It is important to be security-aware when navigating the crypto ecosystem. Choosing projects with security verification, such as Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, IMPT, and Tamadoge.

Scams, rug-pulling, and other illegal activities are bad side effects of the fact that the internet economy works anonymously and with little interference. So, it’s important to know how to spot red flags in some projects and which projects to avoid in general.

This article tells you about popular cryptocurrencies that could give you bigger gains and shows you why you shouldn’t wait to invest. We will look into IMPT, Tamadoge, and Ethereum to see what qualities make them a more secure and safe investment.

7 Cryptocurrencies that Could Return Greater Gains

To make things easier, we’ll look at five of the most popular new currencies on the market and analyze why they’re expected to rise in value.

Dash 2 Trade

As much as the cryptocurrency market is volatile, financial analysts can predict the coin’s performance for the future, even up to a ten year record. This is usually based on performance, future projects, and the possibility of building a large crypto community. Based on performances, Dash 2 Trade has a better record than EOS.

The Dash 2 Trade is a platform that serves as a reliable signal source for crypto traders. The unique and innovative system allows crypto traders to trade coins and acquire the needed information to make more money. Fortunately, the currency seems to be on the positive side of crypto traders, evident from the over $500k made on the first day of the presale event.

Interested persons in the D2T token can subscribe to the three available models. The first tier is the free version, which requires no fee. However, the features are quite limited, as users can only get updates on market prices.

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Since starting the presale last week, IMPT has had a lot of success. Over 225 million IMPT tokens have been sold, bringing in $4 million. Given how well its presale went, many people think that once the token is released, its price will go up by a lot. The unusual presale of the IMPT token is expected to go on this week, and the price of the token is also expected to go up.

Impressively, several global businesses have fallen in love with the platform’s goals. Because of this interest, companies have joined forces with the platform to do their fair share for the environment. Some global brands partnering with the project are; Apple, EA Sports, New Balance, FENDI, GIVENCHY, DOLCE & GABBANA, HUGO BOSS, and FOREVER 21. 

Here are five reasons why IMPT will pump in price this week;

  • IMPT tokens presale price is expected to rise
  • Increased token popularity and awareness
  • Mode of operation that seems to attract users continuously
  • IMPT tokens are unique. 
  • Limited tokens supply

Joining the platform today will be a step in the right direction for any potential crypto investor who values the natural environment and blockchain sustainability.

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Calvaria (RIA)

Many crypto experts have predicted a profitable future for Calvaria investors. This is mainly due to the massive community the project has established, with current 61.1k followers on Twitter. Meanwhile, the developers aim to introduce more exciting projects into the Calvaria ecosystem, such as a DAO community.

Calvaria’s Duels of Eternity Play-to-Earn method allows users to earn tokens with card games. This is usually interesting, as participants can also compete with one another for a higher price.

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Tamadoge is an excellent example of a play-to-earn crypto platform. This metaverse game platform allows players to breed, buy, and trade unique doge pets, and one-of-a-kind NFTs represent these pet items. Their scarcity determines their worth and the quality of the pets used to breed them.

TAMA tokens are deflationary assets, meaning their value will rise in the event of a limited supply, resulting in high token demand. TAMA tokens are equally protected from inflation because they are deflationary assets.

While Tamadoge is a meme coin, its value is expected to rise due to recent partnerships with several brands and investors. Furthermore, the token is set to be listed on some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Recently, it was listed on OKX, which immediately increased the value of TAMA’s token.

Tamadoge’s impressive tokenomics is another reason for its potential rally. With a sum of Two billion tokens, Tamadoge will allocate 5% of TAMA to running its network’s online shop. This allocation will prevent the value of TAMA from falling. Tamadoge has also set aside 30% of its fees for marketing, development, and the prize pool of the system.

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InvestorObserver rates Ethereum as a low-risk investment, considering its price movement in recent trading. Traders who place a lot of importance on assessing risk will find this analysis helpful when trying to avoid (or find) riskier investments. The top three reasons all investors should consider investing in Ethereum are as follows.

First, with a market worth reaching $190 billion, Ethereum is the world’s second-biggest smart contract platform, trailing only Bitcoin. It is an incubator for some of the most creative ideas in the cryptocurrency industry, such as DEXs, NFTs, Web3, dApps, DeFi, and the metaverse. Ethereum will likely host many more technologies in the future, thanks to increased transaction speed. This spike in demand for ETH is expected to pump prices much higher.

Second, Ethereum today has the largest ecosystem of decentralized apps (dApps). Currently, almost 3,000 dApps are running on Ethereum. Decentralized apps can use Ethereum to create anything from decentralized banking protocols and games to social media and non-fungible token exchanges. Within the last 24 hours, over $36.5 million in dApp transaction volume occurred on Ethereum.

Lastly, Ethereum is about to get even better. Ethereum is an excellent bet since many experts predict its expansion following the Merger. The recently completed Ethereum Merger is one of Ethereum’s most significant developments in recent years. As a result, the platform is more efficient, secure, and scalable. Also, transaction processing speeds have increased. 

The public’s rising dissatisfaction with NFTs may make Ethereum’s prospects appear poor compared to a year ago. However, Ethereum is diverse enough that this will not slow it down. NFTs are only one of many initiatives in the Ethereum ecosystem that are running at the same time.

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Helium (HNT)

Helium provides financial incentives to people who use the internet of things. Participants in the network buy hotspots (they could also choose to build their own). Each hotspot will provide network coverage over a specific area while mining HNT. A proof-of-coverage algorithm powers this one-of-a-kind network. The HoneyBadger BFT protocol is the algorithm’s foundation, allowing network nodes to reach a consensus when connection quality is highly variable.

Helium investors recognize that this is a long-term project predicated on the global acceptance of the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, the more people use IoT in their homes, offices, hotels, and schools, the more the Helium project will grow and the more money they will make. 

HNT currently has the 65th largest market cap among cryptocurrencies worldwide. Its market capitalization is $588,000,131.04. Today, HNT stock is trading for $4.57 on multiple exchanges. It had its lowest trading price on June 10, 2020, when it was $0.2543. During the 2021 crypto bull cycle, HNT hit an all-time high of $55.22, giving its early investors a profit of 1580.47%. You don’t have to wonder if HNT will make x1,000 gains because the token has already done so. The real question is whether this mega-pump will happen again.

Investors should buy more HNT now while it is cheap to avoid missing out on huge profits in the future. 

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On September 22, the XRP price pushed through the maximum range of $0.331 to $0.464 and has remained above it. The last time this barrier was tested was on October 13, and right after that there was a big jump in buying pressure that has so far pushed it up by 15%.

The price of XRP is now trading at $0.498; if this pattern continues, investors should expect a surge in demand for the transfer token. This action would allow the cryptocurrency to retest the $0.561 to $0.596 resistance level, which has been a major barrier since January 2022. 

If XRP rises above $0.53, its market value will demolish the bearish thesis. So, turning this barrier into a support floor will be a big deal for the XRP price, possibly sending it up 52% to get rid of the $0.914 highs. From this information, we can safely say an investment in XRP would be a low-risk investment.

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Given the huge response to the trending market charts, the six cryptocurrencies we’ve talked about above may stay at the top for a long time. On the other hand, traders appear to be more interested in the TAMADOGE, IMPT, and Ethereum coins. In the crypto market, these altcoins stand a chance to compete with other altcoins.