GYEN crypto is on the news again. This time for a good reason!

In the last 24 hours, it has risen by 0.40%, an impressive and massive turn-in, considering its past and the general downturn in the crypto market. 

Although most traders will take any increases that come to their coin, this increase is several percentages below the over 6.91% increase that TAMA has experienced in the last 24 hours and the massive presale value increase that IMPT has experienced in the past few days.

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GYEN Crypto Prediction.

GYEN Crypto maximum and minimum price predictions, as obtained from crypto experts and analysts, can be seen in the table below:

YearMaximum Price PredictionMinimum Price Prediction

Presently, GYEN is on rank #612 with a price of $0.00691 in the entire cryptosystem, which includes $2.73 Billion (2,733,961,999 GYEN) circulating supply and $5.4 Billion (5,396,921,683 GYEN) total supply.

According to Coinmarketcap, as of today, GYEN Crypto market capitalization is $18.91 Million ($18,914,297.35), and its fully diluted market capitalization is $37.34 Million ($37,337,381.25). Its latest 24h hour volume is $53.76 Thousand ($53,756.54), which is massive and impressive.

Even though the price of GYEN increased by 0.16% during the last 7 days, over the last month, the price of GYEN has decreased by -0.44%. As a result, all the given values could change daily from exchange to exchange. 

From the data available in the table above, the future does not look very bright for GYEN Crypto. The analysts seem to be putting it straight in the face of investors to jump ship.

Why TAMA is quickly becoming the next big thing in the Crypto Space

According to research done by Capital, TAMA appears to be capturing the attention of crypto investors, with its over 400% gain in the past seven days, as of 5 October 2022. 

More exciting news from signals that TAMA experienced an incredible rally that saw it rising nearly 700% in a week. TAMA has now had a large correction and is sitting in the dip-buying region.

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This new surge owes a lot to the Tamadoge ultra-rare NFTs that have gone live on

As you may have correctly guessed, the Tamadoge token can be gotten from any of the exchanges below:

  • OKX.
  • Uniswap V2.
  • Uniswap V3.
  • BitMart.
  • Lbank.
  • MEXC.
  • Coinsbit.

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IMPT ongoing Presale phase is rapidly growing with outstanding statistics

Another hot thing happening currently in the Crypto Space is the ongoing presale happening on

Although the current value of the IMPT presale is over $1.9 million, in just seventy-two hours after releasing it to investors, the ongoing IMPT presale hit the $1 million mark. As it stands, $3 million is just a few hours away.

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Even though the presale was launched during a downturn in the cryptocurrency market, it didn’t seem to reduce investor interest in the platform’s token. So far, it stands as one of the biggest presales in 2022!

Interestingly, IMPT is one of the few eco-friendly crypto assets available in the market. It seeks to help the planet get rid of poisonous greenhouse gases. IMPT currently trades at $0.018 and will soon increase to $0.023 when the presale enters stage 2.

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GYEN Crypto in Comparison with IMPT and TAMA

Although the recent gains experienced by GYEN crypto are exciting, the data reviewed so far from crypto authorities clearly shows that the future of GYEN crypto is bleak. It will only get lower.

Seems like just the right time to jump ship with whatever gains you have made or losses that have been reduced, as there seem to be scary days in front.

On the other hand, there seem to be brighter days for TAMA and IMPT (currently on presale). More so, the value of your IMPT will increase when the presale enters stage 2.

The same applies to TAMA, as the recent percentage gains seem most likely to continue because of the wider Tamaverse, which includes play-to-earn gaming and NFT ownership.

Furthermore, Tamadoge NFTs will be used to access and play the soon-to-be-released arcade games as part of the Tamaverse.


As they say, data doesn’t lie!

Facts and figures reviewed so far indicate that investing in the TAMA and IMPT projects is the way to go, as it has short-term and long-term benefits set to unfold.