While there are many ways to grind weed, from using a blender to breaking it up with your fingers, a weed grinder is the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a weed herb grinder, you can easily break up your herb without making a mess, and you don’t have to worry about losing any of the precious THC-laden trichomes in the process.

Whether smoking from a bong, joint or dry herb vaporizer, you will want to have a quality grinder on hand. But with so many different types and brands of grinders on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. In this guide, we’ll show you our top cannabis grinder options and help you choose the best weed grinder for your needs. We’ll also cover some of the most common questions and maintenance concerns people have about cannabis herb grinders to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

Top 4 Weed Grinders

1. Kannastor GR8TR V2 – Best Weed Grinder

2. Santa Cruz Shredder – Runner Up

3. Authentic RAW X Hammercraft – Staff Pick

4. Ryot X Chocolate – Honorable Mention

Best Weed Grinder Choices Reviewed

Each model was chosen for its performance, durability, and style. While there are many other great grinders on the market, these four models will surely get the job done and last you for years to come.

1. Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series Grinder – Best Weed Grinder


  • Multi-piece grinder capable of multiple configurations
  • Made from high-grade aluminum
  • Easy-grip and grind texture
  • Tight seal for transporting
  • Free shipping when ordering from Headshop.com


  • Limitations to the lifetime warranty policy

Created by US-based smoking accessory company RYOT, the Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series grinder is one of the best weed grinders on the market. It’s a multi-piece grinder that can be configured for a variety of grinding needs, making it perfect for both novice and experienced users.

The GR8TR is made from high-grade aluminum and features an easy-grip and grind texture that makes it easy to use. It also has a tight seal that prevents spills and keeps your weed fresh when transporting it.

Featuring micro diamond-shaped teeth designed to evenly and quickly grind your weed, the Kannastor GR8TR manual grinder is sure to make quick work of even the densest buds. And with its lifetime warranty, you can be sure that this grinder will last you for years to come.

In addition to its sharp teeth, powerful grinding capabilities and modular design that allows for multiple configurations, the Kannastor GR8TR is also one of the most stylish grinders on the market. It’s available in a sleek black finish, enhancing the look of any cannabis accessory collection.

Using multiple plates made from different materials, the Kannastor GR8TR is capable of precision grinding. The first plate is made from stainless steel and does the bulk of the work, while the second plate is made from zinc alloy to finish the job and create a fine powder. The third plate is perforated to allow for sifting, and the fourth plate is a kief catcher that collects the trichomes for later use. You can also use the Kannastor GR8TR without the kief catcher and pollen scraper for a more traditional grinding experience.

With compact dimensions of 3.25″ x 2.1″ and a lightweight yet durable design, the Kannastor GR8TR is easy to take with you on the go. It also comes with a protective carrying case to keep your herb grinder safe when you’re not using it.

Learn more about the Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series Grinder

2. Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece Grinder – Runner Up


  • Ergonomically designed for easy use
  • Made from medical grade anodized aluminum
  • Unique, patented tooth design
  • Textured grip
  • Scratch resistant


  • No kief catcher

Using a unique, patented tooth design, the Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece grinder quickly and easily grinds your weed into a fine powder. The diamond-shaped teeth are designed to grab and shred your weed rather than chop it, resulting in a more even grind.

The Santa Cruz Shredder is made from medical-grade anodized aluminum – a durable material that’s scratch resistant and easy to clean. It also features a textured grip that makes it easy to hold and use, even when your hands are wet.

Measuring 2.5″ x 1.75″, this best weed grinder is one of the smaller grinders on the market. However, don’t let its small size fool you – this grinder can easily handle large amounts of weed.

Despite its small size, the metal shredder features a powerful magnet that keeps the lid securely in place. The rare earth magnet is diametrically magnetized and triple coated to prevent the flaking of metals into your weed. Additionally, this powerful magnet closing system ensures that your weed stays fresh, potent, and always in the grinder.

What really makes the Santa Cruz Shredder a great product, though, is the ergonomic design that allows those with severe arthritic or joint pain to use it with ease. By incorporating anti-friction rings, the Santa Cruz Shredder glides smoothly and doesn’t require a lot of pressure to operate. This is a massive advantage for those with reduced hand mobility seeking the benefits of medical cannabis without the hassle of using a traditional herb grinder.

