The Ethereum Merge completed recently, yet the huge spike in price of Ether that many expected didn’t happen. In fact, quite the opposite proved true. The value of Ether actually took quite a significant drop in just a few days once the merge was complete.

That has many people questioning whether the merge was overhyped, and whether it will be a relatively inconsequential blip on the crypto news radar. 

The answer to whether it was overhyped isn’t so straightforward. So, let’s take a deeper dive into it. At the same time, it’s worth discussing three other NFTs that have been thriving well before the merge and are primed to do even better now — Battle Infinity, Tamadoge and Lucky Block.

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Ether Spiked When the Merge Was Announced

To understand whether the merge was overhyped, you have to look at what happened when it was first announced back in June. From June 19 — when the merge was announced — to August 13, Ether surged 125%. This represents the fact that investors were excited about the prospect of the shift from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake verification, and all that it could bring.

So, when the merge happened, people began “selling the news” of the event actually happening. The hype of the merge was already priced in when it officially happened, in other words. That’s what has led Ether to drop 12.62% in the five days leading up to Thursday, September 22.

The merge is still likely to bring many benefits to Ether and others on the Ethereum blockchain. Three NFTs that are looking to be amazing investments are Battle Infinity (IBAT), Tamadoge (TAMA) and Lucky Block (LBLOCK).

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Battle Infinity’s Rise in Fantasy Sports

For years, the two giants of the fantasy sports sector in India have been Dream11 and the Mobile Premier League. Now, Battle Infinity is bound to be the next great competitor.

IBAT is revolutionizing blockchain gaming. Through a well-planned Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, users own everything they earn in the game through accomplishing feats. This increases the value of their own NFT, which then increases the overall value of IBAT. Multiple games will be hosted in the IBAT Battle Arena on the metaverse. 

Users latched onto Battle Infinity right away, with the presale ending 65 days earlier than expected. It can be purchased on Pancakeswap now, and will soon be available on LBANK.

When fully launched following Phase 7 of its roadmap, Battle Infinity will start with the Indian Premier League.

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Tamadoge’s New Approach to Meme Coins

A new meme coin based on the popular Tamgotchi toy of the 1990s, Tamadoge has taken the meme coin market by storm. The presale ended earlier than expected after raising an astounding $19 million.

TAMA has been able to carve a niche out of the market for itself by combining the NFT and P2E marketplaces. Owners can train and breed their doges, then take them onto the Tamaverse to hang out with friends and battle it out to climb a leaderboard.

The unique approach is what’s resulting in the long-lasting value for the meme coin. This helps it avoid the big losses that many other cryptos experience, based around news such as the merge.

Lucky Block Hands Out Big Rewards

Lucky Block had humble beginnings as a jackpot prize drawing, but now it’s a full-blown global NFT competitions platform. 

Users of LBLOCK will be rewarded for holding onto and building the value of their NFT. As long as they hold onto it in their wallet, they can qualify for entries into a big jackpot drawing, Some of the prizes have included $1 million worth of bitcoin and a Lamborghini.

Lucky Block is a decentralized organization fully controlled by all users. This makes it an extremely valuable NFT that is bound to benefit from the merge, despite Ether dropping.

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Three NFTs Bound to Benefit from the Merge

The merge didn’t bring the price increases for Ether that many expected, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be beneficial to other crypto. In fact, three NFTs that are likely to benefit greatly are Battle Infinity, Tamadoge and Lucky Block.

But, if you want to take advantage of all they have to offer, you need to act now before you miss out.