Ignite Drops are a liquid-based supplement infused with a blend of natural ingredients designed to help people lose weight. What makes this supplement unique is that its designed to help people lose weight without having to diet or exercise – two things that people tend to struggle with the most when trying to put off pounds.

Unlike most other dietary supplements on the market today, Ignite Drops is made with 100% all natural ingredients. In addition, Ignite Drops are made in the U.S. in an FDA approved facility, which ensures that this supplement is manufactured in accordance with the latest standards.

How Do Ignite Drops Work?

Specifically, Ignite Drops are designed to activate the ‘BAM15’ hormone. If you’ve never heard of the ‘BAM15’ hormone, don’t worry – this method of targeting weight loss relies on cutting edge science.

Several studies published in 2020 have discovered that the hormone ‘BAM15‘ specifically can be instrumental in reversing “diet-induced obesity”. In a study published in Nature called, ‘Mitochondrial uncoupler BAM15 reverses diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance in mice’, researchers found that “A recently identified mitochondrial uncoupler BAM15 is orally bio-available, increases nutrient oxidation, and decreases body fat mass without altering food intake, lean body mass, body temperature, or biochemical and hematological markers of toxicity.” Researchers also discovered that BAM15 targeted hepatic fat and decreased inflammatory lipids while also producing strong antioxidant effects as well.

There was another study that looked into the effects of the hormone ‘BAM15’ that was published by the National Institute of Health (NIH) called, ‘BAM15-mediated mitochondrial uncoupling protects against obesity and improves glycemic control’. In the study researchers reported that they were able to, “Demonstrate that BAM15, a mitochondrially targeted small molecule protonophore, stimulates energy expenditure and glucose and lipid metabolism to protect against diet-induced obesity“, concluding that their research served as the, “First…demonstration of pre-clinical efficacy for BAM15 as a pharmacological approach for the treatment of obesity and related diseases.”

So at this point, you know that targeting the BAM15 hormone to induce weight loss is a novel and recent discovery by the medical community. Now, we’re going to explore how Ignite Drops’ specially formulated blend is designed to trigger this hormone in those that take it.

Ignite Drops Ingredients

As mentioned before, Ignite Drops is a 100% natural liquid-based supplement. According to the manufacturer, this supplement contains herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and an assortment of nutrients that are all designed to induce weight loss.

Among the list of natural ingredients in Ignite Drops are:

  • Forskohlii Root
  • Gymnema Leaves
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Grape Seed
  • Panax Ginseng Root
  • Maca Root
  • Astragalus Root Extract
  • Capsicum Annuum Fruit
  • Grapefruit Seed
  • African Mango
  • Eleutherococcus Root Extract

Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about each of these natural ingredients:

In addition to the manufacturer’s statements, we’re going to take a closer look at each of these natural ingredients to gain a better idea of how they work in concert with one another to facilitate weight loss through the targeting of the BAM15 hormone and other means.

Forskohlii Root

Forskohlii Root derives from ‘Forskolin’, which stems from the root of a plant within the ‘mint’ family. Traditionally, it has been commonly used as a treatment by those that practice ‘Ayurvedic medicine’.

There was once a study conducted that examined the effects of Forskohlii Root on weight loss. For that study, researchers gathered a group of men that were overweight and obese and gave them a regimen of Forskohlii Root which involved them taking 250 milligrams of a 10% forskolin extract twice a day. After a 12-week period, researchers found that the men that were given the extract lost substantially more fat than those in the control (placebo) group.

Gymnema Leaves

The health benefits associated with Gymnema Leaves are boundless, especially as they pertain to weight loss.

Research has found that Gymnema Leaves can help reduce sugar cravings. In the Ignite Drops supplement this helps users avoid succumbing to the temptation of eating sweets through the Gymnema Leaves’ property of reducing one’s ability to taste sweetness, thereby making sweets less appealing overall.

There are also multiple studies that have been published that show the efficacy of Gymnema Leaves in facilitating weight loss. One study in particular that examined the effect of Gymnema Leaves on a cohort of obese individuals concluded that it was responsible for a 5%+ reduction in body weight while also leading to an overall decrease in food consumption.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green Tea Extract is the concentrated form of what you would expect to get from ‘Green Tea’ (same active ingredients). It has been known for centuries that Green Tea provides a number of health and medicinal benefits for those that drink it.

Recently, researchers have been digging into Green Tea Extract’s effect on weight loss in those that take it. Studies have confirmed that Green Tea Extract plays a profound role in facilitating weight loss. The extract’s combination of naturally produced caffeine and ‘catechins’ help aid weight loss by regulating hormones in the body responsible for enhancing ‘thermogenesis’, which is the process the body uses to burn calories while digesting food.