The Santa Cruz Shredder is an excellent option if you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-use herb grinder that’s small enough to take with you anywhere.

Learn more about the Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece Grinder

3. Authentic RAW X Hammercraft 2.2″ 4-Piece Grinder – Staff Pick


  • Includes kief catch
  • 10% discount with code SUMMER at Headshop.com
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Frictionless design for easy use


  • Limited color availability

The Authentic RAW X Hammercraft 2.2″ 4-Piece weed grinder is our staff pick for the best weed grinder because it’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum and features a unique, frictionless design that’s easy to use. A brainchild of the world-famous RAW and Hammercraft brands, this grinder is the perfect tool for those who want to get the most out of their weed grinder without using too much force.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Authentic RAW X Hammercraft grinder is the sleek, modern design. Raw and Hammercraft have achieved this modern, elegant look by using aircraft-grade aluminum, CNC cut to perfection. After the initial manufacturing process, the grinders are anodized to give them a smooth finish and to prevent the aluminum from oxidizing, smudging, or scratching.

One of the best features of the Authentic RAW X Hammercraft grinder is its frictionless design. This design feature allows the grinder to spin freely without requiring a lot of pressure to operate. The top and bottom pieces of the grinder are connected with powerful neodymium magnets, making it easy to open and close the grinder with one hand.

Additionally, the Authentic RAW X Hammercraft grinder includes a kief catch. This excellent feature allows you to collect the potent trichomes that fall off your weed during the grinding process. These trichomes can be used for a number of purposes that include making hash, kief-infused edibles, or just sprinkling on top of your bowl for an extra potent smoking experience.

For a stylish, durable, and easy-to-use grinder, the Authentic RAW X Hammercraft grinder is a great option. If ordering from Headshop.com, a purveyor of high-quality cannabis products and accessories, be sure to use the code SUMMER at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase.

Learn more about the Authentic RAW X Hammercraft 2.2″ 4-Piece weed grinder

4. Ryot X Chocolate 2 Piece Red Maple Grinder – Honorable Mention


  • Ultra-compact grinder
  • Sturdy maple wood construction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stainless steel teeth


  • Inefficient for grinding large amounts of weed at once

A collaboration between the US-based RYOT and internationally acclaimed cannabis accessory brand RAW, this grinder is an excellent option if you’re looking for something small enough to take with you on the go but still want a durable and budget-friendly product.

The maple wood that makes up the Ryot X Chocolate 2 Piece Red Maple grinder is sustainably sourced from North American forests. This sturdy wood is known for its resistance to rot and decay, making it an excellent material for a weed grinder. The wood is also finished with a food-safe oil to give it a smooth, lustrous finish.

In terms of size, the Ryot X Chocolate 2 Piece Maple grinder is one of the smallest weed grinders on the market. It measures in at 2.91 × 2.2800 × 1.1800 in, essentially no larger than most compact mirrors or travel-size deodorants. 

Despite its small size, this cannabis grinder still features sharp, stainless steel teeth that are designed to efficiently grind your weed into a fluffy consistency. Additionally, the steel teeth are reinforced in the base of the weed grinder, which helps keep them in place and prevents them from dislodging after prolonged use.

The design also includes powerful magnets that lock the two pieces together as the stainless steel teeth pins work to grind your weed. It is capable of quickly grinding a bud or two for on-the-go use. So, if you aren’t a frequent cannabis user or prefer to smoke in smaller quantities, this may be the grinder for you.

With a stylish red maple wood finish and compact size, the Ryot X Chocolate 2 Piece Maple grinder is an excellent option for those who want an ultra-portable herb grinder that doesn’t sacrifice style or function.

Learn more about the Ryot X Chocolate 2 Piece Red Maple Grinder

How Did We Select These 4 Weed Grinders?

