs, skins, potions, etc. It is the moment when you should invest in the game to get the maximum value and all tokens at the launch phase. 

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What is Dash 2 Trade (D2T)?

The second model of investing is a specialized platform. At the same time, it is an informed trading analytics platform that provides crypto traders with in-depth market insight. The reason is helping in creating market-beating strategies. Dash 2 Trade allows users to access signals, metrics, and social trading tools, for every type of trader. The actionable insights powered by the D2T ecosystem will enable the trader to identify and analyze underlying factors that influence the price of cryptocurrencies. This crypto space is awash with competing tokens, thanks to the thousands of token projects. 

Dash 2 Trade creates a specific ecosystem, and users can share and action different approaches to the market. The key goal is to trade, work in real-time, and make complex market streams possible. It is the perfect platform for traders who want to keep up to date with relevant data, enabling them to make consistently good decisions and succeed in the market. The signals come in many forms, like listing alerts, presales, technical indicators, social metrics, etc. 

The platform has three broad membership tiers that determine access to metrics and features. The price of subscriptions in D2T is limited to 300 D2T, along with 1000 D2T for the starter and premium models. The first one is free trier, which does not require the user to hold D2T tokens. The second is the starter tier, where buyers have access to advance on-chain data and fundamental insights into notable presale launches. The third tier is the premium tier, which offers intimate access to all Dash 2 Trade features. You can access it at 5% of the subscription fee, with the price of 1,000 D2T tokens per month. You will have a 20% discount, and ten subscribers will have access to the coverage and analysis of which crypto presales to target. 

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What is IMPT?

IMPT offers a new model of investing, eco-friendly trading with cryptocurrencies. We should pay attention to it in the future when buying carbon foot credits have more and more sense. The currency provides tokens representing your carbon foot credit, where each pass pays for eco-friendly projects and organizations. Now is possible to protect the environment and invest in crypto simultaneously.

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Although some currencies like Aptos crypto have good predictions, you should turn to more worthy and safe investing models. Among them is Calvaria, the best one, where you can invest in a popular gaming model and become a member of a great system. Another two, D2T and IMPT, have great stories behind them, which will surely help you choose this future model of investing.