Let’s face it: the world is constantly moving toward climate change as a result of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Industries and individuals alike are coming forward to play their part in making the world greener, and the cryptocurrency industry is no exception. Although this market is known to be a drain on the environment for minting cryptos, many new projects are emerging that combine sustainability with long-term value as an investment.

Out of the many eco-friendly projects, there are two companies that are grabbing the attention of investors for their underlying value and mission to make the world greener. We are talking about IMPT and Powerledger, two of the most promising projects that are making all the buzz lately.

So, which one is the better option for long-term investment, and what does the future hold for each of the projects? Let’s find out.

POWR vs. IMPT – the two highly potential eco-friendly investments 

In the ongoing bearish market, Powerledger and IMPT are the two most promising projects in which many investors are taking an interest. But the question lies in which one is better than the other, since choosing the most potential investment in a bear market is crucial for long-term success.

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Powerledger (POWR) overview 

Let’s start with Powerledger; this Australian-based company is a technology start-up that is aiming to change the course of the energy-sharing marketplace. Powerledger is set to democratise clean energy by offering consumers extra options through a range of blockchain-enabled products. From remote communities in Chile to projects in Australia, Powerledger has already branched out by operating in several locations around the world.

With the help of Powerledger, users can keep track of and manage their energy usage, environmental commodities, and flexible services efficiently. The technology company creates software that decentralises energy markets in order to secure a sustainable future. The primary objective of this project is to offer a comprehensive platform that offers consumers a choice of energy through a fully modernized grid.

POWR and Sparkz, Powerledger uses two coins and works on two different blockchain layers. The POWR token is an ERC-20 token that also serves as a license needed for certain industries like utilities, microgrids, renewable energy, and more. The PoS blockchain allows Powerledger to build and scale energy projects around the world. There are certain factors that make Powereledger unique from other potential projects, and those include the ability to track energy, which provides users the choice over the energy that they are using and flexibility in trading environmental commodities.

However, despite the underlying potential of the token, POWR is currently facing a constant downward fall, entering oversold territory on the daily RSI. The POWR token has hardly seen a bullish trend and is currently trading at $0.182448 USD, around 90.4% below its all-time high of $1.89, according to CoinMarketCap.

Amidst POWR’s continuous downward trend, another green crypto that is making the headlines right now is IMPT, which is having significant success in its first presale phase.

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IMPT.io (IMPT) – the new green crypto that has hit the $4 million milestone 

The goal of both Powerledger and IMPT is the same: to offer an eco-friendly investing approach to help the planet in the long term. However, where IMPT shines is in its approach to combining online shopping with environmental friendliness. This new project is all about reducing carbon footprints by encouraging users to shop from certain selected brands. IMPT is in partnership with more than 10,000 brands like Tom Ford, ZARA, and more that consider sustainability a part of the business.


Unlike Powerledger, IMPT.io works on managing the carbon footprint by using blockchain technology to maintain transparency. Users of this revolutionary project can collect carbon credits by shopping at the selected brands or simply by purchasing them from the IMPT marketplace. These credits are tokenized and the users may receive them as NFTs that can be further sold in the marketplace, which means they are transparent and free from any fraudulent activities.

IMPT has changed the way carbon offsetting is done by businesses around the world by making it easier to preserve the environment. The measures adopted by IMPT are aiding in reducing the number of harmful emissions that are released into the environment. The carbon offsetting programme introduced by IMPT allows users to directly take part in the journey against carbon emissions.

With IMPT, users get the freedom to select from diverse environmental projects introduced by IMPT. IMPT proactively includes projects that are verified and authorised by institutional regulations. In order to maintain credibility, IMPT pays attention to choosing and evaluating each carbon offset project. This very factor enables customers to analyse the carbon reimbursement value before choosing a project.

As for the future potential of this blockchain project, the first phase of its presale is getting an immense response from the community. The presale has already smashed the $4 million milestone, reaching $4,372,160.922 in just over a week, as of the time of writing. Out of 600,000,000 IMPT tokens, 242,897,829 tokens are already sold, which makes the creators expect that the project might hit the hard cap of $10,800,000 sooner than it is scheduled to end.

IMPT is hoping to bring individuals and businesses alike together with the aim of curbing global climate change by merging blockchain with sustainability.

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How to buy IMPT tokens in the ongoing presale?

In order to buy IMPT tokens in the current presale, you first need to connect your MetaMask wallet to the platform. If you prefer buying them on your mobile device, you can do the same using Trust Wallet, as recommended by IMPT.

Upon connecting, you will be given three options to choose from for buying IMPT tokens: buying ETH with your card and then swapping for IMPT; buying IMPT with ETH and USDT.

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In the ongoing crypto winter, every investor is on the lookout for the next big cryptocurrency. In terms of eco-friendly projects, although POWR holds certain advantages, we would prefer IMPT over the technology company, judging by the opportunities and current presale success.