Have you heard? There’s a new cannabinoid in town. If you’ve been exploring CBD, you’ve likely come to realize that there are hundreds of different cannabinoids present in the hemp plant and each can be extracted to produce a certain set of benefits. CBN, for example, is well-known as the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid and is often incorporated into CBD products made for sleep support. CBG, on the other hand, is an energizing cannabinoid often used alongside sativa CBD strains to give users the energy and mood boost they need throughout the day.

Now, there’s HHC. HHC, much like delta-8 THC, has come on the market with more of a recreational flair. These cannabinoids exist in a legal gray area that makes them more accessible than their much stronger counterpart, regular THC. However, as more anecdotal evidence mounts, users are touting it for its therapeutic benefits. For some people, vaping HHC is a godsend that helps to relieve their anxiety with an awesome euphoric effect that keeps them going through the day. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to finding the best HHC carts for vaping, you’ve come to the right place. 

Top 4 HHC Vape Cartridges

  1. TREHouse – Best HHC Carts Overall
  2. Diamond CBD – Runner Up
  3. Koi CBD – Honorable Mention
  4. Delta Extrax – Up and Coming 

Reviews: Best HHC Carts

1. TREHouse – Best HHC Carts Overall


  • Zero additives
  • Tastes like Grape Ape
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Verified potency


  • Shipping is only free when you’re spending at least $75

About the HHC Carts

TREHouse offers a Grape Ape 1 g live resin HHC cartridge that contains a full gram of high potency live resin HHC. The flavor is very reminiscent of the popular Grape Ape strain and there are zero additives in the formula. The effects you can expect include a chill vibe, kind of an energetic feel, and a super euphoric sensation. These do come with a warning that they may cause a psychotropic effect. One puff is going to have you feeling kind of chill and with four puffs, prepare your snacks, because you’re going to be getting the munchies.

If your goal is to get ripped and enjoy a great familiar flavor while you’re at it, this is the best HHC vape cartridge you can pick up. You’ll feel relaxed with a boosted mood and a body buzz. You’ll also get a mildly trippy effect with a head buzz. This HHC cartridge is compatible with a 510 threaded vape device so all you need to do is remove it from the packaging, screw it onto your device, and start puffing.

These HHC carts are super strong so the recommendation from TREHouse is that you take it slow. Just start with a single puff and wait about 20 minutes to see how you feel. If you feel like you want to keep going, then go ahead and take another puff. Remember not to drive or operate heavy machinery when using any TREHouse product.

Learn About the Company

TREHouse has embarked on a mission to create some of the best recreational delta products you can possibly imagine. They only incorporate the finest ingredients to develop the most amazing flavors and create those ideal cannabinoid combinations. They prioritize quality, and transparency, and make sure that you’re always getting a highly effective product. They know you can’t trust bootleg wholesaling, so they work hard to craft their products with a team of experts who are dedicated to creating these recreational joys. They also make sure everything is rigorously evaluated in a third-party lab to confirm that you’re always consuming something delicious, pure, and safe.

What Customers Think

Customers are consistently surprised by the quality of these HHC carts. Not only do they deliver fantastic relief from stressful days, but they also help alleviate aches and pains. Some people have purchased an HHC cartridge thinking that it’s worth a try but are still feeling a little skeptical. After giving it a go, they describe the flavor as top-tier and note that it helps to calm anxious feelings. Customers are calling these HHC vape cartridges just what they need.

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2. Diamond CBD – Runner Up


  • Trade your email for exclusive discounts
  • American-grown hemp
  • Free 30-day returns
  • Frequent sales


  • To qualify for free two-day shipping, you must spend at least $100 

About the HHC Carts

Diamond CBD offers quite a variety of HHC vape cartridges. They have different flavors and strains like Blue Dream, Grape Ape, Maui Wowie, and Pineapple Express. You can pick up any of these HHC carts to enjoy 900 mg of HHC. They are formulated to give you a smooth and subtle buzz that still allows for enough clear-headedness for you to tackle your day. You can expect about 240 puffs from each of these HHC vape cartridges and you can check out the different strains to see what types of effects you can expect.

