In the crypto space, the terms “bull” and “bear” are common terms used in describing how crypto and stock markets are faring. In a nutshell, once a market begins to appreciate, it is always referred to as a bullish market. On the other hand, a market with a depreciating value is always tagged as a bullish market.  

The focus of this insight will be on the cryptocurrency market that has been enduring bearish strongholds since the beginning of this year. So many crypto investors this year have witnessed their crypto assets print double digits in massive losses as a result of the bearish stronghold that seems to have crumbled the crypto market. 

However, despite everything happening in the crypto market, some cryptocurrencies like Lunc, Tamadoge, Ripple, and Solana are still rewarding their owners with tremendous profit returns. In this insight, you will also be exploring the latest happenings and events revolving around these four cryptocurrencies that have made them viable enough to survive the crypto bear market trend.

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A Close Look Into the Market Performance of Lunc, Tamadoge, Ripple, and Solana  

With happenings around the globe ranging from increased interest rates, the incessant war going on between Ukraine and Russia, and inflation hitting a fresh 40-year high, it is expected that cryptocurrency prices will fall further this year. This implies that the bearish crypto market trend will persist longer than expected. 

While you continue to anticipate a favorable crypto market, cryptocurrencies like the Terra Luna Classic are gathering momentum that will see them skyrocket very soon. Luna Classic(LUNC) is the native token of the Terra Luna Classic platform. Right now, predicting the LUNC crypto market activity seems very difficult as it continues to fluctuate between a bearish and a bullish trend.

Experts have predicted that the bearish price for LUNC in 2022 will be estimated at $0.00004135, while its bullish price was estimated to fall between $0.00033587 & $0.00059690. Judging from these predictions, you can be assured that the LUNC tokens will hit the $0.0005 price mark soon. At the time of writing this article, the price for Lunc Classic, according to CoinGecko, was said to be $0.00027929 with a Market Cap of $1,935,858,687 and a 24 Hour trading volume of $663,750,097.

In a new update, the Binance platform, which is by far the biggest crypto exchange platform with about $20,000,000,000 of daily trading volume, announced via its official website that LUNC and USTC deposits to Binance are subject to the withdrawal fees charged by other exchanges or platforms, where applicable. This update will create an avenue for the LUNC community to minimize their huge issue of enormous supply. 

Tamadoge is another cryptocurrency showing tremendous capabilities to top the price charts despite all odds. Tamadoge is a growing project centered around exciting play-to-earn gaming (P2E) features that have proven to always attract users to the platform. 

TAMA is Tamadoge’s official token. It was recently listed on the OKX exchange platform and pumped up to 89% to $0.0567 as of the time of launching. After its initial massive increase in price, it later settled at a daily low of about $0.017. At the time of writing, CoinGecko’s market value for TAMA was pegged at $0.02212956 with a 24-Hour trading volume of $1,851,481 and a fully diluted valuation of $4,418,645,571.

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With an estimated market cap of around $25,000,000, TAMA tokens have 50% of its maximum 2,000,000,000 supply in circulation. With over 20k holders, Tamadoge has shown great possibilities of rewarding its holders enormously. 

Ripple, officially known as XRP, is another underrated cryptocurrency that remains unfazed by the bearish market trend. It is a cryptocurrency everyone should consider for both long-term and short-term investments. XRP is designed in a manner that makes it capable of achieving some of the lowest fees of any crypto asset. 

XRP’s current price at the time of writing is $0.440740, with a market cap of $21,994,705,098. It has a remarkable 24-hour trading volume of $1,834,313,087 and a fully diluted valuation of $44,076,976,643 for a circulating supply of 49,900,666,456 tokens. XRP remains a top cryptocurrency that should be in the books of every crypto investor. 

When talking about bullish coins in a bear crypto market, Solana is one of such coins that should be mentioned. Initially released in 2019, Solana was developed with the sole objective of improving upon Ethereum. It is currently regarded as one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms and is rivaled by only top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Teether, USD coin, etc. 

According to Solana’s official website, Solana averages about 2,335 transactions per second, with a total transaction of over 100 billion. Its average cost for a transaction is pegged at $0.00025 with total validation nodes of 1,995. Despite being initially released in 2019, Solana became more popular this year after it enjoyed a bullish trend pattern that made so many people come to terms with the Solana project’s utility and unbelievable functionality. 

After Solana’s merger with Ethereum, it was speculated that Solana’s crypto market activities would start depreciating as a result of being one of Ethereum’s major market competitors. Impressively, this was not the case as Solana is still very much ahead of all its competitors. 

Tamadoge – A Cryptocurrency that is Already Taking the Crypto Bearish Market by Storm 

Tamadoge is a revolutionary crypto play-to-earn gaming platform featuring Tamadoge pets that can be minted as Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) in Augmented Reality. TAMA serves as the gateway token for Tamadoge. It was recently listed on OKX, a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform. Following TAMA’s listing on OKX, TAMA holders will be on alert to monitor the token’s market activities. 

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Remarkably, the TAMA tokens market activities have been impressive, and users are yet to spot any sign of an investment that will end up becoming a disappointment. According to CoinMarketCap, 1 TAMA token is currently trading for an impressive $0.12, and there are still huge possibilities of the price going higher. 

Following a successful OKX listing, the Tamadoge platform announced a $10 giveaway from the $1,000,000 pool to celebrate its OKX listing. Also, in another latest development, the Tamadoge team has hinted about an upcoming Centralize Exchange (CEX) listing on the Lbank platform, one of the world’s leading crypto exchange platforms. The listing on Lbank is scheduled to hold on Wednesday, 5th of October, by 11 am UTC.

In response to the proposed Lbank listing, Lbank tweeted that following the listing, Tamadoge will give everyone the ability to mint the doge’s they want to. At the same time, users will be allowed to breed, train and battle their Tamadoge NFTs.

TAMA’s popularity is growing massively, with 70.2k followers on its official Twitter space and over 50k members on its Telegram channel. With over 20k users, TAMA is currently among the top 5 trending cryptocurrency on the CoinMarketCap. Take the bold step of hopping into this project now to start earning massively in returns. 

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Bottom Line

A bearish crypto market may make you lose interest in cryptocurrency investment projects. This should not be the case after going through this article. Cryptocurrencies like Lunc, Tamadoge, Ripple, and Solana have proven that despite a generally bearish crypto market, enjoying a bullish trend is still possible when you invest in the right crypto project. Make the best decision to invest in Tamadoge now to join its over 20,000 users, who will surely enjoy tremendous profits. 

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