Today’s the day!

After the immensely successful presale with $19 million raised in record time, Tamadoge has its eyes on a new prize – OKX IEO listing.

If you missed the initial presale and still haven’t joined the “early investor” club, now is a chance to get your first portion of TAMA tokens.

We already know Tamadoge has the potential to dethrone Dogecoin and Shiba Inu with its unique platform that combines NFT, Metaverse, and P2E technology, but this listing sets a tone for even quicker profits.

This will be the first time investors can purchase TAMA tokens publicly and industry experts are calling it a “chance you cannot miss”.

Let’s check out what the fuss is about.

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Tamadoge’s OKX IEO Listing Forecasted to Cause Major Increases

Even before Tamadoge founders announced the OKX listing, analysts around the world were certain about the success of this new meme coin.

But this listing just might be the first domino which will push the rest and ultimately lead to the major price increases we were expecting.

The presale phase ended a few weeks ago, with 1 billion TAMA tokens being sold ahead of the initial target date.

Even though you could’ve gotten TAMA tokens at a discount during the presale, there is still a chance to capture the low price once Tamadoge is officially released on OKX.

The listing date is set for the 27th of September at 17:00 UTC.

If everything goes as planned during the launch, industry experts suggest that the price could increase 10x towards the end of the year. Some of the more optimistic analysts even forecast 50-100x increases.

For those of you that join the OKX crypto exchange for the first time, you should know that a $50 deposit gives you a chance to win a $10,000 mystery box.  

Investors also seem satisfied with OKX being Tamadoge’s “maiden” exchange since it’s a huge name in the exchange industry. Not only does it offer both CEX and DEX listings on one platform, but it includes a variety of financial services as well.

Some examples are high-yield crypto staking services, savings accounts, borrow loans, and more.

The exchange makes sure its users are always informed about the most recent crypto releases and crucial crypto news.

Furthermore, OKX includes a unique section that helps beginner users develop trading skills and learn how to interpret changes in the industry.

Notably, OKX is just one of the many future CEX and DEX listings that await Tamadoge, so don’t miss the opportunity to get in early on the project.

Although not everyone in the world can access OKX CEX due to the different AML and KYL procedure requirements, there is the OKX DEX alternative that’s open to everyone.

Both can be used for completing TAMA transactions.

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Tamadoge Setting New Standards in the Meme Coin Universe

Tamadoge is a meme cryptocurrency platform that serves as a gateway for users to join the Tamaverse (Metaverse) and utilizes NFT, blockchain, and P2E technology. The native governance token is TAMA, which also serves as the main currency for all ecosystem activities.

That’s not all – it also comes with real-world utility, something rarely seen in today’s meme coin market.

Furthermore, this meme coin addresses some of the biggest problems the leading meme coins have. This includes Dogecoin’s infinite supply and Shiba Inu’s high supply with little to no utility.

The P2E game has also captured the attention of investors due to its innovative gameplay that resembles the popular 90s pet game Tamagochi.

In a nutshell, players can mint NFT digital pets that they care for as they grow. Ultimately, the goal is to prepare them for fights in the battle arena.

Once you harness your pet’s powers, you can use them to win battles and earn Dogepoints. Those who have the most Dogepoints at the end of each month can win the most prestigious prizes from the Dogepool.

Aside from the OKX listing, there are several more major CEX listings in Tamadoge’s pipeline. For example, LBank is confirmed to be one of the next listings.  

With NFTs, a P2E game, and its own Metaverse, it’s pretty clear that Tamadoge has set some new standards for the meme coin universe. It will be interesting seeing how other projects compete with this type of technology.

Lastly, you should know that Tamadoge doesn’t come with any “rug pull” danger – the currency was KYC’d by CoinSniper and audited by SolidProof for smart contracts.

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The Takeaway

At the moment, it seems that Tamadoge can do no wrong.

This meme coin has been recording milestones left and right ever since it launched its presale a few months ago.

Due to its OKX IEO listing, investors are calling it a “time bomb” that traders shouldn’t miss out on.