While much of the cryptocurrency market is trending down in 2022, there are some cryptos that are headed in the opposite direction. For one reason or another, investors are taking notice of some cryptos and pumping money into them.

Six crypto projects in particular are trending this week and are worth keeping an eye on. In addition to Aave and DOGE, Dash 2 Trade (D2T), IMPT, Calvaria (RIA) and Tamadoge (TAMA) are all on the upswing. 

Let’s take a closer look at each below.

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The Cryptos Trending This Week – Quick Outline

Before we dive into the full details, he’s a quick outline of the cryptos trending this week

  • Dash 2 Trade — Insights platform for crypto traders
  • IMPT — A decentralized carbon offsets market
  • Calvaria — Battle card game with crypto on-boarding
  • Tamadoge — P2E in a new, exciting way
  • Aave — Trending up, but be cautious
  • Dogecoin — Banking on a boost from Elon Musk

Dash 2 Trade — Insights Platform for Crypto Traders

Dash 2 Trade is a new insights platform created specifically for crypto traders. Now, with D2T, investors in the crypto market can get all the data, statistics and signals that stock investors have readily available for them. 

D2T provides crypto-specific buy and sell signals, insights, data, charts and social signals. The latter helps traders understand what’s being talked about online, which often has a major impact on the future price of crypto projects. There’s a weekly prediction contest where users can test out new strategies and earn rewards and prizes in the process.

Dash 2 Trade is almost finished its Presale Stage 2, with an increase in price coming during the next stage. So, act quickly to take advantage of this trending crypto. 

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IMPT — A Decentralized Carbon Offsets Market

IMPT has created a decentralized carbon offsets market on the blockchain. By doing so, everything will be completely transparent, preventing against fraud and double counting. Individuals have the ability to buy, sell or retire carbon credits, putting the power of reducing your carbon footprint in your hands.

Through an impressive list of international brand partners, IMPT is raising awareness for eco-friendly projects around the world, and is taking direct action to build a better world around us. 

IMPT is more than halfway through its Presale Stage 2, after a very successful Stage 1. Don’t delay in buying this trending green crypto project.

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Calvaria — Battle Card Game with Crypto On-boarding

The new battle card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a great P2E game that gamers are already loving. What’s so unique about it is that there’s a free-to-play version that’s serving as a crypto on-boarding tool for those who are unfamiliar with how these projects work.

Gamers can enjoy playing Calvaria for free, and are educated along the way about what P2E is all about, and how much they’d earn with the NFT. This makes understanding it easy, since it’s done in a hands-on and fun way, which leads to more users and more consistent value over a long period of time.

RIA is already 79% through its Presale Stage 3. The price is set to increase again for the next stage, so make sure you don’t miss out.

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Tamadoge — P2E in a New, Exciting Way

Tamadoge is combining P2E and NFT to give users not only a fun way to interact and play on the metaverse, but also a way to build up value and exchange outside the ecosystem. Modeled after the very popular Tamagotchi toy of the 1990s, TAMA users can take their doge online to breed and train, hang out with friends and compete to earn prizes and accomplishments.

As the value of their NFTs rise, they can then exchange them easily with others, building the return in them. This makes for a great use case of the TAMA token outside of just the game itself.

TAMA had a very successful Presale close already, and it’s now available for purchase on the OKX decentralized and centralized platforms. 

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Aave — Trending Up, But Be Cautious 

In the last month, Aave has increased 13.77% in value, reaching $84.59 as of November 1. This is somewhat of a surprise, as its value does have a positive correlation with the value of Bitcoin. 

This ghost token has gotten a lot of backing from investors recently, and that’s certainly given confidence to others in the marketplace to go out and buy it. The boost in value is nice, of course, but you should be warned. A supply surge is occurring on various exchanges, which means its growth is probably short lived, rather than something sustainable for the long term.

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Dogecoin — Banking on a Boost from Elon Musk

Dogecoin (DOGE) took a huge step up in value over the past week, gaining 121.10% in the seven days ending November 1. Its value now stands at $0.14. 

Part of the reason for the big boost in value is Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. The billionaire is always linked to meme coins, especially Dogecoin. People are banking on Dogecoin potentially becoming a payment method for Twitter’s Blue subscription, as Musk referred to earlier in the year.

It caused many people to go out and buy DOGE on a speculative basis. That being said, it was purchased at such a high rate that a crash is likely in the future.

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Invest in These Four Cryptos over Aave and Dogecoin

Aave and Dogecoin have been darlings of the crypto world over the past week, trending in the right direction while many other cryptos continue to head down. But, there are warning signs blaring for both of these cryptos, so don’t get sucked in and think it’s all rosy.

Instead, pump your investment in Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, Calvaria and Tamadoge — all crypto projects that are not only trending for the week but have a much better long-term outlook. 

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