Preserving the planet, directing our resources towards decreasing the carbon footprint, and doing what we can to keep our planet in the best possible condition is the goal of many global organizations. The Ethereum Merge and the decreased energy use of 99% was certainly a major step towards this goal. The crypto market is now following the lead, and there is visible progress in the form of new green cryptocurrencies that are doing what they can to have a positive impact on the environment. In this article, we will include the most important information about the IMPT token, which has raised an incredible amount of money in a very short amount of time, but also the TAMA token, which is considered one of the most popular tokens this year, so let’s get to it!

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Why are investors interested in IMPT?

With all kinds of changes in the market, it is noticeable that investors are now looking to invest in coins that can bring lucrative returns in the near future. However, it seems that it is not everything they are looking for. It looks like the investors are more aware of the importance that we all do something with the intention of preserving the planet. IMPT is a new project directed towards resolving some real issues, such as reducing carbon footprint. 

IMPT is now teamed up with more than 10 thousand companies with the goal of easing the crisis. It will do that by offering the investors carbon credits that can be acquired by shopping. These credits can be used to fund projects that are environmentally friendly. These credits can be held, bought, or sold but also retired if the owners want that. In case the owners choose the last option, they will get an NFT in return. 

Retiring tokens will be taken into consideration for a global score, which will inspire companies and individuals to do what they can to limit and decrease their carbon footprint. 

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The highly successful presale beginning  

The presale started on October 3rd, and during the first 24 hours, more than $150,000 were raised, which speaks volumes about the interest in these kinds of projects and the potential it has among the investors. The presale is expected to end on November 25th, but it can occur a lot sooner if the IMPT tokens get sold out at this pace. 

It is expected that the IMPT tokens will be sold in three stages, and each stage will bring a price increase. There was an early bird presale of 300 million tokens that were sold out at the price of $0.0120. During the first phase that is ongoing now, there are 600,000,000 available, and the token value during this phase is $0.0180. During this initial phase, 20% of the tokens will be available. The second stage will bring a price increase, so 22% of the tokens, or 660,000,000, will be sold at the price of $0.0230. During the third phase, 18% of the tokens, or 540,000,000, will be sold at the price of $0.0280.

It is certain that the investors are interested in the projects like these for sure, and the highly successful beginning of the presale confirms it. At the moment of writing, $164,727.396 has been raised, and it is expected that this number will get bigger very quickly, which is why the investors interested in this project should hurry up and invest before the presale enters the second stage. 

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Tamadoge (TAMA) is one of the best eco-friendly cryptos

TAMA is the native token of the Tamadoge play-to-earn ecosystem, and since it is based on Ethereum, it automatically makes it one of the best eco-friendly cryptos to consider this year. The presale of TAMA was highly successful when $19 million dollars were raised in less than two months. 

Tamadoge attracted so much attention because it is a chance for the investors to dip their toes into interesting projects that give the potential players a chance to have fun and earn at the same time. Since the presale was over on September 18th, all the analysts are predicting that the TAMA value will explode now that it is getting listed on the most popular exchanges. 

We can expect the revelation of ultra-rare NFTs in the coming days, but there will also be Tamadoge arcade games and the opportunity to explore Tamaverse in the near future. With lots of things coming our way, lots of fun is guaranteed, but also plenty of opportunities to earn while playing. 

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TAMA listings

TAMA got listed on OKX on September 27th, and the announced listing on LBank that will become live on October 5th is certainly causing quite a stir among the investors who can’t wait to get their hands on their TAMA tokens. 

The price of TAMA today is $0.165862, and there has been a 41.47% price increase during the last 24 hours! If we look at the price boost in the past week, the price of TAMA is 573.60% bigger, making it one of the most successful coins on the market right now. This incredible success is giving hope to all the investors out there that despite the challenges that the world economy is facing, there are some good times ahead!

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There is no doubt that there are lots of things to be excited about in the crypto market. With TAMA listings and the ongoing IMPT presale, it seems that the investors’ choices are now much wider. There are now new stars on the market, and it looks like both of these coins will continue raising dust in the months to come, which means that investing in them now may be the wisest choice to make!