In essence, Green Tea Extract makes the body more effective at burning calories. This gives Ignite Drops another major boost in efficacy as a weight loss supplement.

Grape Seed

Grape Seed (extract) contains tons of nutrients that help aid with weight loss and are beneficial to one’s health, overall. Specifically, Grape Seed is chock full of antioxidants, which play an instrumental role in reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Beyond aiding weight loss, Grape Seed provides the following benefits:

  • Promoting ‘Anti-Aging’
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Strengthening the Immune System
  • Boosting ‘Brain Power’ (improved concentration, memory and mood)

As far as Grape Seed’s impact on weight loss is concerned, there’s a wealth of research that has been published by the scientific community examining exactly that.

In one study published in 2008, researchers conducted a study that led them to the conclusion that, “Grape Seed Extract supplements in high fat diet…normalize body weight, epididymal and back fat weights, lipid concentrations, and carnitine levels through controlling lipid metabolism.” Thus, its inclusion as one of the natural ingredients in Ignite Drops only serves to enhance the potency of the supplement’s dietary properties.

Panax Ginseng Root

There exists a wealth of literature in the medical community appraising Ginseng’s ability to facilitate weight loss. Overall, Ginseng (Panax Ginseng Root) has the ability to facilitate weight loss by boosting the body’s metabolism.

Ginseng is composed of tons of nutrients and vitamins. Within Ginseng’s composition is something called ‘brown adipose tissue’. This plays a critical role in facilitating weight loss by improving the body’s ability to convert fat into energy. Ginseng also helps the body create more gut bacteria, which leads to a shift in its pattern of calorie burning. This shift results in a change in the body’s metabolic process in a way that results in greater weight loss.

In addition to the weight-loss reduction properties above, Ginseng is also highly effective at helping the body with fat absorption, resulting in an overall reduction in accumulated fat.

Since the Ignite Drops supplement includes a hefty dose of Ginseng, users can expect to reap Ginseng’s weight loss benefits accordingly.

Maca Root

Maca Root is an adaptogenic herb. It is one of the few herbs that can are non-toxic when ingested, alongside: Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Rhodiola Rosea, and Schisandra Chinensis. These types of herbs help the body with responding to stress, anxiety, fatigue and improve overall well-being in those that take them.

Maca Root, otherwise known by its scientific name ‘Lepidium Meyenii’, contains a wealth of nutrients, such as: amino acids, iodine, iron, and magnesium.

Maca Root has proven to be effective at aiding weight loss by boosting the metabolism, which allows the body to burn calories at a higher rate, resulting in more effective weight loss over time. Maca Root also lends itself as a substantial energy booster. Maca Root also helps reduce weight by targeting belly fat in specific.

Astragalus Root Extract

Astragalus Root is not often included in dietary supplements, but that’s because most dietary supplements fail to go to the same lengths as ‘Ignite Drops’ does when it comes to creating a blend of organic ingredients designed to tackle weight loss in an efficient and powerful manner.

Astragalus was first discovered and used by practitioners of Chinese medicine thousands of years ago due to its beneficial impact on the immune system. Beyond facilitating weight loss, Astragalus confers the following health benefits:

  • Improved Heart Health
  • Blood Sugar Management
  • Reducing Allergy Symptoms
  • Increasing Energy and Stamina

In terms of weight loss, Astragalus helps by boosting metabolism and providing greater energy, overall, for those that take it. Within the context of the Ignite Drops supplement, this natural ingredient serves as the ‘glue’ by providing increased energy to balance out the caloric deficit (weight loss) induced by the other ingredients in the supplement, so that users don’t become tired or fatigued.

Capsicum Annuum

Capsicum Annuum is an ingredient that’s commonly found in ‘hot chili peppers’. Over the past few years, the medical and health communities have paid increasing attention to the weight loss properties of Capsicum. In particular, the ‘capsaicinoids’ in this spice is what contains the specific ingredient responsible for conferring any related weight loss properties.

The main capsaicinoid in Capsicum is ‘capsaicin’, which possesses chemopreventive, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypolipidemic, and thermogenic properties, which all imbue Capsicum Anuum with its ability to impact weight loss.

One study published in December 2020, concluded that Capsicum Anuum had a significant effect on ‘LDL-cholesterol’ and body weight. Other studies published by the NIH and elsewhere have also concluded that capsaicinoids facilitate a decrease in body fat and fat mass.

