Have you heard of the newly-launched crypto-gaming and utility token on the OKX exchange?  This coin, TAMA DOGE, has given investors up to 40% in returns since it launched. That’s how much of the great benefit it has to offer. Building wealth with Crypto just got easy. With Tama Doge, crypto enthusiasts, memers, and gamers can maximize profit by simply trading, investing, and having fun.

TAMA DOGE coin gets listed on OKX.

Here is a bit of info on the launch of TAMA DOGE and how it made its debut listing on OKX:

After hitting high sales benchmarks during its presale earlier this year, TAMA launched on the 27th of September, 2022. As a result, it also got listed on the OKX exchange. OKX is one of the world’s leading crypto exchange platforms, headquartered in Seychelles – the smallest African country.

The listing on OKX has made TAMA sell faster than most mainstream crypto coins and tokens. The daily sales volume metrics have been causing a lot of buzz in the crypto market.

In the last 24 hours, Tama has done $42.27 in sales despite selling at $0.000000000356. Following an account made by Coingecko, selling up to $42.7 means a corresponding 1.3% increase in the cumulative sales made yesterday, 29th of September 2022.

What’s next for TAMA DOGE after the OKX listing?

The metaverse is surely not going to stop at seeing TAMA DOGE make list on OKX. Undoubtedly, setting out to launch and getting an exclusive listing on a world-leading crypto exchange platform like OKX must have been one of the short-term goals the Tama Doge group sought to achieve. However, it is crucial to note that Tama Doge is still a work in progress, and several innovations and inputs are going down the line. 

Now that TamaDoge is live on OKX, CEX, and DEX, many crypto enthusiasts seek to know what is next.

Below is a highlight of what you need should expect from TAMA DOGE after the OKX listing:

  1. Other exciting features and updates will be to the several existing games for the TAMA DOGE.

As it is well known, TAMA DOGE is a crypto-gaming project and a utility token. In effect, gamers play and earn tokens that serve as units for making in-app purchases and building wealth. As part of what Meta intends to do with TAMA, there will be an upgrade on the available games. With these updates, the games become more exciting for gamers. It also stresses the company’s will to ensure people have fun while earning. Most significantly, gamers who win on many occasions and hit relatively high milestones will also get crypto tokens and rewards. 

  1. An all-inclusive online community relationship to ease the dissemination of information on TAMA DOGE profitability hacks

Likewise, there will be an all-inclusive online community relationship between the teams at TAMA DOGE and the public, particularly the investors’ community. To clarify, this is in a bid to build a sustainable relationship with the public. People will, therefore, access teachings, news, info, and virtual exhibitions on how to trade and invest rightly in TAMA.

The official social media pages and website for TAMA DOGE are up and running. With these platforms, you can have access to news, resources, and materials that will help you make the best out of the coin.

As reported by Cointelegraph, below is the link to the official website for Tama Doge alongside links to the official channel pages:

  1. More TamaDoge games in 2023.

Similarly, aside from the existing play-to-win crypto games available for TEMA DOGE, the company intends to develop more. There will be more arcade games where gamers can compete and end tokens as benefits. The essence of this continued innovation is to give the public a wide range of options. It will also reduce the tendencies of undue monopolization that may arise. The staff members at TEMA DOGE are working tirelessly to ensure that they outdo themselves with every new input they make into their crypto-gaming framework.

  1. There will be strong marketing policies to ensure that investors are winning.

It is common knowledge that quality policy and decision-making processes help to facilitate business success. Therefore, with the wealth of experience of the staff members at TAMA DOGE, the public should expect the introduction of new marketing policies to ensure that investors are winning. There will be policies that will help to sustain the value of the coin and promote the crypto-gaming framework simultaneously. In the end, investors will continue to benefit from their funds just as more users will also get to come on board, thereby causing growth for the venture.

  1. An AR app for TamaDoge in 2023.

In the last decade, research shows that a relatively large percentage of big-name companies in different parts of the world are beginning to leverage AR/VR for product development, employee training, comprehensive business development, and several other purposes. Therefore, TAMA DOGE cannot be left out. The company intends to use AR to optimize its products’ adaptability with new day technologies and to create a unique user experience for the users. The AR (Augmented Reality) app for TAMA DOGE will be ready for launch in the last quarter (Q4) of 2023. It will be part of the many innovations the crypto-gaming company intends to introduce to the crypto market next year.

Is TAMA DOGE worth buying after the OKX listing?

Before and after the exclusive listing on the OKX crypto exchange platform, TAMA DOGE is worth every penny spent on it. Several studies have shown how the coin sold out while still on presale. The stories haven’t changed much even after the launch on the 27th of September, 2022. There is an increasing sales volume daily. Investors have also made up to 40% in returns over time. If you are troubled about which coin is best to buy, you should consider TAMA DOGE. To make your first purchase, you can click here. It promises to be one of the best decisions you will make as a crypto enthusiast.

Which type of stablecoins can I use to purchase TAMA DOGE on OKX?

If you have your wallet account, either a newly-created or existing none, fund it with either Ethereum (ETH) or USDT. You can then use either of the stablecoins mentioned earlier to purchase units of TAMA DOGE on OKX. The process is easy, swift, and fast. However, it is best to check the token payment option that is acceptable or available in your area before funding your wallet. For clarity, this is necessary due to the possibility of restrictions resulting from divergent state laws and government policies. You will get to read it in the news when Tama Doge becomes unrestricted across all countries.

Additional information

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