We have seen so far just how interested celebrities are when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. Part of being a celebrity is having the interest of the public and influencing them in more ways than one. It is their goal to sell the big dream about finding a lucrative way to increase their wealth, but the fact that it is accessible to all of us makes it even more appealing. Social media, the public, and the promotion of services and products have always been a winning combination. When we take a look at this attractive blend, there is always someone who is promoting something and someone interested in buying it. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the celebrities promoting coins and why it has been so appealing to everyone! 

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Justin Bieber

A teen idol and a pop star that achieved global success with the songs Baby, Let me love you, the remix of Despacito, and many others, is growing his business with all kinds of ventures. He became known for his investments in the crypto market, and there are some claims that he is the proud owner of a total of 619 NFTs, including one Bored Ape NFT worth an incredible $1.39 million! 

He is one of the celebrities who invested in the crypto company called MoonPay, and we cannot miss noticing his enthusiasm for building an impressive crypto collection besides building his music career. It is certain that his sense of investing in the right coin might direct him towards the most popular meme coin today – TAMA. Even if he didn’t become an investor already, we are sure that it won’t be long before he sees it as an opportunity to make his collection even larger. Since he is so fond of NFTs, Tamadoge pets that are unique and can be sold or traded as such on the market will surely catch his eye pretty soon.

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Floyd Mayweather

One of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather, made a fortune by boxing. He is known by his nicknames Pretty Boy and Money. He is now retired but doesn’t shy away from using social media to show his wealth. After numerous fights in the ring, he now fights another battle – he wishes to be among the crypto investors with the largest collection of coins in the world. He is known for his NFT collection, and it is clear that he wants to make a mark in the crypto market as well. With his extensive interest in investing in the crypto market, we believe he will soon become one of the investors who will own Tamadoge, despite the fact that he has not invested in it yet, since it is one of the hottest projects at the moment. 

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Why does Tamadoge have all the investors alert?

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn ecosystem that is a blend of the NFT world, metaverse, known as Tamaverse on this platform, the crypto world, and the fun that we don’t mind getting. But why is Tamadoge so attractive? Well, it brings something familiar to the table – the pets that the players should feed, nurture and fight with them. Tamadoge also brings something new – the chance to explore virtual space and dive deeper into it. While enjoying the exploration, the Dogepoints will pile up, which will ensure prizes. But, like that is not enough, the pets are NFTs that can be sold and traded on the market. This whole ecosystem makes one interesting experience that the players cannot wait to try!

Besides, Tamadoge is achieving one goal after another in much less time than planned. At the moment of writing, Tamadoge raised $9,166,244.418, and it is getting closer to hitting the next goal. The presale occurs in stages, and each new stage means that the price will rise, which is particularly beneficial for the investors who jumped in on this opportunity early. The new investors keep coming and buying the coins at an enormous speed. It is expected that TAMA tokens will be listed on LBank and Uniswap pretty soon, which will probably lead to a huge price spike. 

If you wish to invest, here is how to do it:

Step 1 – Set Up a Crypto Wallet

Those looking to buy Tamadoge crypto must first set up a crypto wallet. Many of the best crypto wallets are free and easy to use, although we recommend using MetaMask, due to its multi-chain support.

Head to the MetaMask website, click ‘Download’, and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the wallet.

Step 2 – Purchase ETH or USDT

Tamadoge (TAMA) tokens can be purchased using either ETH or USDT. It’s easy to buy Ethereum or USDT using a respected crypto exchange or broker, although you can also buy ETH through the Tamadoge presale platform using a credit or debit card.

Once you have purchased ETH or USDT, make sure to transfer your holdings into your new crypto wallet.

Step 3 – Link Wallet to Tamadoge Presale Platform

Head over to Tamadoge’s website and click ‘Buy’. On the following page, click ‘Connect Wallet’, choose your wallet provider, and follow the instructions to make the link.

Step 4 – Buy Tamadoge

Enter the amount of Tamadoge tokens you’d like to purchase (minimum 10,000) and click ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT’, depending on which currency you hold. A pop-up will then appear, asking you to confirm the transaction.

Step 5 – Claim Tamadoge Tokens

The final step is to claim your TAMA coins. You can do this once the presale has concluded by clicking ‘Claim’ on the Tamadoge website’s homepage.

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While Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather are growing their collections, we are still waiting to see if they will invest in Tamadoge as well. With the incredible success that TAMA is achieving, we are sure that it won’t take long for them to join!