If you are a crypto investor, you probably are concerned about how cryptocurrency will turn out in the future. Due to its high market price, it may seem that only bitcoin can yield a high profit to investors. The good news is that several other altcoins are also beginning to partake in the market growth, including Sweatcoin.

Among several altcoins, five play an outstanding role in improving the world, yielding investors more significant gains than ever. Foremost, they are most secure and transparent, improving the features of the FinTech industry. Thus, users can carry out transactions with little or no charges, which is more convenient than using financial institutions.

What other features stand these altcoins out among others? Read on to discover more information that will be helpful to you as an investor.

List of Cryptocurrency Investments That Will Cause Significant Change to The World

  • IMPT
  • Tamadoge
  • Sweatcoin
  • Lucky Block
  • Polkadot


The Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies project is the greatest presale going on right now. Having sold $4 million in just a few days of launching the event, it is evident that this cryptocurrency’s momentum is unarguably high. Thus, crypto investors are looking forward to the next big project. Meanwhile, the IMPT team confirms its future partnership with over 10,000 brands, which would also earn crypto traders some substantial rewards.

How does IMPT improve the world? It contributes to environmental sustainability by allowing users to burn their carbon credits in exchange for some IMPT tokens. Thus, this helps the consumers exhibit greener behavior through their purchasing activities. Meanwhile, this is not always the case for blockchain technology, especially those operating on the Proof of Work mechanism.

The IMPT team has also improved carbon offset transparency by introducing NFTs into its project. NFTs are available for every person who visits the IMPT marketplace, built on the Ethereum blockchain. More so, only the product owner will have access to the NFT while choosing to also sell at will.

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Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge has recently shown good signs of its value in the crypto market. The coin raised $19 million during its presale, which set a hopeful path for other meme coins. Tamadoge was just recently listed on two big exchange platforms, OKX and LBANK. With this, the coin will likely be at the top of the cryptocurrency ranking soon.

The Tamaverse ecosystem has unique features from regular meme coins. These features include rare NFTs and play-to-earn (P2E) games. Thus, investors are more interested in the Tamaverse since these features give it a huge market awareness.

Tamadoge is also sometimes referred to as the Big Eyes meme coin due to its interesting concept. However, the ecosystem is not just fun, as 5% of the total market supply is used to promote sustainable causes, especially in preserving the oceans. With the new launch of the Tamadoge NFT, investors are willing to increase their chances of generating high ROI.

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Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

Sweatcoin token is a health-oriented cryptocurrency that helps people to track their fitness activities. Since many people are now concerned about body fitness, sweatcoin has pulled interested participants into its ecosystem. Thus, it improves the world by encouraging people to shed some sweat while minimizing the risk of emitting toxic substances from vehicles.

Thus, people who sign up on the application will be rewarded for contributing to the growth of the green environment. Although the original sweatcoin concept is not a cryptocurrency, users get their rewards as crypto tokens. The sweatcoin token was launched on the 13th of September, 2022, and it is also built on Ethereum and Near Protocol blockchains.

Meanwhile, investors can expect more features from sweatcoin, such as NFTs; the Sweat Wallet was launched to allow users to buy some digital assets with their fiat currencies. In a few years, the sweatcoin ecosystem would have expanded by incorporating more activities, such as swimming and cycling.

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Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block keeps improving its ecosystem, and a perfect example is the token’s version 2, which was recently released. Every LBLOCK NFT holder can then trade on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. The LBLOCK second version is built on Ethereum’s blockchain, improving its scalability and level of security.

The platform also allows users to compete in the NFT marketplace. The higher you play, the higher the potential reward. Traders or players receive the reward in the form of an LBLOCK token. Activities on the NFT are also transparent to ensure every winning participant gets rewarded for their efforts.

Lucky Block is not only profitable to traders but also serves benefits charitable organizations. Meanwhile, no transaction fee is incurred for participating in the lottery games. The Distributed Ledger Technologies also ensures lottery games are accessible from any geographical location, contrary to local financial systems.

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Polkadot (DOT)

The polkadot project is an innovative crypto that allows a heterogeneous multi-chain framework. While most cryptocurrencies aim to meet the scalability, speed, and decentralization features, only a few successfully combine these three features, including Polkadot. Also, not many cryptocurrencies have been able to ensure interoperability, which Polkadot aims to achieve.

Polkadot connects blockchains, allowing users of different crypto to communicate effortlessly. Interestingly, users also get to exchange actual data through different blockchains. It also helps developers and technicians to build a new network on Polkadot’s blockchain.

Polkadot functions through the relay chain, which is why the blockchain can accommodate a large network of participants. Despite the large connectivity on Polkadot, it does not consume excessive energy, due to its Proof of Stake mechanism. Even though the price of cryptocurrencies has dropped extensively, Polkadot has not exceeded the 1% price shortage.

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Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is gradually becoming a crowded field, which is why investors need to understand the prospect of each digital coin. The seven cryptocurrencies discussed above often experience a bullish market, which is usually the best time for investors. They also benefit investors as they serve a significant purpose to the world, especially the green sector. Thus, investors and crypto traders can expect up to 50x gain before the next decade.