For example, the Pineapple Express HHC vape cartridge is formulated to give that subtle buzz, offer stress relief, facilitate relaxation, and give you a euphoric sensation. You can either pick up an individual HHC vape cartridge or go all in and purchase a whole pack. You have plenty of different flavors to choose from to enjoy mouth-watering puffs and the soothing pleasure of this exciting new cannabinoid.

Learn About the Company

Diamond CBD has always been research-intensive. They’ve focused their energy on manufacturing some of the best delta products including delta-8 and delta-9 THC. They have recently expanded to incorporate HHC extract products so that you can enjoy high-quality HHC cartridges that go beyond CBD. All of their hemp is organically grown, they never use synthetics or GMOs, and they keep all of their practices eco-friendly.

What Customers Think

One verified buyer is super grateful to Diamond CBD for offering what he calls a “wonder product”. The Pineapple Express HHC vape is his favorite and he describes it as potent and earthy. His HHC carts were viscous, easy to get active, and there were zero leftovers when the cartridges were empty. He didn’t experience any clogging with his vape pen. He found the whole experience extremely relaxing and he ended up combining the Pineapple Express with Sour Diesel to prevent the onset of migraines. He found this to be an effective combo.

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3. Koi CBD – Honorable Mention 


  • Subscribe and save 20%
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Indica, sativa, and hybrid
  • No additives, fillers, or cutting agents 


  • Warning that this is not CBD and effects are felt strongly by most

About the HHC Carts

Koi CBD has developed HHC vape carts for you to enjoy this cutting-edge hemp cannabinoid. These HHC products deliver a full body calm, and you can choose between indica, sativa, or hybrid strain terpenes. Each of these HHC vape carts is carefully crafted with a blend of HHC along with delta-8 THC and THC-O. Select between Cotton Candy Crush, which is a hybrid option, Pink Cookies, which is the indica option, and Strawberry Cough, which is the sativa option. Or bundle them to give them all a try!

The effects of these HHC vape carts include clear-mindedness and uplifting effects that are great for upgrading your social gatherings. Each HHC cartridge contains 1 g and it’s compatible with standard 510 threaded batteries. You can check out each product’s certificate of analysis directly on the website—just scroll down beneath the product details and you’ll be able to verify the lab tests.

Learn About the Company

Koi CBD has been developing awesome CBD products since 2015. They source all of their hemp through a stringent vendor validation process, which helps them keep all of their products high-quality and consistent. They’ve been featured in Forbes and they’re part of important organizations like the California Hemp Council and the Hemp Industries Association. All of their hemp is USA grown and they practice whole plant extraction. They started off with CBD products and have now grown their collection to include HHC products as well.

What Customers Think

Customers describe the feeling they get when they try these HHC vapes as “relaxed but still with a clear mind”. One verified buyer says that he would recommend this to others who want to feel creative or who just want to unwind. The flavor is described as smooth and these HHC carts keep you going all day long. Another verified reviewer says that it’s not too much—they deliver that nice head high you’re looking for, but they don’t lock you to the couch. She finds it perfect for smoking during the day to relax while still being able to function.

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4. Delta Extrax – Up and Coming 


  • Subscribe to save 15%
  • Delicious tasting terpenes
  • HHC carts are disposable
  • Multiple flavors to select from


  • Some popular products sell out 

About the HHC Carts

Delta Extrax has an HHC cartridge called Blue Widow that is made using HHC distillate along with some super yummy terpenes. This is a sativa hybrid strain that delivers a light cerebral invigoration that gives you an uplifted feeling that makes you feel great without being overwhelming. All you need is to pair this HHC vape cart with a 510 thread device so you can get to enjoy an awesome vape experience. All you need is one or two puffs to get you started and help you gauge your individual tolerance.

This is a disposable cartridge so once it’s all done, just toss it out. Delta Extrax offers a reminder that HHC is a psychoactive compound which means you will experience a moderate high. Experiences vary depending on your unique body chemistry and your tolerance for products like these. Most of the anecdotal reports come through with an explanation that HHC delivers a euphoric high.

