NEO is currently losing its position as one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. In 2014, NEO was launched, albeit it did not make it to the list as one of the leading blockchain platforms in the world. 

Everyone is eager to know what the price of NEO will be in the future. Several NEO price predictions have been from different sites, but which is valid? It’s advisable to draw your conclusions as regards the potential of NEO based on your inner judgment. There’s no need to move aimlessly with the wave of all predictions. 

This piece will analyze the NEO price predictions (including future predictions). We’ll also discuss the NEO cryptocurrency in detail. 

What is NEO Cryptocurrency? 

NEO is a blockchain platform founded in 2014 by the Chinese. It was formerly called ‘Antshares’ but is now commonly called the Chinese Ethereum (or NEO) because of its commitment to creating a smart economy. That implies that the brains behind this cryptocurrency want to make smart contracts easy to run on the NEO platform. 

You’ll need to use the GAS cryptocurrency (which functions as NEO’s fuel) to access the NEO platform for transactions and all. If you save your NEO in your official wallet, you stand a chance of earning GAS in addition to your NEO. The proof of stake principle covers this operation. 

All you need to do is add your NEO coins to your wallet, and you’ll be given part of the GAS used on the platform in proportion to the number of NEO you own. So, it’s easy to generate passive income while trading. 

For instance, if the GAS price or NEO price increases, you’ll be entitled to the price difference between the two coins. This benefit is one of the reasons traders have always invented NEO.

However, there have been many changes in the NEO trend over the years. Notably, mining NEO coins isn’t possible because their distribution was during the ICO.

Tamadoge as an Alternative for NEO

Aside from NEO, you can invest in the Tamadoge (TAMA) coins and rest assured of huge short-term and long-term ROIs.

Tamadoge is a meme coin with utility at the center of the Tamaverse. It allows you to create, breed, care for, and battle your Tamadoge pets. Tamadoge uses the latest token standards and NFT to bring you a token that can inject life into the Tamadoge pets. 

However, this coin doesn’t use transaction tax because we believe that value should be generated from the project itself and not just from people trading the token. So, if you need to mine a coin, you can use the TAMA.

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NEO Price Prediction for the Rest of 2022

Research shows that NEO has great potential and is better for long-term investments than other cryptocurrencies. First, let’s go over the price forecast of the NEO coin, as given by different reputable crypto traders. 

  • Long Forecast

This forecasting agency foresees a downtrend for NEO in 2022. As a result, NEO will decrease to $10. In March, the highest level ($25.23) was reached, and the lowest level will be this month (October) at $7.53.

  • Trading Beasts  

This agency foresees that the NEO platform will always meet the status quo even in the future. According to Trading Beasts, there won’t be firm price jumps because the average price of NEO will drop to $20 in the year.

  • Wallet Investor

This trading expert believes that NEO prices won’t skyrocket. In May, the price rose to $60 and was at its peak in September. Volatility is now the norm, considering that the minimum rate is expected to drop from $0.000001 to $13.70. 

At the end of June, the average price was above $20. However, it will decrease to $10 this October. However, the NEO cryptocurrency will come back by the end of the year, even though there won’t be any obvious jumps. 

  • Coin Price Forecast

This crypto forecast website views a moderate bullish trend. As a result, the NEO price will reach $33.41 by the end of 2022, compared to its price ($29.83) at the beginning of the year.

  • Crypto Ground

This platform forecasts that NEO will experience an uptrend. As a result, there’s a high probability that the NEO coin will increase to $44.64 by the end of the year. 

NEO Price Prediction for 2023 and Beyond 

Experts’ forecasts differ. Plus, the price prediction for this year will most likely not be the same in the next 3 years. 

  • Long Forecast

According to this agency, the uptrend in 2023 will be moderate. In January, the beginning price will be $10.71, and the end price by December will be $13.73. The price will certainly not go below $7 and will not go higher than $14.

For 2024, Long Forecast asserts that NEO will be weak. The price will begin at $13.73 and fluctuate to $9.42 by the end of the year. Even though the coin reaches its peak (probably at $18.15) in March, volatility will be limited. However, the NEO price won’t be below $8.76.

In 2025, movement in the NEO platform will be quite poor. Before August, the price will rise above $10, but afterward, the downtrend will drastically reduce the price to $5.

  • Crypto Ground

These experts foresee an uptrend for the NEO coin in 2023. After that, the NEO exchange rate will reach over $67.40.

Even though 2023 isn’t a great year for the NEO cryptocurrency, Crypto Ground is still optimistic about 

the NEO future. The year will begin with a NEO price of $100 and increase to over $116.47 by the end. 

In 2025, the price will keep increasing. Notwithstanding, NEO will remain a worthwhile investment for the next 5 years. The average price in 2025 will be $120 and rise to $160 to $200 in 2025.

  • TradingBeasts 

In 2023, the average NEO price will be between $16.86 to $26.95 throughout the year. By December, the price will reach its peak of $33.68. There’s no possibility that the price will fluctuate below $13 within the year.

By 2024, the average price range will be between $27.90 to $36.16. The highest rate will be by the end of the year at $45.20, while the lowest rate will be $23.72 in January.

NEO will be more stable in 2026. The price will be between $150 to $170 throughout the year. However, the volatility will be quite high. So, when opening trades, be careful. 

NEO Technical Analysis

This analysis asserts that the NEO coin has been at its best, going high and low. Currently, the crypto market is in a bullish mood because the price is no longer within the descending triangle pattern. For instance, in August, the price was at $9.47 initially but skyrocketed to over $12.12 towards the end of the month. 

The current uptrend is encouraging buying pressure considering that the moving average is strong. Also, NEO trades higher than the middle Bollinger Band, indicating another bullish market movement.

Since the market volatility is on the high side, traders should expect both high and low price movements within the short term. Besides, the SMA lines are on the verge of crossing in a bullish direction. This movement indicates that the bulls are becoming in charge of the market.

Additionally, the RSI indicator is currently trading well in the overbought region. However, it’s no permanent improvement as buyers are still buying the dips.


According to expert crypto traders, the NEO price will most likely not be above $100 in a year. But, there’s an assurance of stable growth, making NEO an invaluable long-term investment. 

Several NEO price predictions on the Internet make it difficult to know which is true. Here’s a fact – Making your prediction about the NEO coin’s potential is the best. If you follow all the price predictions you come across; it’ll end in speculation. 

Since the crypto market isn’t so stable, traders should always seek advice from financial experts before depositing coins. Most of all, always invest only an amount you’re willing to lose. Trading with the Tamadoge (TAMA) coin is a great start. 

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