Buying Instagram likes is not merely about taking out your credit card and purchasing as many likes as you desire. Many Instagram growth services try to explain to their customers how they can successfully make purchases. But, that’s not enough as there are key factors to consider if you must buy real Instagram likes

This guide will dissect these important factors and help you make the right choice to get quality growth service. 

1. Plan an Instagram growth strategy

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You may be wondering why you need to plan a growth strategy. After all, isn’t the strategy to buy likes and enjoy the benefits? 

The truth is that without a plan in place, your purchased Instagram likes won’t bring you more engagements or make conversions. Buying likes should only be a catalyst for your Instagram growth. It should attract more people to your page and a well-planned strategy will help you do that.

Here are some tips to help you plan a fire growth strategy:

  • Define the goal of your Instagram page: are you a business owner looking to generate leads and make more sales? Or are you building a personal brand as an Instagram influencer? Answers to these questions will help you decide your target audience and define your buyer persona. Some Instagram growth services offer targeting options to help you buy growth metrics from people who can become your customers.
  • Plan your content marketing strategy: after knowing your target audience, you need to create content that addresses their pain point. Your content should be engaging and informative. With this, other users who were attracted by your high like count will see value on your page and hit the follow button. Through a well-planned content strategy, you can build authority and credibility in your niche.
  • Plan to collaborate with other creators: the power of collaborations is in benefiting from an already engaged audience. Partnering with other creators, especially those in your niche gives you a chance to build trust and get new followers. Using the Instagram Live feature is a great way to start collaborations.
  • Plan your Budget: set aside money for your purchase. It doesn’t have to be a big budget. You can buy Instagram likes for as low as $1.

2. Search for a trustworthy Instagram growth service

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After creating a growth strategy, the next step is finding a trustworthy Instagram growth service. You’ve probably got several options to choose from, but we’ll bet you don’t know which to go with. 

Well, a growth service that prioritizes quality over gain is what you need. Some dishonest services offer low-quality Instagram likes i.e likes that are not from real accounts. These fake likes are sourced from bot accounts and cannot give you any real engagements. In fact, they can get your account banned by Instagram. Scary, right? 

Some services provide Instagram likes with delayed delivery and some of these likes drop a few days after purchasing them. For these reasons, you need to use only trusted services 

How to find trustworthy Instagram growth services 

Below are tips to guide you in choosing the best growth services out there:

  • Check review sites for what their clients are saying about their services: before giving your money to any growth service, be sure to check out what their clients have to say about them. To do this, visit review sites or go to Google and search for “[name of the company] review”. If they are tested and trusted, their customers will give great comments and also give 5-star reviews. Some websites also write detailed review articles, feel free to check them out.
  • Seek recommendations from friends and other creators: are you finding it difficult to choose a good service through reviews? Well, you can ask your friends and other creators where they buy real Instagram likes from. This helps you to easily narrow down your options to the best and saves time. If they’ve used a good growth service before, you just go ahead with what worked for them.
  • Check if the website is secure: since you’ll be giving out your credit card details to make payments, you need to be sure that the website is secure. Instead of “HTTP”, a secure URL should start with “HTTPS.” Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate usage is indicated by the “s” in “HTTPS,” which stands for secure. This informs you that all of your data and communications are secure as they go from your browser to the website’s server. Additionally, a padlock icon before the URL indicates that the website is secure.
  • If available, use free trials: most growth services offer free trials to their customers and you can use this to your advantage. After getting the free Instagram likes, go to the post you got the likes for and check for quality. Quality Instagram likes come from real accounts. A real account shows activity e.g stories uploads or recent feed posts. Also, check if the free likes disappear after a few days. If it does, it shows that there’s a high drop rate.
  • Beware of sites that require your Instagram password: legitimate Instagram growth services don’t require your password to deliver your order. All you need to provide is your Instagram username for identification of your profile. Giving out your password can make you lose your account to hackers.

3. Compare different Instagram growth services 


Knowing which growth services are trusted and secure is not enough to help you get the best service. You probably have a list of secure services but you need to choose just one. This is the point where you compare features from the different services in your list. 

We recommend Megafamous as they’re popular for delivering quality likes for an affordable fee. However, go ahead and visit each site and see what perks come with their Instagram likes. 

Some key features you should look out for include:

  • Real likes from genuine Instagram account
  • Instant delivery after purchase
  • Wide range of packages and affordable/competitive pricing
  • Possibility of splitting likes to multiple posts
  • No password required to deliver your Instagram likes
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • Low drop rate or free refill on drops 
  • Secure payment methods such as PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Credit Cards etc
  • Matching video views when you buy likes for video posts.

How to buy Instagram likes in 3 simple steps

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This is the part where you finally get to see the results on your page. The process of buying Instagram likes is similar across the different growth services. However, you may find differences in payment methods.

  1. Step 1: Visit the website of your chosen growth service and choose Buy Instagram Likes.
  1. Step 2: Choose your preferred package then type in your username and select the post(s) you want to boost.
  1. Step 3: Go to the checkout section, make payment and wait for results.

Get quality Instagram likes without stress

Buying Instagram likes has helped many brands and creators get ahead pretty fast. We know this from the 5star reviews people leave after successfully buying likes on different review sites. 

The good news is that you too can get all the help you need to boost your Instagram account. Simply use the best Instagram like services available. Megafamous is a good one to try. But before you take it to the next stage with any growth service, ask yourself if they meet the criteria in this article.