Learn About the Company

Delta Extrax offers a great learning center where you can learn more about different types of cannabinoids. It can be confusing especially as the market continues to expand but there are some important similarities and differences between each of these different cannabinoids. Delta Extrax has put together a simple guide that helps you find the perfect blend of cannabinoids and help you learn along the way. They’ve also put together a helpful catalog so that you can explore the different types of cannabinoids they have made available to you.

What Customers Think

Customers who have purchased the Blue Widow premium HHC cartridge rated it with five stars. Some of the customers are somewhat knowledgeable while others are very knowledgeable, and some are completely new to HHC. Overall, they comment that this HHC cart has a great taste and produces a great high that helps you get through the day. The effects are very calming, and both the flavor and smell are pleasing. The puffs are smooth, and the high was surprisingly strong but still gentle.

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Factors Used to Choose the Top HHC Vape Cartridge Options

Whenever there is a new product on the market, it’s really important that you be careful where you shop. To put this list together so that you can find your favorite HHC vape cartridge, we considered a few different factors, including:

Company Transparency

Honesty and integrity are what have set aside certain brands in the CBD industry. Although HHC is not CBD, it is a newly discovered cannabinoid that suppliers are now making easily accessible via products like HHC cartridges. We look for companies that are forthright about their process from the moment they plant the hemp plants they use all the way through how they resolve issues for their customers. We also look at transparency in terms of independent lab testing. We want to be able to see those lab reports and verify that the products being purchased are safe to use.


Like with anything that you put into your body, you should always know what the ingredients are. Suppliers can certainly get sneaky with this process and incorporate filler ingredients that increase their bottom line but that don’t make the products necessarily safer for you. Instead of trusting companies that cut corners like that, we make sure to only highlight those brands that follow through with ensuring that their customers are only getting the safest HHC vapes out there. A top HHC brand doesn’t need to cut corners because their focus isn’t on quantity but on quality. They want to make sure that they’re delivering a product you love, which in turn, makes you a loyal customer.

Customer Feedback

Since HHC is so new on the market, we also want to hear anecdotal reports. We combed through different customer reviews to ensure that we are recommending HHC carts that are being enjoyed by customers who have taken the leap before you. Just like we enjoy the transparency of a company, we also look for the transparency offered by customers who have decided to give one of these vapes a go and who can share their experience with it honestly.

What Is HHC?

You’ve heard of CBD which has become such a popular product in households throughout the globe and you’ve also probably seen that there is a huge wave of other hemp-derived cannabinoids like delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, and even delta-10 THC. However, now there is this new cannabinoid called HHC that most people have not yet heard of. With a quick search online, you’ll be immediately provided with a variety of (sometimes conflicting) information. This is common whenever something new arrives on the scene. You’re definitely going to have publications that are anti-anything that is new and you’re going to have access to other publications that have more of a nuanced approach to cannabinoids.

Answering the question of what HHC is can be a little bit complex in these early stages, but we will do our best. This is a cannabinoid that has come through after delta 8 has started getting banned throughout different states. HHC seems to offer a little bit more promise when it comes to withstanding the threat of these bans. This is because HHC is not actually a THC compound. In fact, HHC vape carts may even not be able to be detected by a drug test. HHC is legal as of the time this article is written and keep in mind that HHC is not intended to diagnose, treat any kind of condition or substitute for prescription medications (unless using HHC carts in your vape pen is approved by your doctor). That said, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that refers to HHC products as being wonderful for alleviating stress, pain, anxiety, and other conditions that are also usually alleviated by products like CBD and delta 9.

To give you a brief history lesson, HHC was created by an American chemist named Roger Adams back in 1944. Basically, he took delta-9 THC and then through a process called hydrogenation converted THC to HHC. We won’t bore you with the chemical knowledge, but we do want to give you an overview of this process when it comes to cannabinoid production. This process that Roger Adams created is no longer limited to marijuana-derived THC. Now, HHC can be derived through a process that begins with the hemp plant. Although both are cannabis plants, hemp is different than marijuana because it contains low levels of THC and was made federally legal to grow and use through the US Farm Bill in 2018.