With so many weed grinders on the market, it was challenging to narrow down the hundreds and hundreds of options to the best four. But, with research and testing, we were able to do so by looking for characteristics that would make for the best weed grinder, no matter what your preferences may be, including: 

  • Durability: Weed grinders need to be durable to withstand extended use. We looked for weed grinders made from high-quality materials that wouldn’t break easily or wear down after repeated use.
  • Ease of Use: A good cannabis grinder should be easy to use so that you can get the most out of your weed. We looked for weed grinders with user-friendly designs that were easy to assemble and use.
  • Grinding Efficiency: A good grinder should be able to quickly and efficiently grind your weed into a consistent texture. We looked for grinders with sharp teeth that could evenly grind weed without too much effort.
  • Portability: If you’re looking for a grinder to take on the go, portability is an important consideration. We looked for compact grinders that were easy to carry with you without taking up too much space.
  • Price: Not everyone has the same budget for a weed grinder. We tried to include options at a variety of price points so that there was something for everyone.

With these considerations in mind, we were able to narrow down the thousands of options to the best four weed grinders on the market.

What Is a Weed Grinder?

A weed grinder, also known as a herb grinder, is a small device used to grind cannabis buds into a finer, more manageable consistency. It typically consists of two or three pieces that fit together, with sharp teeth or pegs inside to chop up the bud as it’s turned.

A weed herb grinder can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, or plastic. Some are even made from food-grade materials like ceramic. The material you choose will likely come down to personal preference, though some materials may be better suited for certain tasks than others.

For example, metal grinders are typically the most durable but can be more challenging to clean. Wood grinders have a more natural look and feel but may not be as durable. And a plastic weed grinder is often the most affordable but can break more easily.

No matter what material you choose, a cannabis herb grinder is an essential tool for any cannabis enthusiast. It can help you make the most of your weed by grinding it into a more consistent texture perfect for smoking, vaporizing, or baking into edibles.

Why Use a Weed Grinder?

There are several reasons you might want to use a weed grinder, including:

To save time

If you’re short on time or don’t feel like spending a lot of effort chopping up your weed, a grinder can do the job quickly and easily. Just pop your buds into the grinder and give it a few twists to get a perfect consistency. 

To save money

If you buy your weed already ground, you’re likely paying a premium for the convenience. Grinding your own weed at home can help you save money in the long run. Additionally, hand-grinding your weed can be inefficient, using up more bud than necessary. A grinder will help you use less weed while still getting the same amount of THC.

To improve the smoking experience

A good grinder can help you get a more consistent grind, which can, in turn, improve your smoking experience. A finer grind will burn more evenly, resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable smoke.

To make the most of your weed

Using weed grinders helps break down and maximize every part of the cannabis plant, from the green plant matter to the sticky trichomes. This enables you to get the most out of your weed in terms of THC content and flavor.

If you have found that your cannabis smoking experiences are lacking because of the inconsistency of the grind, or you want to save money by grinding your own weed at home, then a weed grinder is a valuable investment.

What to Look For in a Quality Weed Grinder?

When it comes to choosing a weed grinder, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting a quality product.


As we mentioned, grinders can be made from a variety of materials. Some materials, like wood and plastic, are more affordable but may not be as durable. Others, like metal, are more expensive but will last longer. While the material may lend itself to personal preference, budget, and visual appeal, it’s important to choose a grinder that’s:

  • treated to prevent bacteria and mold growth (weed grinders),
  • anodized to prevent rust (metal grinders),
  • made with food-grade materials if you plan on using it for edibles (wood and plastic grinders).

By selecting only premium-grade materials using the latest technologies, you are guaranteed a product that will withstand the test of time.


Weed grinders come in a variety of sizes, from smaller models designed to grind a bud or two to larger models designed to grind several grams at once. The size you choose will likely depend on how much weed you plan on grinding at once and how portable you want your weed grinder to be.

A smaller grinder may be sufficient if you only want to grind a small amount of weed at a time. But a larger grinder may be better if you plan on grinding larger quantities or frequently use cannabis and don’t want to grind as often.


The teeth on your weed grinder are what actually do the work of breaking down your weed into smaller pieces. The size and shape of the teeth will determine how finely ground your weed will be. Smaller teeth will result in a coarser grind, while larger teeth will produce a finer grind.

