Tamadoge is one of the most anticipated high-growth potential cryptos to hit the market by the end of 2022. It’s the latest addition to the meme coin ecosystem and aims to raise the bar for all other tokens in the niche. 

The project ended a hugely successful presale phase months ahead of schedule. It raised over $19 million in only seven weeks, making it one of the fastest-selling cryptos. TAMA tokens have since appeared on OKX CEX and DEX listings, with more to come this week. TAMA tokens have already gained over 750%, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Tamadoge First CEX/DEX Listing Leads To High Gains

The Tamadoge project is still at least a month from going live, but TAMA tokens are already selling like crazy. The supply of 1 billion tokens was sold during the presale phase, but the interest among investors keeps increasing. TAMA tokens appeared on OKX a week ago and have already gained over 300%. 

OKX is one of the most popular crypto exchanges, and the fact that it listed Tamadoge first says a lot about the potential behind the new meme coin. The price of TAMA tokens has been growing steadily since the listing, reaching as much as $0,164 per coin. Considering the initial price during the presale was only $0.01, there is a lot to be excited about for the future. Tamadoge has announced two more CEX listings on MEXC and LBank on October 5, which will surely double or even triple the current value of TAMA tokens.

If you want to get the tokens while they are still affordable, you must go to OKX right now and exchange your USDT for TAMA tokens. The tokens gained 98% since yesterday, a trend growing faster and faster. If you deposit at least $50 on OKX, you could also win a Mystery box worth $10,000. 

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Tamadoge MEXC and LBank Listings From October 5

The next big moves for the new meme coin are listings on MEXC and LBank set for October 5, 2022. The token will appear on both exchanges simultaneously, likely leading to a massive price surge in the following days. MEXC and LBank are excellent platforms for discovering new high-growth cryptocurrencies, and we expect to see TAMA tokens reach new highs every hour. 

Considering that TAMA tokens gained close to 112% in the past 24 hours while being available only on one platform, we can only imagine what will happen when more users access the coin. In addition, TAMA’s trading volume has increased by a whopping 242% in 1 day, and the market cap increased to $170 million from $30 million in three or four days. These are all incredible numbers that are likely to keep growing, so the sooner you get your hands on some TAMA tokens, the higher the returns you can expect.

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Why Does Everyone Want To Become a Part Of Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is not just another worthless meme coin like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. On the contrary, it’s the first meme coin made according to the best industry practices, and it’s likely to change how we see these tokens forever. Furthermore, unlike other meme coins with poor token utilization and an endless supply of coins, Tamadoge will launch with excellent token utilization and plenty of advanced features that will keep it relevant for years.

Namely, the project has a total of 2 billion TAMA tokens. 50% or 1 billion was available during the presale phase. Another 45% will stay locked for liquidity, while the remaining 5% will be deleted to diminish token supply. TAMA tokens will be used for all transactions within the Tamaverse, and out of all coins used within one month, 65% will be distributed back to token holders, while another 5% will be burnt. As you can see, the tokenomics are excellent, and the diminishing token supply will likely bring TAMA tokens to unprecedented highs.

The game revolves around breeding, growing, and taking care of digital pets. All pets double as NFTs, so you can buy, sell, and trade them for TAMA tokens. You can also use the pets to play the many available platformer games and fight them against other pets in the arena. Everything you do will earn you points, and if you reach the top 100 players, you can get free TAMA tokens as rewards. The platform will add full augmented reality support in early 2023, making the game feel more like Pokemon GO. 

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Become a Part of The Best Crypto Project of 2022

There’s no other way of putting this, but Tamadoge looks like the best crypto investment of 2022. TAMA tokens gained over 750% months before the platform goes live. The MEXC and LBank listings set for October 5 will likely speed up the growth even further, so head to OKX right now and get your TAMA tokens at the lowest price possible.

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