There is immense pressure being put on industries in just about every country to reduce carbon emissions. The harmful greenhouse gas emissions being sent into the atmosphere is causing serious repercussions to the environment, and many countries are responding by putting in place benchmarks for decarbonizing by 2035.

Not every industry is actually able to completely reduce their carbon emissions, though. So, instead, they rely on carbon credits to help offset those emissions they can’t reduce. 

Because of all the benchmarks put in place to decarbonize, the price of carbon credits is ready to explode. In fact, a recent study by the Ernst & Young Net Zero Centre predicted that the volume of carbon credits could increase 40 times by 2035, reaching a price of $150 per ton by that time.

As a result, investors are turning to ways to invest in carbon credits, related industries and other standout projects in what are typically considered carbon-heavy industries. Cryptocurrency is no exception, and two particular new projects are making waves in this regard. 

Below, we’ll discuss more about why carbon credits are exploding in price, and how Tamadoge and making for great investments as a result.

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Net Zero Emissions Fueling Extreme Price Rise of Carbon Credits

The ultimate goal for many countries around the world is to reach Net Zero emissions by 2050. That may sound like far away, but a little more than 27 years is not a long time in regard to reaching a goal such as that.

Net Zero emissions basically means that the net impact of all greenhouse gas emissions will be zero, once all emissions are weighed out against the projects that are reducing carbon. In other words, planting forests so trees absorb carbon offsets against the carbon emissions at some factories.

As mentioned before, some industries will be able to reduce their carbon emissions on their own directly. This includes, for instance, the automobile industry, which can integrate more electric vehicles. 

There are other industries, though, that won’t be able to do that. Their only way to reduce emissions is to purchase carbon offsets. Because of the mandates from various countries to get to Net Zero emissions, companies in these industries will have to purchase more and more carbon credits. And that will only lead to higher and higher value for carbon credits — and eco-friendly projects overall.

This is why the eco-friendly crypto projects and Tamadoge are such great buys.

IMPT Providing Blockchain-Based Carbon Offsets

One of the biggest problems that the carbon offset market has faced is the fact that it’s disjointed, clunky and just hard to exchange. Systems aren’t connected to each other; it’s hard to verify the carbon credits are actually real; and it’s hard to verify prices.

Enter, a new blockchain-based carbon offset platform that’s seeking to completely change the way carbon offsets are traded. is going to aid businesses and individuals offset their own carbon footprint in not only an easy way, but a secure one as well. It’s possible that people can even acquire carbon credits when they’re simply doing their shopping, in addition to purchasing them directly on the exchange. is tokenizing the carbon credits, meaning that people will receive them as an NFT. The decentralized nature of makes them traceable and transparent. This removes the possibility of fraud occurring, which is one of the biggest concerns for the market as it continues to explode. isn’t just providing an easier way to exchange carbon credits, though. It’s also connecting users with very impactful environmental projects around the world. This expands the awareness of the projects, gets more people interested and, as a result, increases the value of not only the carbon credits themselves but of as a whole.

You can purchase in presale now. 

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Tamadoge Taking an Eco-Friendly Approach to Meme Coins

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new meme coin hitting the market that’s extremely eco-friendly. Many crypto coins are considered to be bad for the environment because of all the heavy computing work that needs to be done to mine the coins. 

That’s not what TAMA is all about. In fact, it’s a pre-mined coin. This reduces a significant amount of carbon emissions that a typical meme coin or crypto coin would produce.

What’s more, Tamadoge was designed as a deflationary crypto. Over time, the supply of TAMA is actually going to decrease, not increase. This removes the need for mining altogether, which keeps the entire project carbon-neutral. In addition, it also increases the value of Tamadoge over time, as demand will outpace supply considerably.

Aside from the environmental-friendly aspect of Tamadoge, users are also buying into the unique approach of the NFT and Play-to-Earn (P2E) environments all in one. Users can have fun playing the game on the metaverse, then build up the value of their NFT to trade and exchange. 

This isn’t just a new, untested concept, though. Tamadoge performed extremely well in its Beta sale and presale. Now, it’s available for transaction on both the decentralized and centralized platforms of OKX.

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Invest in Eco-Friendly Crypto While Carbon Credits Rise in Value

There’s no denying that carbon credits are going to be an extremely vital aspect of climate change over the next few years. If the world wants to get to Net Zero emissions, the only way to do that is by using carbon credits. This is why the value of these are expected to explode in the next year or so.

As such, it’s a great time to invest in the eco-friendly crypto projects and Tamadoge. is going to be directly assisting in the carbon credit market, while Tamadoge is going to stand out as a carbon-neutral meme coin project.

So, jump in on the market now before it’s too late to take advantage of the projected rise in value of carbon credits — and other eco-friendly projects.

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