The Tectonic protocol has a native token, the TONIC crypto. TONIC crypto is relatively new to the market: it is less than a year old, and this is the main reason investors should be careful of the price action volatility, especially those who want to buy the token. 

On the other side, learning about the future of other young crypto projects like TONIC crypto gives you a better chance of making the best of your investment. and Tamadoge are among these young crypto projects with outstanding performances and potential since they were launched. This article will explore the potential of TONIC crypto, Tamadoge, and 

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Firstly, let’s see the price prediction for TONIC.

TONIC crypto price predictions 2022 – 2028

The TONIC crypto price prediction tabled below is possible by analyzing current developments, historical price action, and community social sentiment. 


At the time of writing, the TONIC crypto market cap is $10,600,000, the total supply is 500,000,000,000,000 TONIC crypto tokens, and circulating volume of 106,148, 128, 599, 061 TONIC crypto coins and a max. The token price is $0.0000001002 and shows a bearish trend: down 0.11% in the last 24 hours. The current TONIC crypto behavior and market value are not favorable, and you can divert your investment into TAMA and IMPT because they are potentially profitable now. You can rest assured that investing in TAMA and IMPT can ultimately give you massive profits. 

The latest news and crucial reasons you may consider investing in IMPT tokens created a significant impact in the crypto world when it arrived. Since then, it has been creating a wave in the crypto space. can do this because it is an energy-efficient token that allows traders to profit by offsetting carbon footprints. 

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The ongoing IMPT token presale scaled up to $1 million in just 72 hours after opening the presale to investors. As of today, the presale has generated over $1.9 million. Undoubtedly, the IMPT is the biggest presale happening now, which is why you should consider investing in the token before it gets late. shows a positive result from the predicted behavior because the presale is over 10%, with a hard cap of $1.9 million. The first and third offerings are $0.018 and $0.028, respectively. However, it is at the first stage out of the total stages. 

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Tamadoge may overweigh the TONIC crypto price, and other reasons you should invest in it

Tamadoge has shown a significant price increase in the past few days: it increased about 111.64% and capped about 770.22% after its first listing about 10 days ago. Tamadoge shows a 1,600% increase at $0.17, although the presale was $0.01. The original price shows a significant profit increase even though the presale was discounted. It means the Tamadoge performs greatly at presale and during the sale. 

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The play-to-earn gaming platform, Tamadoge, initially targeted a presale value of $2,000,000 but beat the price with a net presale value of $19,000,000. This feat was able to convince more people to join the project. Currently, the token has been listed on various reputable exchanges, with even more listings expected in the coming days.

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Comparison between TONIC crypto, Tamadoge, and – where should you invest? 

Tamadoge is expected to reach more price value in the future, and this is a result of its historical price action. Tamadoge’s “presale” and “sale” actions positively influence investors because more individuals are interested in the token.

IMPT is the biggest presale happening now. A good investment shows maximum profits with minimal risk. is among the viable investments that may give you outstanding ROI since its presale scaled over $1,000,000 roughly after 72 hours of opening the sales to investors.

TONIC, on the other hand, does not show a convincing reason for you to invest in it presently. TONIC has gone down 0.11% in the last 24 hours, and it isn’t easy to attain a profit if it continues this way.  

TAMA has gained over 300% since its launch. The token is already listed on many exchanges, including OKX, LBank Exchange, MEXC Global, Coinsbit, and BKEXGlobal. 

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A profitable investment will be in TAMA or IMPT since they have shown a significant positive return on investment in the long or short term. TONIC crypto does not show a convincing result for a long-term investment.