Grapefruit Seed

Grapefruit seed is another natural ingredient contained within Ignite Drops that aids weight loss in a number of different ways. The scientific and medical communities have published a wealth of research analyzing the weight loss and fat reduction properties of ‘Grapefruit Seed’.

Grapefruit Seeds contain phenolic acids, oligomeric proanthocyanidin, flavonoids and anthocyanins. These substances all provide Grapefruit Seeds with the following health benefits:

  • Protection Against Infectious Growths
  • Promoting Kidney Health
  • Preserving Brain Function Against Age-Related Regression
  • Strengthening Bone
  • Reducing LDL Cholesterol Levels
  • Reducing Leg Swelling
  • Blood Pressure Reduction

As it pertains to weight loss, Grapefruit Seeds help by boosting metabolism and also reducing appetite. Specifically, Grapefruit Seeds can reduce appetite by lowering general cravings and suppressing the feeling of hunger – which, in itself, can facilitate weight loss. Grapefruit Seeds’ metabolism boosting property helps the body burn calories at a quicker rate.

Grapefruit Seeds have also proven to work effectively as a diuretic and lymphatic stimulant. As a diuretic, Grapefruit Seeds help with shedding excess ‘water weight’, which contributes to overall weight loss efforts. And in its role as a lymphatic stimulant, it generates weight loss by aiding the lymphatic system, which is responsible for controlling how effectively the body is able to absorb digestive fat from the small intestine and transport it through the bloodstream. Numerous studies have shown that poor lymphatic system function plays a key role in significant weight gain and substantial difficulties in losing weight in those affected.

Other Benefits Associated with Ignite Drops

Beyond the numerous weight loss properties associated with taking the Ignite Drops supplement (including losing weight through its novel ability to target the BAM15 hormone), there are a wealth of health benefits that users will reap as well.

According to the manufacturers, the Ignite Drops supplement will help users with:

  • Improving Cardiovascular Health
  • Improving Energy Levels and Battling Chronic Fatigue
  • Improving Overall Brain Health and Function
  • Improving the Immune System

Beyond these benefits, the manufacturers suggest that those taking this supplement will also benefit from a stabilization in their blood sugar and blood pressure levels alongside healthier hair growth and skin. Additionally, the natural ingredients included within this supplement aid in resolving digestion-related issues and improve mood over time as well.

How Long Until Users Start Benefiting

The manufacturer for Ignite Drops recommends that users take this supplement every morning if they wish to optimize the benefits conferred from this supplement.

Specifically, users are advised to administer 10 drops of the liquid supplement daily. The manufacturers instruct users to, “Put them underneath your tongue, hold under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow”, stating that doing so allows the formula to eb released into the body quicker and more effectively.

Get Ignite Drops Now on Discount

On the manufacturer’s main site, one bottle of Ignite Drops is going for as low as $69. The preferred customer pack gives purchasers 5 bottles of Ignite Drops along with a free complimentary bottle of ToxiClear.

Deals like this for a supplement like Ignite Drops are difficult to turn down when considering just how much value is being given for basement bargain prices.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If for some reason you’re reading this and still feel slightly skeptical despite the wealth of scientific and medical research backing the efficacy of Ignite Drops as a supplement, you can still try this supplement out without taking a financial risk.

That’s because the manufacturers provide a 150-day money back guarantee on their site.

With 150 days to return this product, customers effectively have half a year to try the product and assess whether they’ve reaped any weight-loss benefits from the supplement, which is more than enough time.

Even if customers do lose weight as a result of taking this supplement, the manufacturer is still offering folks their money back if they’re, “Not totally and completely satisfied with Ignite”. All one has to do is notify the Ignite Drops manufacturers within 150 days and they’ll receive a refund within 48 hours of returning the product.

Oh, and speaking of returns, the manufacturer says they’ll honor your refund request even if you send back “empty bottles”. No questions asked.


The Ignite Drops supplement presents itself as a novel dietary supplement that addresses weight loss through the use of cutting edge science. Recent medical research strongly suggests that targeting the BAM15 hormone may prove itself to be the long-awaited solution to weight loss that circumvents the need to depend on an individuals’ will to modify their diets or undergo a strenuous physical exercise regimen.

This is critical because those two long standing requirements have stood in the way of weight loss for millions, thus relegating them to a life where they must simply tolerate or live with obesity and the countless adverse impact this condition has on their health.

If this describes you, then perhaps you should look into acquiring the Ignite Drops supplement. With a wealth of medical and scientific research backing the efficacy of its natural-based formula along with a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer for up to 150 days after purchase, it seems like there’s a little to lose and a lot to gain (but really a lot to lose when it comes to weight).

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