It is an indisputable fact that from the moment Tamadoge appeared, in record time, it attracted an extremely large number of people who found this platform interesting and different from what they are used to, when it comes to the crypto world.

The Tamadoge presale phase, during which more than $19,000,000 was raised in a record short period, was truly fantastic, but does it mean that now, when the presale phase is over, the hype will drop a little? Um, judging by the number of people who enter the Tamaverse every day, we don’t think so. It seems like the golden era for Tamadoge has just begun!

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Crypto experts are predicting that the TamaDoge is set to explode – why you need to invest in it is the question that we will discuss here today. But, before we discuss all the important information that is clearly predicting the future success of Tamadoge in the coming period, let’s get to know this platform a little more closely and see how it is different from the others.

Tamadoge – a revolutionary crypto platform

In just two months, actually, from the very moment of its appearance on the crypto market, Tamadoge with its native, TAMA coin, has caused a real revolution and an extremely high interest of crypto investors, and its already great success is certainly owed, first of all, to an interesting idea on which it is based.

As for the concept of this popular play-to-earn platform, it is largely modeled after the once popular Tamagotchi. All of you who, for example, were children or teenagers in the nineties, surely remember the Tamagotchi, which every child, if they didn’t have, then at least wanted to have. Tamagotchi allowed us to take care of a digital pet and treat it as if it were real. So, we could bathe him, dress him, feed him, and have fun taking care of him in all possible ways. However, Tamadoge introduced a revolution by taking this very idea of ​​Tamagotchi to a much higher level, by enabling us to be richly rewarded for taking care of our pets. So, Tamadoge allows us to have our own personal Tamadoge Pet, which is the central figure of the Tamaverse. Our first task is to go to the Tamadoge Store and buy a Tamadoge Pet. A Tamadoge Pet is bought while it is still small and underdeveloped, and our main task is to “fit it for life” precisely by caring for it, giving it food, and the like. Everything that our Tamadoge Pet needs for proper development can also be found in Tamaverse if we go to the Tamadoge Store where we can buy it all. But the fact that we will take care of our Tamadoge Pet is not all that we can do in the Tamaverse, given that when he matures enough, new possibilities for fun are appearing. After reaching a certain level of maturity and strength, our Tamadoge Pet gains the right to participate in different battles against other Tamadoge Pets. Those battles are not only interesting and fun but also open the door for acquiring new rewards. After each battle, the Tamadoge Pet who wins a battle gets certain points, which means that if your Tamadoge Pet is the winner, you can look forward to new prizes.

As we mentioned a little before, all things in Tamaverese, starting with your Tamadoge Pet, and all the things you need to help him gain strength and maturity can be bought in the so-called Tamadoge Store. Food, clothes, and all other necessities are waiting for you there, and to buy them, you need to own the main currency of Tamaverse, which is the TAMA coin. Thus, Tamadoge Universe managed to unite three things: meme coins, NFTs, and a functional crypto ecosystem that constantly gives you new opportunities for fun and earnings.

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The economy of Tamaverse: What does investing in TAMA coin bring

We have already mentioned that the main currency in Tamaverse is the TAMA coin and that you need it for every activity on this platform. A large number of crypto users have already invested in the TAMA coin, and that number is increasing day by day because there are many reasons to invest in it.

First of all, we must say that the number of TAMA coins that will be available for purchase is limited. That number is limited to two billion, and occasionally a certain amount of TAMA coins will be withdrawn from circulation to ensure the stability of the Tamaverse system. This stability will be ensured by withdrawing 5% of the value (expressed in tokens) from circulation during each transaction that happens in the Tamadoge Store. This will further lead to the protection of the liquidity of Tamaverse, and at the same time to the creation of the potential for the stable and long-term growth of the TAMA coin. Since the supply of TAMA coins is limited, it is advised to take advantage of the opportunity while they are still available and to purchase them to secure your entry into the Tamaverse.

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Amazing predictions for the TAMA coin 

One of the reasons for investing in the TAMA coin is certainly the success it has gained in the past. The fantastic success of the presale phase, which was completed in a record short time, and the great interest of crypto investors so far certainly indicate that this is a platform that has so far achieved the success that is incommensurable with some other crypto projects. But what is particularly important to point out is that crypto experts predict an even greater success for Tamaverse, given that recently it is possible to get TAMA coins on the OKX crypto exchange as well! Also, we should say that TAMA is now also listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and these new listings suggest that the TAMA coin has the potential to grow between 10 and 100x in the coming months, which is, you’ll agree, more than enough reason to decide to enter the Tamaverse. So, now is the best moment to take advantage of the opportunity and buy TAMA on OKX, and if you can’t access OKX in your territory, feel free to use OKX DEX.

Below, we share with you a detailed How to Buy TAMA guide, to make the whole process easier for you.

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Tamadoge Contract

Use the contact information below to add the TAMA token to your wallet.

Address: 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8

Decimals: 18

Token symbol: TAMA

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And, what have we concluded from all the mentioned facts, is it wise to invest in the TAMA coin at this moment? Well, users who have already invested, crypto market analysts, and all the mentioned facts related to the development and success of Tamaverse so far, clearly show us that investing in TAMA is the best thing that we can do. The great popularity of this meme coin, the support it receives daily from users as well as from large companies, together with the recent appearance of the TAMA coin on OKX, are clear factors that indicate that the golden age of Tamaverse is yet to come and that the great success so far is nothing in comparison with what follows in the future. Therefore, those who have already invested in the TAMA coin have something to look forward to and can freely “rub their palms” because this investment will pay off well. And those who have not yet invested in TAMA, do not have to despair, because they also have the opportunity to “pick the fruits’ ‘, of course, assuming they will take advantage of the moment and invest in TAMA as soon as possible. There is no doubt that Tamadoge is currently the best choice for investment, and as things stand, this coin will hold a strong first place in the coming months.