The value of the pound dropped and hit the lowest point on Monday, which just heated the fears that the citizens have about the overall economy in the UK. This value drop occurred after the government announced a big tax-cutting budget.

The drop was 5%, and the value of the pound was $1.03 this Monday. The reason for the announced changes revealed by the finance minister who was appointed recently is part of the plan made with the goal of recovering the economy by borrowing $49 billion (£45 billion).

Over the weekend, the news that Kwasi Kwarteng, Chancellor of the Exchequer, was contemplating tax cuts for the people with high earnings, caused quite a stir among investors who believe that it will raise the debt of the country up to the levels that will be completely unsustainable.

Kwarteng’s comment that there is more to come hastened responses from the Bank of England asking for aggressive rate hikes and actions that must be implemented as soon as possible.

This also initiated talks about the currency crisis, and it seems that Prime Minister Liz Truss and her administration are in the midst of the turmoil while the country faces the recession and increased costs of living.

What is the crypto that investors have their eyes on now?

Despite the difficult situation in the world right now and the recession that everyone fears, there are still investors who see the whole situation in a different light. While these changes occur, Tamadoge seems to be going through this whole phase with flying colors.

Ever since the presale of TAMA started on July 25th, Tamadoge managed to raise $19 million dollars. With the presale now over before the planned date, the investors have their eyes on all the news regarding TAMA.

Tamadoge is a platform that made headlines with the news regarding its exclusive listing on OKX, which is now live. It is the starting point and a cue for investors to begin the public trade of TAMA tokens.

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OKX is the first step towards the bright future of TAMA

OKX is one of the top 20 largest exchanges for cryptocurrencies available, which handles more than $1.5 billion in trading volume daily. There are more than 15 million registered users, which means that the potential of TAMA to reach the audience is truly massive.

TAMA/USDT trading pair became live on September 27th, at 11 am UTC, which means that the investors who wish to make TAMA withdrawals can easily do it. The trading and investing can be done on the platform or on the app available on both Android and iOS devices.

Investors located in the US, or any other country that cannot access OKX due to regulatory reasons, can easily do it through DEX (decentralized exchange). By having this option too, Tamadoge and OKX have enabled everyone interested to participate in this highly interesting project.

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What can the future of Tamadoge look like?

Every step of the way regarding the Tamadoge project attracts an incredible amount of attention for many reasons. The roadmap that the team behind Tamadoge has prepared for future players is fully transparent. The Tamadoge ecosystem is still under construction, but the plan is to have the play-to-earn features by the end of the year.

The users will have the opportunity to mint their pets and, when they are ready, battle with other pets, which will bring them Dogepoints. The player who wins the battle will get TAMA tokens as a reward. The tokens can be later used for purchasing items from the marketplace on the platform.

Further ahead, the following year is truly the one that will bring numerous surprises that will definitely attract the players who would like to explore the Tamadoge-themed arcade games, which will be followed by the AR (augmented reality) app.

Followed by these planned steps, we can also expect more listings and giveaways that the Tamadoge team will inform the public about. One thing is for sure – there is a lot of room to grow, and some experts believe that the price of Tamadoge will explode in the near future.

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With the OKX listing available to the traders now, it is certainly an exciting period for the early investors who are thrilled to see TAMA available this way too. This is the first step of many, and we are sure that the players eager to start exploring the features of the Tamadoge ecosystem are happy about this stage of Tamadoge development, especially when there is so much more to come. Tamadoge is on its way to success, there is no doubt about it, so despite the scare that the pound is giving us, there is more to look forward to!