The Cryptocurrency community constantly needs technical solutions to solve lingering problems in the ecosystem. Some of these problems include high energy consumption, low speed, and expensive gas fees, to mention but a few. Many projects have been out in recent times to solve these problems and ensure a seamless experience for users in the community. Some such projects include’s decarbonization policy and the well-known ATOM from the Cosmos Network. Tamadoge is another raving eco-friendly crypto, warming investors’ hearts.

By enabling developers to build highly customizable, independent blockchains, Cosmos (ATOM) is swiftly establishing itself as a significant rival to the market-leading smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH).

ATOM is used in the Cosmos hub primarily for staking and voting, and users who stake ATOM are rewarded gas fees, and the Cosmos Hub gets the staking rewards. Cosmos states that staking compensation will increase as new services like interchain security and inter-blockchain bridges are available.

ATOM is one of the trending cryptos, and this article aims to point out the price prediction over the next few years.

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ATOM Price prediction 2022 – 2030

ATOM has remained in trend despite the lingering instability in the market. Analysts looking into the token’s performance have predicted what price we should expect for the coming years. 

With a current market worth of $3.79 billion, the live price of Cosmos today is $ 13.24, and the daily trading volume is USD$248.13M. Cosmos has increased in the last 24 hours by 2.9%. It has a 286.37 million USD circulating supply. The table below shows how experts expect ATOM to price over the next few years

YearPrice Prediction
December 2022$13.84

While these predictions of ATOM price can guide your investment into the project, many factors affect any token’s upward or downward movement. Hence it is still highly advised that you Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before diving in.

It is common practice among investors to diversify their portfolios to absorb shocks and changes in the Crypto market. and Tamadoge are tokens you want to check out and invest in during this period. (IMPT)– the trending eco-friendly crypto of 2022 (IMPT)  is a groundbreaking new cryptocurrency project committed to assisting in the resolution of climate change, one of the most pressing concerns of this period.  

It seeks to achieve this by providing customers with climate tokens, which can then be used to fund various eco-friendly projects that have undergone a rigorous vetting process in order to offset carbon footprints. Through its innovative carbon-offset approach, this project has already worked with more than 10,000 authentic brands to help alleviate the present climate problem.

The project is still in its presale stage. Investors are rushing into the project, which has raised over $1.8 million so far, making it one of the biggest presales of 2022. The Presale stage is still ongoing at $0.018; stage 2 will begin at $0.023 in no time.

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Tamadoge (TAMA) – top performing meme coin of 2022

Tamadoge (TAMA) is also one of the best performing Cryptocurrencies of 2022. TAMA is the native token of the Tamadoge, and its Play-to-Earn feature allows users to earn in-game rewards and use NFT protocols. 

Following its massive and successful presale and listing on big exchange platforms, TAMA has been on the radar of big investors who want to take advantage of its potential.

Today 8th October 2022, the price of TAMA is $ 0.0518321, and 24-hour trading volume of $62.53m.

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Will IMPT and TAMA flip ATOM?

ATOM is doing quite well in the market. However, with its performance this year, the newer Cryptocurrencies are taking over the space. Despite the fears about ATOM’s possibility to fall out of some investors’ favors, the critics might not be right this time as the price predictions of ATOM are impressive, and the project undoubtedly will be around for a long time. 

However, while ATOM costs $13 .24 at the moment, the low price with which you can get IMPT and TAMA is a competitive advantage to consider.

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Bottom line

Utility is one factor that pushes a token on the upside, and cryptos like IMPT are now popular for the importance of their project at this time. More than ever, industries and individuals feel the need to reduce carbon emissions. 

ATOM is also in tight competition with other projects like Polkadot, with whom they have similar problem statements. This brings a lot of fluctuation to the price of ATOM, making IMPT and TAMA good options to consider.