While the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum keeps fluctuating, investors are in search of the best altcoin to invest in. AMP pops up as one of the altcoins that the investors contemplate whether it is a good investment or not. It is a digital collateral token used to secure any asset that the users want to transfer. In this article, we will discuss the AMP price prediction, but we will also include the most important information regarding IMPT tokens which are being sold very fast and attracting the attention of investors worldwide. In addition, we also have to mention Tamadoge because the new listings are securing TAMA’s position on the market. 

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AMP price prediction

Let’s first take a look at the price prediction table before elaborating on the position the AMP has on the market and the possible position it could have in the future:


AMP tokens are used widely because they are made with the intention of providing safe transactions that are executed fast. They have been present on the market since September 2020. Despite very appealing promises that the team behind AMP made and wants to work on, investors still hesitate to jump in and invest in this token. The goal of the team behind AMP is legitimate, but the price is what concerns the investors because of the price decline of almost 30%, which could be seen in the period between August 15th and September 12th. 

The goal of AMP is to help with the constant struggle to provide speed while security is ensured, but despite the efforts, AMP holds the 252nd place on the list of cryptocurrencies which can be discouraging to investors who want to see something more competitive. The price of AMP today is $0,005089, and there is a 0.82% price increase, but it seems that the volatility that was seen in the previous period cannot be so easily forgotten. 

The situation regarding the world economy that is the cause of concern for the majority of investors makes the reason why AMP gets easily skipped when investing and looking for a fast return on investment. With the new cryptocurrencies appearing on the market, it becomes obvious why investors choose to invest in IMPT and TAMA instead. 

IMPT hits one milestone after another

With the whole world turning to solutions that could make our planet more sustainable, the crypto market follows with new projects aimed toward this goal. IMPT is a new project that has a very interesting and, above all, noble goal – to be the connection between socially responsible brands and the people who want to reduce the carbon footprint they are making, no matter if those people are companies or individuals driven to achieve this goal. The presale of the IMPT token started on October 3rd, and even though it has been ongoing for a week, $2,7 million has already been raised. 

The plan for this presale is to evolve throughout three phases. Each phase will bring a price increase which will pay off very soon for the early investors. During the first phase, the price is $0.018. The price of tokens in the next stage will be $0.023, while during the third phase, the investors can expect it to be $0.0280. It becomes easily understandable why the investors are in a rush to get the portion of IMPT tokens as soon as possible because, with the selling speed we see now, the presale can be expected to be over even sooner than the planned end date, which is November 25th. 

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TAMA keeps the attention of investors

Tamadoge is a very interesting combination of the P2E (play to earn) principle, NFTs, the crypto market, and the metaverse, known as Tamaverse, which is why it is so appealing. With the extremely successful presale when $19 million were raised in less than two months, the popularity of TAMA just kept increasing. 

The investors were anxious to see how the price would change once TAMA gets listed on the exchanges, and ever since the OKX listing became a reality, the price of TAMA tokens just kept increasing. As of October 5th, TAMA is also available on LBank and MEXC, which only contributed to the overall popularity. Despite the occasional price drops that were expected considering the overall situation on the market, with lots of things coming our way from the Tamadoge project, there are certainly many things to be excited about. 

We can expect to see Tamadoge Arcade become available soon, but also the NFT collection that will certainly make the NFT collectors happy. The goals from the Tamadoge roadmap are slowly becoming a reality. Since TAMA is a deflationary token, it is expected that 5% of the tokens will be burned in the near future, which will certainly drive the demand and the price, as well as the overall popularity that will mean that the presence of TAMA tokens is secured for a long time. 

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With the market changing quickly, together with the world economy, which is a cause of headaches for people worldwide, investors choose the projects that could pay off in the near future. It is exactly why, instead of investing in AMP, most investors choose to invest in new projects on the market since there is a bigger chance of taking full advantage of all the price increases that will occur along the way. If you wish to become a part of the change and do what you can to preserve the planet while also earning, investing in IMPT is the perfect option. On the other hand, if you are eager to have fun while you earn, investing in TAMA will be the next logical step!