Earlier this year, the crypto market saw major problems when Terra (LUNA) collapsed. It was a major cause of concern, and despite the efforts to recover, the investors didn’t get a chance to rejoice. Even though the price spiked more than 10% at one point, it quickly dropped, leaving no space for euphoria. In this article, we will include the most important information regarding the price ranges that LUNA was in, but we will surely mention the new and exciting project that is attracting the attention of most investors nowadays – an ongoing IMPT presale, as it will probably be done a lot sooner than planned. In addition, there is Tamadoge (TAMA), which is hitting one goal after another. 

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What can we expect from Terra Luna?

Earlier this year, in May, the crypto market went through some pretty stressful times when Terra (LUNA) collapsed and caused a splash that affected other coins as well. The intention behind LUNA was to make it a stablecoin, but since it wasn’t connected to the dollar, its price collapsed, leaving the investors concerned about future steps.

The value of LUNA at the moment of writing is $0.000294, and there is a -0.82% drop in the last 24 hours. Despite the efforts to rebrand LUNA into LUNC and some improvements that can be seen from time to time, it hasn’t been easy, and it is not realistic to expect that it will suddenly recover overnight.

LUNA Price prediction

Before going into details regarding the direction LUNA could go, let’s take a peak into the price prediction table:


Despite the highly optimistic price predictions, it is not easy to say what will actually happen. The analysts seem to have different opinions regarding LUNA, and only one thing is for sure – we will see more price fluctuations.

When we take into consideration the world economy and the increasing investors’ need to reduce the risk to a minimum when investing, it seems that they have turned away from Terra Luna. It seems that more and more investors choose to invest in two highly wanted coins right now – IMPT and TAMA.

IMPT is shining bright

The crypto market is surely increasing awareness about the importance of doing everything we can to preserve our planet. Ever since Ethereum Merge became live, we are noticing the increased efforts from other crypto projects to do what they can. One such project is  IMPT. The goal behind it is to connect individuals, but also businesses, with socially responsible brands that want to work on reducing the carbon footprint. It is a way to fight against climate change and do what is necessary to take the necessary steps to be a part of the change, but also enjoy various rewards and benefits. 

There is an ongoing presale, and despite the fact that it started on October 3rd, and $1,577,087.01 has already been raised, which is absolutely incredible! It is showing massive interest in this project, and even though the planned presale end date is November 25th, according to what we can see so far, it will probably end a lot sooner. The presale is planned to occur in three stages, and each stage will bring a  price increase, which is why it is easy for the investors to predict the return on investment they can count on. The new investors are welcome to join thousands of other investors who have already ensured their portion of IMPT tokens. 

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TAMA is securing its place in the market

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new project that has been present on the market for only two and a half months, but the hype around it is enormous because of its very appealing concept. It is based on the play-to-earn principle, but it also includes NFTs and crypto, making it an awesome recipe for success. After the incredible 700% price increase in a matter of days, it is certain that TAMA is here to stay.

TAMA got listed on OKX on September 27th, which significantly affected its price and broadened the scope of investors interested in buying it. In addition, the team behind Tamadoge ensured two new listings – on LBank and MEXC that became live on October 5th, just adding to its overall popularity. Since Tamadoge has many plans along the way, the investors seem to be entertained daily with the novelties that will seal its position on the market.

While the collection of 21,100 NFTs will be available soon, the Ultra-rare NFTs are available now. Considering that there are only 100 of them and that this auction lasts for only a week, the interest of the investors is certainly on the rise. We can expect the Tamadoge Arcade in the near future, which will be the opportunity for the players to taste all the flavors that this project has to offer. Together with the pets that will be minted and cared for, there is also an opportunity to sell them or trade them on the market as NFTs, which will be an additional way to earn while exploring all the options that this exciting ecosystem has to offer.  

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There is no doubt that the investors are on the lookout regarding all the changes in the market and that we are yet to see how this situation could evolve in the future. At the moment, there is an increased interest in low-risk projects such as IMPT and TAMA, while Terra Luna will probably go through a lot more price fluctuations before it manages to go back to the old popularity it used to have. If you wish to invest in the most popular crypto projects we have mentioned earlier, hurry up and take this opportunity before the price goes up!