Tamadoge broke the internet after recording a 400% rise by October 5 and raising $19 million a few weeks after the presale launch. Surprisingly, this is happening at a time when the crypto market continues its bearish movement from an all-time high late last year.

The coin is expected to continue to break more records and reach a 50x value by 2023. However, the coin is currently in a downtrend which is understandable, and a normal retracement when coins are in a certain trend. However, the coin is accumulating and will rise very soon. This makes it a good time for investors and whales to buy the dip and make a profit when the coin starts to pump. Other tokens with better potential include D2T, RIA and IMPT.

Tamadoge and Tama token

Tamadoge is a platform that combines meme coins, play-to-earn metaverse, and NFTs to offer first-of-its-kind gameplay to users. The game uses Pets that double as NFTs and the native token of the metaverse. In the metaverse – also called Tamaverse – players can nurture, train, battle, and trade their pets.

Why Tamadoge?

  • Tamadoge has more prospects than previous meme coins because a known team is behind the project. They include Siphamandla Mjoli, senior blockchain developer; Carl Dawkins, head of growth; Thomas Seabrook, lead game developer; Eric Lamontagne, full stack developer; and Neil Palethorper, senior interaction designer.
  • To control the price, Tamadoge has a deflationary model: 5% of the token spent on the platform will be burnt, 30% will be directed towards marketing, advertising, and platform development, while the remaining 65% will be spent on the prize pool. This will ensure price control and the development of the platform.
  • TAMA tokens are Ethereum-based currencies that can be used to acquire assets over the network. It uses Proof-of-stake, making it an energy-efficient and eco-friendly token that is better than popular coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • The platform doesn’t charge any transaction tax to ensure that users derive satisfaction from playing the games and not only trading the token. This is a powerful incentive that will draw new players into the metaverse.

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Tamadoge Ultra-rare NFTs are Available

Tamadoge has launched its NFTs, which are now available on OpenSea, with 100 ultra-rare Pets for sale. Holders of these collections have greater chances of winning competitions, ranking high on the leaderboard, and earning rewards because they have unique features that will boost the performance of Pets.

These NFTs have very low prices, a good incentive for investors and players to buy and keep. When the game’s main version is launched, current holders will get an airdropped puppy version of their NFTS. Other collections, such as the Rare and Common NFTs, will be available later.

Tamadoge also announced a giveaway session last week where players can join for free, and winners will share $100,000.

TAMA Token price movement

At presale, the coin was sold for $0.01, and the platform raised $19 million, surpassing the $2 million mark for the coin. On September 27, it was listed on OKX and reached $0.1944, a 1,844% gain for early investors. The coin was listed on MEXC Global and LBANK Exchange in late September and on Coinsbit last week.  

According to the whitepaper, Tama will have a maximum supply of 2 billion, half of which will be available during the presale. From the remainder, 400 million will be reserved for listing on exchanges, while the remaining 600 million will be available for minting over the next 10 years.

The coin is currently trading at 0.02578 on October 30, from an all-time high of 0.1944 last Tuesday. The market cap, 24-hour trading volume, and circulating supply stand at $26 million, $5.6 million, and $1.01 billion, respectively. To buy Tama, investors must link their wallet, purchase some USDT/ETH and hold until they are ready to sell.

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Latest crypto projects with massive benefits include:

  • D2T
  • RIA
  • IMPT

D2T offers many solutions to crypto investors seeking to invest in projects

The D2T token is the native digital asset of the Dash 2 Trade project. The Dash 2 Trade project is a crypto analytics and trading platform that helps investors to make informed decisions about a coin or crypto project. The project offers amazing features such as Trading signals, Trading competitions for subscribers, On chain analysis and social sentiment to spot trending coins, strategy builder and social trading tools to make trading easier, etc.

The D2T token will be used for subscriptions to the dashboard. It will also be required to access various features the project offers on the dashboard. The team has provided a fixed supply of 1 billion D2T tokens for distribution. The token sells for $0.05 at its presale stage and therefore is a good opportunity to buy.

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Impt is a carbon negative crypto project

IMPT is another eco-friendly token with a potential gain of at least 10x before 2022 ends. The token broke the $1,000,000 mark a few days after the presale launch. The project has a platform where climate change enthusiasts, individuals, and corporate organizations can connect with green projects. Users will shop regular products from over 10,000 brands on this platform, and the sales margin will be converted to carbon credits. They can also purchase carbon credits using IMPT tokens. Users can hold these credits, sell them on the marketplace or burn them by sending them to a null address.

The token is backed by the confidence of many investors and organizations because it has strong utility. It is currently in the 1st stage of the presale, and other rounds will extend from this month to next year.

IMPT went to an all-time high of $0.0429, but it currently trades around $0.0281. a few days ago, the token was very low, hitting the support level of $0.0225 before experiencing several waves of volatility. However, the coin is gaining momentum and will soon pump. So this is another great opportunity for investors to put in their money and buy the dip.

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RIA offers better utilities than NFT or blockchain gaming projects

Calvaria token is the primary currency of the gaming platform, Calvaria. Calvaria is a card game where players compete using different cards. The game has two versions: a free-to-play version that allows users to play without connecting a wallet. The play-to-earn version makes use of blockchain features. 

The $RIA token can be used for activities such as staking by users to earn passive income, maintaining the Calvaria ecosystem, and in-game store purchases. Besides RIA, which serves as the main currency, the game also uses eRIA tokens. eRIA tokens can be used for purchasing items from the game store, card upgrades, and as user rewards. RIA is currently in its presale stage, where it is sold for $0.015.

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Tamadoge is accumulating before moving to the upside, and the coin is expected to pass the previous high before the year ends. As a result, the price is dipping, and investors looking for assets to add to their portfolio can check on Tamadoge and buy the dip before it starts going up.