Tamadoge, Magic, and Chainlink are three digital assets that have trended in recent weeks for obvious reasons – they are good investment options despite the fact that most other assets have traded sideways for some time.

Bitcoin, which is the principal digital asset that determines the direction of the market, has been trading within the $18k and the $23k range for several months. This is an indication that the coin market faces times of uncertainty.

With the bear market, many crypto investors are wondering which assets are still worthwhile and capable of making easy gains for them. These assets have shown potential promise and resilience despite the seemingly unending market downturn.

Having looked at the performance of the top assets, these are the digital currencies that every investor should have in their portfolio, not just for the sake of diversification but to ensure that they reap maximum benefits from assets that will likely rise in value over a short period. 

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Tamadoge – A Play To Earn Metaverse Project

Tamadoge is the latest rave among the play-to-earn tokens. The metaverse gaming platform makes it possible for users to own, mint, breed, battle, and trade unique doge pets. 

These Tamadoge collectibles are high-in-demand non-fungible tokens that users could own for various purposes. 

Each NFT is unique, and the value of the pet is determined by its rarity or the quality of doge pets used in breeding it. The Tamadoge platform is pushing the boundaries of rarity with its planned release of ultra-rare doge pets this October.

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The gaming platform has a built-in contest enabling users to compete to be listed in a leaderboard depending on the success of their doge pets in battles. With a total of 21,100 Tamadoge NFTs scheduled for release, the metaverse project is taking the gamefi space by storm.

Tamadoge has won the hearts of many investors, as evinced from the quick sale of its tokens in a presale that raised $19 million. Its popularity stems from the fact that the project has a strong brand and has been actively promoted by the team and the community around it.

The TAMA token is a meme coin just like Dogecoin and is expected to increase in value with the recent partnership the project has entered with various players and investors in the industry. The token is scheduled for listing in some of the biggest centralized exchanges, with OKX taking the lead. The team hasn’t left out decentralized exchanges as well. TAMA is available to buy on OKX, and for those who prefer decentralized exchanges, it will be available on OKX Dex

With the listing of TAMA at OKX, players and holders of the token can now trade their TAMA tokens at the exchange.

The success of meme coins such as DOGE and Shiba Inu is a pointer that the token is sure to rise in value because, unlike the first meme coin, it is backed by utility. TAMA is one of the top recommended tokens, even in a bear market.

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MAGIC – A Decentralized Video Linking Console

MAGIC is the internal token of Treasure, a decentralized video gaming platform that interlinks communities of gamers. Treasure is one of the fastest gaming platforms that have made a huge impression on the gaming community in recent months. Its imaginative gaming experience is the main driver of the ecosystem, where players are rewarded with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Treasure platform features some of the most delightful games for the masses. These include Bridgeworld and Smolverse, with many more to be added down the line. The partner cartridges to the platform are Battlefly, Toadstoolz, Tales of Elleria, and The Lost Donkeys.

Another attractive feature of the Treasure ecosystem is the Treasure DAO. It’s a decentralized governance system that determines the direction of the project. Its Bounty Board supports builders with grants, while its community initiative encourages member-initiated projects within the Treasure ecosystem.

MAGIC has made significant progress since its launch. The token is one of the dominant cryptocurrencies of the gaming marketplace, Trove. The market cap of MAGIC is currently $60 million. At 3 cents for a token, this is a good investment.

Chainlink – The Oracle Solution Platform for Blockchains

Chainlink plays an important role as an oracle platform in linking blockchain smart contracts with off-chain data. The platform’s tamper-proof computations, inputs, and outputs aid smart contracts built on blockchain networks. Its internal token, LINK, is among the solid investment options based on the utility of the Chainlink infrastructure within the blockchain industry.

Many market watchers believe that Chainlink will continue to be one of the most valuable investment options for investors due to its important role as a secure oracle solution with the capacity to secure billions of smart contracts built on various blockchains.

LINK, the internal token of Chainlink, is currently exchanging hands at $7.62, according to Bitstamp data. The coin’s 24-hour trading volume is $438 million, while its market cap is $3.7 billion. As a mid-term and long-term investment instrument, LINK is a great token to buy. It is available at most exchanges, being one of the top 30 most capitalized digital currencies.


There are thousands of coins available for investors, but not all are worthwhile investment options. It is important to assess the capability of the team behind a project, its utility, and tokenomics to determine how its token would perform. A solid project weathered all the vicissitudes of the market, while projects with little or no utility are mostly pumped and dumped on investors.

Based on these fundamentals, it is obvious that Tamadoge, with its innovative promotional and marketing efforts in the metaverse space, is a great token to buy. LINK is a token behind real-time data for smart contracts, and MAGIC is a revolutionizing gaming platform. 

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