Play 2 Earn metaverse sports game Battle Infinity is climbing the leaderboard of the best crypto projects this year.

After the successful presale and first exchange listings, Battle Infinity announced new features for token holders.

This makes Battle Infinity the brightest star in the crypto world and the project crypto investors should put money into.

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How to invest in IBAT?

IBAT is listed on Pancakeswap, Coin98 Exchange, Coin Market Cap, Coingecko, and LBANK. These are places where you can buy the token.

If you want to buy IBAT on Pancakeswap, you must own enough BNB tokens. The process is simple.

If you have an account on Pancakeswap, you should log in and find the IBAT token in their base.

Then, simply enter the amount of IBAT tokens you want to buy.

After that, you need to connect your wallet to finish the buy. MetaMask and Trust wallet are the two most common, but you can use others as well.

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IBAT price rises 

After the first listing on Pancakeswap, IBAT’s price rose by 100% in only a few weeks.

Additionally, investors believe the upcoming features, most notably the staking program, will increase the price of IBAT even more.

Battle Infinity teased their staking program, and as we all expect more information, we know this will cause the price pump.

Also, listings on popular exchanges impact the price positively.

The more exchanges list the token, the higher the liquidity. Also, more people have the chance to buy the coin.

Also, listings on big centralized exchanges are superior for the price since they have more liquidity than decentralized marketplaces.

But Battle Infinity is playing smart in this case and listing IBAT on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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IBAT Listing History

Since the mega-successful presale in which Battle Infinity raised 25000 BNB in 25 days, IBAT started with the first exchange listings.

Token’s listing on Pancakeswap was exceptionally successful. 

It pumped the IBAT price by 5x, taking it from $0.0015 to $0.011. It also became one of the most successful IDOs this year on the exchange.

After this, listings on other exchanges followed, making Battle Infinity one of the best metaverse projects of 2022.

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Battle Infinity revolutionizing the gaming industry

With the unique approach and the combination of sports and metaverse, Battle Infinity hopes to compete with giants in the e-sports niche, notably Dream 11 and Mobile Premier League.

And considering the growing popularity of the project, Battle Infinity is on the right lanes to becoming one of the leaders in the industry.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the project is its origin. 

Battle Infinity comes from India, a country with some of the best software engineers in the world and the homeland of the Polygon 2 Matic project.

The project is referred to as the next Axie Infinity, and its current position is preferable compared to Axie.

Battle Infinity’s recent moves prove that. 

The team decided to airdrop 125 IBAT tokens to 1,800 wallet addresses of Axie Infinity token holders.

As a reminder, Battle Infinity is the platform with multiple P2E games integrated into the Battle Arena metaverse.

The ecosystem allows players to play cricket games in IBAT Premier League, mint their artworks and sell them on the IBAT marketplace, deposit tokens and earn an annual percentage yield (APY).

Even though launched a couple of months ago, Battle Infinity is already considered one of the projects of the future.

Price predictions say IBAT should reach $0.01 by the end of 2023 and $0.02 by 2025.

This means the price will increase by 3900% in the next three years. 

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Wrapping up

Battle Infinity is undoubtedly one of the best crypto projects to buy in 2022.

The project promises dire rewards to token owners, and IBAT investors can expect 10x gains in a short time.

Furthermore, announced upcoming features and IBAT staking should also increase the demand for the token and its price.

So, if you want to invest in IBAT, now is the right time.

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