Queen Elizabeth II left this world peacefully at the age of 96, after full 70 years of reign. Over these long 70 years, she showed the world how difficulties could be carried with dignity, and Her Majesty had witnessed numerous changes in society without a doubt. The news has left us speechless and humbled by the pain of the royal family now going through a change. 

Queen Elizabeth was a living example of soft power, and she showed that stability could be achieved and maintained. Despite being only 25 years old when she took the crown, she still managed to excel in her role and bring something new. Queen Elizabeth was known for her readiness to embrace change, which modernized the monarchy to a great extent.

The former Prince of Wales will, from now on, be known as King Charles III. Since Britain has always honored the king and queen by printing the photo on the currency, it is only natural to have King Charles Spaniel Shiba Inu (KCSHIB) token introduced to us. While the Queen has graced more than 32 international currencies, this token is an introduction to what is to follow now. It is a way to honor the King and give him a warm welcome to the throne. 

All the important changes always reflect on the crypto market too, and it seems that the death of Queen Elizabeth started raising Tamadoge sales across the UK. The underlying reason behind it is probably the need to be proactive during the time of change. 

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Why is the sale of TAMA coins increased in the UK?

During this sad time, people are turning to ways of overcoming grief and simply trying to do what Queen Elizabeth did all her life – do something new. TAMA sale has increased significantly over the last 24 hours because Tamadoge has already achieved enormous success so far, and it is just accelerated additionally now. 

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn platform that enables the players to have a pet, feed it and nurture it until it becomes ready to go into the battle with other pets. The battles will bring Dogepoints, which will help the owners to climb up the leaderboard. Every pet is an NFT which means that the players will be able to sell it or trade it on the market. Besides, there is also a chance for the players to explore the Metaverse of the platform called Tamaverse. 

In addition, there will be an AR app (augmented reality) that will help the players to keep their pet alive and don’t let it become Tamaghost. It is planned to be released in the fourth quarter of 2023. 

TAMA is a meme coin with utility, and it will help the players to unleash all the features that it has to offer. Tamadoge is paving the way toward transparent crypto projects by being fully checked by Solid Proof and Coinsniper, which is ideal for beginners who want to be sure that their investments will pay off. 

There is an ongoing presale at the moment, and since it started on July 25th, Tamadoge has raised more than $13,4 million, making it one of the fastest-selling coins during a presale. It is expected that the price of TAMA will explode once it gets listed on the exchanges, which is why all investors and crypto enthusiasts are in a rush to get as many TAMA coins as possible before the price starts rising. 

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How to get TAMA coins?

Buying TAMA coins is very simple and easy. If you are a beginner and want to make sure that you are getting all the steps right, here is a guide that can help you through it:

Step 1 – Set Up a Crypto Wallet

Those looking to buy Tamadoge crypto must first set up a crypto wallet. Many of the best crypto wallets are free and easy to use, although we recommend using MetaMask, due to its multi-chain support.

Head to the MetaMask website, click ‘Download’, and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the wallet.

Step 2 – Purchase ETH or USDT

Tamadoge (TAMA) tokens can be purchased using either ETH or USDT. It’s easy to buy Ethereum or USDT using a respected crypto exchange or broker, although you can also buy ETH through the Tamadoge presale platform using a credit or debit card.

Once you have purchased ETH or USDT, make sure to transfer your holdings into your new crypto wallet.

Step 3 – Link Wallet to Tamadoge Presale Platform

Head over to Tamadoge’s website and click ‘Buy’. On the following page, click ‘Connect Wallet’, choose your wallet provider, and follow the instructions to make the link.

Step 4 – Buy Tamadoge

Enter the amount of Tamadoge tokens you’d like to purchase (minimum 10,000) and click ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT’, depending on which currency you hold. A pop-up will then appear, asking you to confirm the transaction.

Step 5 – Claim Tamadoge Tokens

The final step is to claim your TAMA coins. You can do this once the presale has concluded by clicking ‘Claim’ on the Tamadoge website’s homepage.

Finishing the entire process will only take a few minutes, so you will become a proud TAMA owner in no time. 

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Change is never easy, but it is often inevitable. Her Majesty The Queen has done so much for Britain and the world as well, and we will be forever grateful for everything that she achieved. She will be an inspiration always. It is now time to honor her heir, King Charles III. The introduction of King Charles Spaniel Shiba Inu (KCSHIB) token is the first step towards his transition, and we can expect more to come. The increased interest in TAMA has the potential to drive a new force and energy to the crypto market, so if you want to be a part of the change, hurry up before the presale ends!