HHC is now made a little bit differently and it does require a multi-step process before you can enjoy it in the HHC products you see today. First, CBD is extracted from raw hemp. Next, there is a distillation and isolation process that takes the pure HHC distillate and puts it into powder form. Sometimes, suppliers use other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN to create unique formulas. A lot of times, these manufacturers develop a proprietary process, which means that we aren’t privy to the exact details of it. Nevertheless, you should know that hemp-derived CBD is ultimately what acts as the foundation that allows for the chemical process that creates HHC.

What Are HHC Carts?

Now that you have a general understanding of what HHC is, we can move into understanding what HHC carts are. Basically, these are vape cartridges made up of ceramic materials designed to absorb cannabinoids that come through with high viscosity. HHC carts can be compared to CBD carts and even THC carts. Essentially, they contain viscous formulas encased within either an independent cartridge or one that’s already embedded into a disposable vape pen with an included battery.

HHC carts are designed for ultimate convenience so you can enjoy all those delicious-tasting terpenes and different strains like indicas, sativas, and hybrids. They’re designed to give you the ultimate vaping experience that delivers a much subtler set of effects than what you would normally experience with high potency THC. Instead, you get a solution that helps you chill out without freaking out. If you want something with a kick but that won’t completely kick you out of this reality, HHC vape cartridges are a great option.

What Is the Difference Between THC and HHC?

One of the most striking differences between THC and HHC is their shelf life. The HHC shelf life is a lot longer than the delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC shelf life. It can sit for over five years without any issue whereas delta 9 has a much more restricted shelf life of one to three years. They all work as stimulants in some capacity, but HHC is a lot more subtle than THC. You can always explore delta-8 THC, even if you live in a state where delta-9 THC isn’t legal. HHC is now similar in that it exists in a legal gray area, which makes it more accessible, even in states where THC is illegal. Is HHC legal? The answer is yes, for now. We can’t say what the future holds but thanks to the US Farm Bill of 2018, this gray area exists, which allows consumers to enjoy a variety of different products, including HHC cartridges, that are extracted from hemp.

Is HHC Safe?

Because HHC is so new on the market, there aren’t very many studies on it. However, there is growing anecdotal evidence that demonstrates HHC is well tolerated by most individuals. Keep in mind that this is a slightly psychoactive compound that does give you a subtle high. For those of you who are not interested in anything like that, your best bet is to stick with CBD products, which do offer therapeutic benefits but don’t deliver any kind of buzz.


Are HHC carts good?

Absolutely, so long as you’re picking up these products from a supplier you trust. They come in different flavors, so you can find one that you like. Some might have fruitier flavors than others, while some have a more earthy flavor to them. An HHC cart is primarily used recreationally, but many customers report that HHC also offers a variety of therapeutic benefits like pain relief, anxiety relief, and a boosted mood. 

What is the best HHC disposable vape pen?

The best HHC disposable vape pen is one that has clean, simple ingredients and that has an associated lab report. You should be able to confirm that the HHC extract used to make the vape was independently lab tested so that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, solvents, or additives. So long as those bases are covered, you are free to explore different flavors to discover which you’re most drawn to. If you’re already familiar with the types of flavors you like when it comes to vapes, you’ll probably do well sticking with something similar. If you’re completely new to HHC vapes, don’t hesitate to try out different flavors. Usually, you can bundle and save more—plus, you can usually get a killer deal when you’re a first-time customer! 

Can HHC vapes get me high?

HHC does produce a kind of high but if you’re used to regular THC in states where it’s legal, don’t expect the intensity of that regular cannabis high. HHC has a much subtler effect. Some marijuana strains are so strong, you end up glued to your couch, unable to function. This isn’t what you can expect from HHC. You get a slight buzz that gives you a nice euphoric feeling, but it doesn’t render you immobile. If you’re not a fan of the intensity of regular THC but would still appreciate a slight buzz, then an HHC cart is worth trying. 


Now you know where to shop for your HHC cart needs! Remember that a product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. We focused on creating a well-rounded list so you would have several safe places to shop. Go ahead, get out there and treat yourself to a new HHC cart!