Calvin Broadus Jr, better known to many as Snoop Dogg, is a well-known advocate of cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and marijuana. With BudBlockz, Snoop now has the opportunity to marry all these interests together in one place. For a while now, there has been much speculation about Snoop Dogg’s next foray into crypto. Each of his previous endeavors has increased interest and profits for those already invested in the platforms.

Starting with The Sandbox, where Snoop is the proud owner of a plot of virtual land which houses a huge mansion. In December 2021, the piece of ‘land’ next door to Snoop’s virtual estate was sold for $450,000, unheard of at the time. Snoop wasn’t the only celebrity with ties to The Sandbox, but his popularity and legendary status attracted new eyes and wallets to the platform. When the piece of land sold, Sandbox’s token SAND had grown 2200% in 9 months.

Outside The Sandbox, Snoop is also a partner of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). In June 2022, Snoop performed at a Bored Ape event in New York and released a Bored Ape themed music video for the hit single “From The D 2 The LBC” featuring rapper Eminem and both their BAYC NFTs. This was followed up with a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, where they appeared as their BAYC avatars. The video was a hit and caused the value of BAYC’s ApeCoin to shoot up almost 30% in a weekend.

Why BudBlockz?

BudBlockz has positioned itself in the sweet spot where cryptocurrency and the marijuana industry cross paths. With the banking industry constantly causing problems for cannabis companies at all levels, the industry has been looking for a workaround, a new way to process payments and ensure the security of the company and staff that you cannot get in cash-only industries. BudBlockz has the solution, and the eyes and ears of all cannabis and crypto enthusiasts are firmly focused on what the company has to offer.

Industry insiders have begun to speculate that given Snoop’s history in both spaces, BudBlockz is precisely the kind of opportunity he has been looking for. A partnership between founder Luke and legend Snoop Dogg may be on the horizon.

Please keep your eyes peeled for future announcements on this exciting project and the partnerships they enter.

BudBlockz is currently in its presale phase and has raised over $1 million to date.

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