In the world of Shiba Inus, AmazingDoge is one of the most popular decentralized open-source peer-to-peer digital currencies. This altcoin was constructed on the basis of a meme, and the foundation of it is based on a joke.

It is solely for the purpose of having fun that meme coins exist. An example of this would be mocking some sort of public figure, animal, or social group. With this type of coin, it is impossible to make any reliable calculations or to conduct real-life calculations.

The situation has, however, changed. It is much more than that when it comes to meme coins. As well as Tamadoge, Shiba Inu, AmazingDoge, and Buff Doge coins, a number of wonderful featured coins were introduced to meme coins.

The amazing and vibrant community of AmazingDoge sets it apart from other altcoins. A Japanese pet dog called the “Shiba Inu” is portrayed on the coin, which sets it apart from the average altcoin. Although the cryptocurrency is based on the same technology as other altcoins, it operates very similarly. Today we’ll bring you the comparison between AmazingDoge and Tamadoge, to see which one of these has more potential of going to the moon in this bear market.

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AmazingDoge Prediction in 2023 and 2030

The crypto was created as a joke in an attempt to poke fun at Bitcoin, but it has grown to be one of the most popular and loved coins today. The value of AmazingDoge has increased by more than 5000% in 2021, which makes it no longer a joke.

Among the fastest-growing coins, the token is used for instant money transfers with low trading fees, allowing users to transfer considerable amounts of money. It has become one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world due to its fun and light-hearted nature.


The following prediction mentioned above is the tentative idea of the experts according to the stats and condition of the market. But it’s extremely difficult to predict the price or value of the different cryptocurrencies present in the market like AmazingDoge instead of its extreme popularity and importance.

However, there is another altcoin present in the market which is grabbing the attention of investors. TAMA is the rising star in the crypto market, and investors are considering shifting towards TAMA due to its stability and bright future.

By creating a storm among crypto investors, Tamadoge (TAMA) could become the next Shiba Inu (SHIB). Within less than three weeks of launching the presale in July 2022, Tamadoge raised a total of US$2 million. There is speculation that TAMA will become the next Shiba Inu in the crypto market due to its smart functionality and features that will drive profit for the company.

It is expected that the entire hard cap presale for Tamadoge will be sold out within a short period of time, given the increased demand. Interested crypto investors were able to purchase each TAMA for as little as US$0.01, with a minimum purchase of 1000 TAMA. In the highly volatile cryptocurrency market, Tamadoge has become one of the least expensive crypto projects. The meme coin will rise to US$0.0125 at the end of the hardcore sale on 2nd September 2022.

Crypto investors have always been attracted to new meme coins in the crypto market. Taking elements from three sectors of the cryptocurrency market – NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, and the metaverse – Tamadoge is the go-to new meme coin. The TAMA Company thrives in the market due to its focus on changing the utility sector through the implementation of a broad range of utility-focused features.

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Tamadoge Price Prediction

It has always been an eventful ecosystem for TamaDoge over time. In just the past one month and 19 days, TAMA has risen by 45.83% from $2.47915e-10 on 24th June 2022.

By crunching multiple data points, TamaDoge comes up with its price prediction for 2029. As of December 2029, the TamaDoge Price Prediction 2029 is based on the data from January 2029.

YearsAvg PriceLowest PriceHighest Price

As shown in the above table, tamadoge’s price is expected to rise in the near future. In this way, investors can invest in the coin without having to worry about its stability in the future.

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How to Buy TAMA

In spite of the fact that the Tamadoge presale was just launched a few days ago, many investors and crypto enthusiasts have already expressed an interest in it.

You can purchase your first Tamadoge token with this step-by-step guide.

Step no 1. Create a Crypto Wallet

Tamadoge can only be purchased if you have a cryptocurrency wallet.

The majority of wallets are entirely free and easy to create. The fact that MetaMask supports multiple chains makes it our recommendation.

Set it up by going to the official MetaMask website, clicking “Download,” and following the instructions.

Step no 2. Purchase ETH/USDT

TAMA can only be purchased with Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Major crypto exchange platforms allow users to buy both of these cryptocurrencies.