The number of teeth on your grinder will also play a role in the size of the grind. More teeth usually mean a finer grind, while fewer teeth produce a coarser grind. Do note that there are many types of teeth designs that can have different results, including:

  • Diamond-shaped teeth: Sharp and durable, these teeth can quickly and easily grind weed into a fine consistency for dry herb vapes, bowls, and joints.
  • Shark-shaped teeth: These teeth are designed to grab onto the weed and tear it apart, resulting in a medium to coarse grind.
  • Spearhead-shaped teeth: Shaped to puncture the weed and pull it apart, these teeth produce a coarse grind best suited for smoking bowls or bongs.
  • Straight teeth: These work by slicing the weed, resulting in a medium to fine grind perfect for rolling joints or packing pipes.
  • Spike teeth: Designed to grab onto the weed and pull it apart, these teeth produce a coarse grind best suited for smoking bowls or cooking with cannabis.

Choosing a grinder with teeth that meets your specific smoking needs is essential to having a pleasant cannabis experience.


The chamber is where the ground weed collects and is also an important factor to consider when choosing a grinder. The size of the chamber will determine how much weed your grinder can hold at once, while the shape will affect how easy it is to empty the ground weed from the grinder. Some chambers are designed with a slanted or curved shape to make it easier to empty, while others have a more cylindrical shape.

If you plan on grinding large quantities of weed at once or frequently use cannabis, you’ll want to choose a grinder with a larger chamber. But a smaller chamber should suffice if you only need to grind small amounts or aren’t using cannabis as often.

Magnetic Lid

A magnetic lid is a feature that’s becoming increasingly common on the best weed grinders. A magnetized lid helps to keep the grinder closed and prevents the contents from spilling out, making it an excellent option for those looking for a more spill-proof grinder. The best weed grinders use a neodymium magnet as they are the strongest type of magnet currently available.

How to Use a Weed Grinder?

While grinder designs vary, using one is pretty much the same for each product. To use a weed grinder, simply:

1. Open the lid and load your weed into the grinder chamber. Be sure not to overload the grinder chamber, as this will make it difficult to grind your weed.

2. Close the lid and twist the grinder in a clockwise or back and forth motion. Grind until no more resistance is felt in the chamber. For an electric grinder, this step is even easier – simply press the button.

3. Once your weed is ground completely, open the chamber and collect the ground weed in a container.

4. If your grinder has a kief catcher, be sure to use a pollen scraper to move residual material into the catch.

And that’s pretty much it! The end result will be a more evenly ground product ready to be used however you see fit.

Maintenance of the Best Weed Grinders

Grinders are designed to be low-maintenance, but you can still do a few things to ensure that your grinder stays in good working condition. To clean your grinder:

1. Remove the lid and any chambers.

2. Using a brush, gently remove any built-up weed from the teeth and chamber. Be sure to use a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging the grinder.

3. Once all the weed has been removed, use an alcohol wipe to cleanse built-up residue.

4. Allow all the parts to dry completely before reassembling the grinder.

Cleaning your grinder regularly will help to prevent buildup and ensure that your grinder works as efficiently as possible.

Best Weed Grinders FAQs

1. Is a metal grinder better than a wooden or plastic weed grinder?

Metal grinders are a favorite among many cannabis users because of their durability and grinding power and durability – they tend to have a much longer useful life than grinders made of plastic or wood. But, wooden grinders offer a more natural aesthetic and can be just as effective at grinding weed, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference and smoking habits.

2. Is an electric weed grinder good to use?

Electric weed grinders offer a convenient, hands-free way to grind your weed. But many users prefer manual grinders because they believe it gives them more control over the grinding process. An electric weed grinder also tends to be more expensive than manual grinders, so it’s really a matter of personal preference.

3. What’s the best way to store my weed grinder?

When not in use, be sure to store your weed grinder in a dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. 

4. How often should I clean my grinder?

You should aim to clean your grinder every few months or as needed. If your grinder isn’t grinding as efficiently as it used to, then it’s probably time for a cleaning.

5. Can I grind other materials with a weed grinder?

In addition to cannabis flowers, cannabis herb grinders can also be used to grind tobacco, spices, and other dry materials. It is recommended to never use the same grinder for weed that you do for other materials, as this could contaminate your cannabis.

The Bottom Line

A weed grinder is a handy tool that can make the grinding process much easier. By breaking down your weed into smaller pieces, you’ll get a more even burn and maximize the surface area of your cannabis for better flavor and potency.

Choosing any of the best weed grinders on this list will ensure a high-quality product that will make grinding weed a breeze. Be sure to consider your personal preferences in terms of size, material, and features to find the best grinder for you. Happy grinding!