GlucoFlush is a supplement designed to help those that take it maintain a healthy pancreas and manage their blood sugar by stabilizing it at normal levels.

This supplement is GMP certified, which stamps that it was made with good manufacturing practices. GlucoFlush is also made in an FDA registered facility, contains 100% natural ingredients, produced in the United States and is entirely GMO-free.

GlucoFlush boasts 11 different high-quality herbal ingredients that they say play a critical role in flushing parasites and supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

Specifically, those herbs are:

  1. Fennel Seed
  2. Marshmallow Root
  3. Black Walnut Hull
  4. Pumpkin Seed
  5. Slippery Elm Bark
  6. Wormwood Herb
  7. Clove Bud
  8. Garlic Bulb
  9. Oregano Leaf Oil
  10. Peppermint Leaf Oil
  11. Papaya Seed Extract

Below, we’ll cover each individual herb and discuss how their properties contribute to GlucoFlush’s profound impact on blood sugar levels and supporting a healthy pancreas.

Fennel Seed

Fennel seeds come packed with an assortment of benefits for the body. Known scientifically as ‘Foeniculum vulgare’, this herb is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D, while also containing an assortment of antioxidants which assist with digestion.

In the GlucoFlush supplement, ‘fennel seed’ is used to provide support for healthy blood sugar levels, weight loss and improved vitamin absorption.

One of the key benefits provided by fennel seeds are its ability to fight against diabetes. Specifically, the vitamin C and potassium conferred by this herb are what facilitate lower blood sugar levels. These nutrients also play a critical role in increasing insulin reactivity. Doing so assists the body in balancing its sugar levels. Several sources state that fennel seeds can be particularly effective in treating type 2 diabetes.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root, otherwise known by its scientific name ‘Althaea Officinalis’, is an herb that’s been used for centuries by various cultures for its medicinal properties. Beyond providing benefits in terms of skin and hair care, this herb is known to provide a soothing effect on the respiratory system.

In GlucoFlush, marshmallow root helps imbue the supplement with strong antimicrobial properties as well as support for healthy blood pressure levels and long-term gut health.

The antibacterial and antiviral properties of marshmallow root are what enable it to boost immunity and reduce inflammation in those that ingest the herb. More critically, this herb is a critical ingredient in GlucoFlush because it helps with managing diabetes. Specifically, marshmallow root has the ability to help lower blood sugar levels. In addition to doing so, marshmallow root also provides protection against fluctuating spikes / drops in blood pressure in those with diabetes. Marshmallow root confers these benefits by regulating the body’s levels of glucose and insulin.

Black Walnut Hull

Black Walnut Hull, otherwise known by its scientific name ‘Juglans Nigra’, is yet another powerful herbal ingredient in GlucoFlush that provides countless health benefits.

Within GlucoFlush, ‘Black Walnut Hull’ allows the supplement to help users maintain a ‘healthy gut flora‘ and obtain better nutrient absorption. The nut is also rich in ‘omega 3’ oils as well, which itself confers a number of health benefits.

The list of benefits provided by omega-3 fatty acids are virtually endless. Specifically, omega-3’s can help with fighting depression and anxiety, improve eye health, promote brain health for unborn children during pregnancies and during their early life development, reduce heart disease related risks, reduce symptoms of ‘ADHD’, reduce symptoms of the ‘metabolic syndrome’, help fight inflammation, protect against autoimmune diseases, enhance the efficacy of chemical-related treatment of mental disorders, fight age-related mental decline and ‘Alzheimer’s Disease’, help prevent cancer, and reduce liver fat.

Beyond the inclusion of omega-3 fatty acids, the Black Walnut Hull derives its beneficial properties from the antioxidant and antibacterial compounds located in the nut’s outer shell. Black Walnut Hulls grow naturally throughout the United States and are very nutrient rich.

Some of the vitamins and minerals contained within Black Walnut Hull are:

  • Fiber
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Selenium

Research has shown that Black Walnut Hull provides a number of health benefits associated with heart function as well as blood pressure and regulation. Specifically, Black Walnuts are chock full of an antioxidant called ‘polyphenols’. These antioxidants are responsible for the Black Walnut’s ability to help balance blood sugar levels in those that take it.

Pumpkin Seed

GlucoFlush’s inclusion of pumpkin seed serves as one more major factor contributing to the supplement’s powerful impact on pancreatic health and blood sugar control.

Pumpkin seed has been used for centuries by various cultures as a medicinal remedy due to the myriad of benefits it provides the human body. They tend to be chock full of nutrients with high levels of essential vitamins and minerals. Nutritionally, pumpkin seeds provide Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D, Cobalamin, and Vitamin A.

Out of the nutrients listed above, the ‘magnesium’ contained within pumpkin seeds are what gives it the property of blood sugar regulation – which is especially useful within the GlucoFlush supplement.

Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery elm bark (Ulmus rubra) is another natural remedy that provides a wealth of blood pressure and blood sugar related benefits. Its high calcium content made it a natural go-to remedy for Native American tribes centuries ago.

Slippery elm bark can also be used to treat sore throats and mouth ulcers, curiously enough. Additionally, its been found to serve as an effective treatment for:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Cystitis
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes
  • Gout
  • Psoriasis
  • Breast / lung cancer

Slippery elm bark affects blood sugar levels by impacting the rate sugar is absorbed by the intestine itself. When infused in a carefully measured organic supplemental blend like GlucoFlush, the herb’s blood sugar management properties are optimized.

Wormwood Herb

Wormwood, also known by its scientific name ‘Artemisia Absinthium’, is another herbal ingredient in GlucoFlush that’s been used for medicinal purposes dating back centuries.

Traditionally, this herb has been used to treat issues related to digestion, pain, and inflammation. Most famously, its medicinal benefits have been championed as a potential treatment for those suffering from Crohn’s disease. Wormwood has also proven itself effective in dealing with parasitic infections that stem from pinworms, roundworms or tapeworms.

Researchers studying the potential additional medicinal benefits of this herb recently discovered that it can be effective in treating those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Clove Bud (Oil)

Clove bud, a derivative of the clove tree genus, known as ‘Syzgium aromaticum’, provides a number of health benefits, such as:

  • Eliminating bacteria as an antimicrobial treatment
  • Pain relief for various day-to-day ailments
  • Digestive issues
  • Respiratory problems

Cloves specifically provide a heap of benefits for those suffering from diabetes. Recent research has shown that this herb effects a number of hypoglycaemic properties, specifically increased insulin production and support for the function of cells responsible for insulin production.

Since insulin is the hormone the body produces to manage and maintain proper blood sugar levels, clove bud’s facilitation of increased insulin production makes it an essential ingredient in the GlucoFlush supplement.

Garlic Bulb

Garlic bulbs provide countless health benefits, many of them related to blood regulation and related systems. The phytochemicals contained within garlic are what imbue it with a plethora of medicinal properties.

Below are some of the health benefits provided by garlic bulbs:

  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Addressing Inflammation
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Supporting Immune Function
  • Reducing Blood Clotting
  • Supplying the body with antioxidants

Beyond phytochemicals, garlic is filled with a wealth of nutrients. Garlic typically contains: vitamin B6, manganese, selenium, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and copper.

In terms of garlic’s impact on blood sugar, “Some research suggests that garlic may help lower blood pressure and decrease cholesterol levels to support heart health and stabilize blood sugar by reducing ‘fasting’ blood sugar levels and improving the body’s blood sugar management abilities – making it particularly beneficial for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Other research studying how garlic’s beneficial properties as it relates to blood sugar have found that it significantly improves blood glucose control. Some studies estimate that the positive benefits provided by this herb take effect after just 1-2 weeks after introduction into one’s regimen.

As one of the 11 main herbal ingredients in GlucoFlush, it goes without saying how the inclusion of garlic makes it one a powerful tool for addressing blood sugar issues.

Oregano Leaf Oil

Oregano Leaf Oil provides countless health benefits such as:

  • Fighting bacteria
  • Treating small intestine bacterial overgrowth
  • Treating fungal-related infections
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Pain relief
  • Accelerating the body’s ability to heal wounds
  • Supplying antioxidants

Oregano is also a potent source of vitamin K. Numerous studies over the years have concluded that vitamin K can play a pivotal role in blood sugar regulation.

Peppermint Leaf Oil

Peppermint leaf oil has been traditionally applied topically (on the skin) to address health ailments such as headaches, muscle aches, joint pain and itching.

Its also been found that peppermint oil can be used to treat the following ailments:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Nausea
  • Digestive Issues
  • Common Cold
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Constipation
  • Functional dyspepsia

Within the GlucoFlush supplement, peppermint oil helps imbue the product with additional properties of blood sugar control and management. Peppermint oil also plays a critical role in GlucoFlush by addressing many of the digestive problems commonly associated with parasitic infections.

As noted on GlucoFlush’s main site, this supplement takes a novel approach to addressing blood sugar problems by incorporating ingredients designed to induce the detoxification process.

Papaya Seed Extract

Papaya seeds play a pivotal role in fight infections, protecting kidney fucntion and improving overall digestive health. They also serve as a major antioxidant boost via the flavonoids contained within these seeds.

In particular, flavonoids are a natural antioxidant with a low glycemic index that helps with the maintenance and management of blood sugar levels. Research has shown the incorporation of papaya seeds as a supplementary herbal treatment for those with type-2 diabetes proved effective in “significantly [reducing] postprandial glucose levels”.

How GlucoFlush Addresses Blood Sugar Problems Through Parasitic Treatment

While not intuitively thought to be linked with one another, GlucoFlush reports that one of the methods they used to ensure their supplement would prove effective in addressing blood sugar issues was addressing deficiencies caused by the presence of parasites.

On GlucoFlush’s site, they supplement’s makers note that nearly half of all Americans currently live in areas with contaminated water. Such contaminated water often contains parasites and other harmful ‘gut-invaders’, which can cause significant problems for people such as uncontrollable weight gain or any of a number of digestion related issues.

The manufacturers also note that these parasites can cause ‘pancreatic inflammation’, due to to “all the toxic sugar enzymes the parasites poop out”.

How Long Before GlucoFlush Starts Working

Unlike other organic supplements designed to treat similar health issues, GlucoFlush’s makers insist those that take their supplement will begin to see results immediately due to the potency of their product’s “flushing formula”.

Beyond helping those that take this supplement with managing their blood sugar, GlucoFlush is also said to play a key role in facilitating weight loss. This makes sense when considering the number of herbal remedies contained within this product that are designed to address digestive needs.

How to Take GlucoFlush

Unlike most supplements on the market today, GlucoFlush comes in a liquid form. According to the product’s site, each bottle comes accompanied with a dropper that only needs to be filled once a day. Once that’s complete, all that must be done from this point is extract the supplement into the drink of one’s choice.

The manufacturers claim that GlucoFlush being in liquid form is what allows for the substance to be absorbed rapidly after ingestion.

Customer Reviews

Below are some ‘verified purchase’ reviews from customers that reportedly experienced positive benefits from taking the supplement:


Overall, GlucoFlush presents itself as a supplement for those that are looking to address their blood sugar in a natural, organic and holistic manner. This article broke down the herbal ingredients included in this supplement and how their properties confer significant health benefits, independently.

Thus, when all of these herbal ingredients are combined with one another to form a proprietary blend that’s been specially crafted to amalgamate the most beneficial properties of each, you end up with a powerful, highly effective supplement like GlucoFlush. Since this supplement is exclusively blended with organic ingredients, the ‘proof’ that GlucoFlush successfully addresses the issues it purports to solve lie in the science.So for those suffering from type-2 diabetes that are looking for a way to treat their ailment naturally, GlucoFlush is likely the best option available on the market today.