You can, however, buy ETH directly from Tamadoge’s official presale platform using a credit or debit card.

Your crypto wallet should contain your ETH/USDT tokens after you buy them.

Step no 3. Utilize Tamadoge’s presale platform with the cryptocurrency wallet

To purchase Tamadoge, visit the official website and click ‘Buy.’

Choose your wallet provider by clicking on ‘Connect Wallet .’The connection process will begin with a bunch of instructions; follow them.

Step no 4. Buy Tamadoge

Press the ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT’ button after entering the exact amount of TAMA you wish to purchase (the minimum amount is 10,000).

In case everything is correct, make sure you double-check the information you entered.

Step no 5. Claim the Tokens

The final step is to claim your Tamadoge tokens.

However, please be aware that once the presale is completed, the ‘Claim’ option will become available.

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How good is Tamadoge as an investment?

Prior to investing in a new asset, make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you are interested in purchasing Tamadoge, you must investigate whether it is a good investment. In a nutshell, Tamadoge is a new meme coin designed solely for the purpose of spreading memes. Tamadoge wants to become the king of meme coins by beating Dogecoin.

It’s not really about that. With Tamadoge, investors will receive an NFT that functions like a pet, and they will be able to interact with it wherever they are. Tamadoge plans to introduce their Tamaverse, similar to the 90’s Tamagotchi, so that users can take their doges anywhere, on any platform.

With just 14 days left until the presale, Tamadoge has already raised over 1 million! I find this to be quite promising for a meme coin. Read on to learn how to get started if you’re interested in investing in this new cryptocurrency that has the potential to double your money.

It is important to keep in mind that DOGE is volatile, even though the predictions are positive long-term. Due to this, AmazingDoge and Tamadoge have no guarantee that their bullish trend will continue, and the longer you invest in something, the greater the risk.

Thus, we are looking for opportunities that have the potential to explode during the next Bull Run. A time like this is perfect for getting into such an ecosystem. You don’t have to wait until the end of this year to get in on Tamadoge if you missed most of these cryptocurrencies. So, after all the analysis, it is concluded that it is a considerable coin for investment purposes.

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TAMA v/s AmazingDoge which one is a better Alternative

There are the following reasons that make TAMA the better choice in the cryptocurrency market:

·       The presale of Tamadoge has only been open for a couple of weeks, and already over $100,000 has been invested. Hence, it is set to become one of the best new meme coins.

·       The value of AmazingDoge tokens is likely to decline over long periods of time due to its inflationary nature. Tamadoge, on the other hand, is a deflationary asset with a fixed supply, which helps maintain prices for an extended period of time.

·       An AmazingDoge’s value has already skyrocketed by thousands of percent, which means it’s comparatively high now. Investing in Tamadoge is still possible during the presale, meaning investors can get a great deal on the cryptocurrency.

·       To make meme coins more useful, Tamadoge is the best new cryptocurrency to invest in. DOGE, for example, is a token with no substantial utility and instead gains value from hype rather than actual utility. The Tamadoge investment could be more valuable than the Elon Musk Dogecoin investment for investors.

·       A $100,000 crypto giveaway is being offered by the Tamadoge project for investors that hold TAMA on the day of the drawing. Despite selling out its sale, the Tamadoge presale will continue until Q4 2022 as the next phase of the presale will raise over $2 million. As part of the team’s first crypto-airdrop promotion, there’s now a chance to win $100k in TAMA tokens, which gives even more incentive to invest.

·       Even though Tamadoge is still in presale, CoinSniper has already verified its KYC. This new meme coin is audited by Solid Proof, ensuring it is more secure than most other new meme coins.

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In light of AmazingDoge’s optimistic price predictions for the foreseeable future, there’s no doubt it’s a good investment opportunity. The downside is that ADOGE might take a long time to pay off, and people may become tired of the silliness of the system.

Due to these factors, we believe Tamadoge can skyrocket even if you invest just USD 100. Usually, this occurs once macroeconomic factors have been worked out.

The process of buying Tamadoge is simple and takes just a few minutes directly through the official website. We believe Tamadoge should be on the top of your cryptocurrency bucket list, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor.