Tesla Coin is a crypto trading robot that automatically makes trades on popular digital assets on behalf of the platform members. This auto trading platform deploys cutting-edge technologies that are used to scan the markets and make the best possible trades in real-time. 

This guide reviews the Tesla Coin crypto bot (also spelt TeslaCoin without spaces) and examines whether it is a scam or legit. 

Tesla Coin Overview 

The table below provides a quick overview of the basic platform features and tokens available to trade. 

Type of PlatformCrypto Trading Multi-Asset Platform
Cryptocurrencies AvailableBTC, ETH, XRP & ADA
Withdrawal Speeds2 hours for Withdrawals
Minimum Deposit$250

Tesla Coin Platform: Explained

Tesla Coin is a crypto trading bot that offers investors a platform that automatically makes new cryptocurrency trades. Unlike other crypto trading bots, this AI crypto bot uses its own cryptocurrency – TeslaCoin (TES), as a store of value. 

TeslaCoin Homepage

The Tesla Coin platform deploys its own software that manages to scan the volatile cryptocurrency markets and initiate potentially profitable trades. The main benefit of Tesla Coin is the lack of human intervention – which is ideal for new crypto investors and beginning trades looking to trade in a new asset class. 

Notably, investors can complete a quick registration process and access some of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and more. With a minimum deposit of $250, traders are not required to pay any additional fees or subscription costs to start using Tesla Coin. 

Pros and Cons of Tesla Coin


  • Automatic crypto bot trading services
  • Trade multiple cryptos such as BTC, ETH
  • Offers its native token – TES as a store of value
  • Instant withdrawals offered
  • Instant crypto cashouts available


  • High minimum deposit ($250)
  • No mobile app provided 

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How does the Tesla Coin Platform Operate?

According to the Tesla Coin website, this AI crypto bot uses sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) trading software to automate trades. The platform also claims to offer some of the most advanced programming in the trading world. 

Firstly, investors need to register an account and deposit fiat currency to access the trading software. Afterwards, the Tesla Coin software begins scanning the markets and is supposedly 0.01 seconds faster than any other platform. This helps Tesla Coin find the best time to open a new trade. 

After opening a new position, the Tesla Coin software quickly looks for the right time to close positions by imposing stop/loss features. However, this platform has marketed itself as a trading platform for cryptos, which does not make it the best choice for long-term investors. Furthermore, cryptocurrency trading is likely to attract high volatility, so traders should invest cautiously. 

Tesla Coin Top Features:

Let’s take a look at some of the top features that this free crypto trading bot has to offer: 

Seamless Withdrawal Process

The Tesla Coin website states to offer a very convenient way to withdraw funds on the platform. Traders can simply withdraw the profits from any trade with the simple click of a button. Tesla Coin only allows withdrawals with the same payment method used whilst depositing funds for safety purposes. Offering a quick withdrawal process, it takes only 2 hours for the funds to appear on the account. 

High-Speed Trading

The Tesla Coin crypto trading platform automatically makes new trades by scanning the markets in real-time. According to the website, the trading software is 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets. This allows the Tesla Coin AI to scan the best possible time to generate new trades. 

Similarly, the same process is applied while closing trades. 

Price Trend Analysis

Tesla Coin’s software scans the cryptocurrency markets using several fundamental and technical analysis tools. For example, the robot crypto trading platform uses price trend analysis to identify potentially profitable trades. 

This technique is used to determine when to buy a sell a digital asset. Tesla Coin studies various graphs that have been created using historical price data. The software automatically studies these charts and then makes the trades. 

According to the website, the charts are updated daily and our published on the trading resources centre on the Tesla Coin platform. 

Multi-Asset Trading 

One way to invest in cryptocurrencies is by creating a diversified portfolio. Tesla Coin offers some of the biggest digital assets to investors – including Bitcoin and large altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA). 

24/7 Trading 

Tesla Coin’s automatic AI algorithm allows investors to invest in different assets without effort. After customizing the account settings, traders can enable the Coin Tesla software to automatically generate new trades without human intervention. 

The software manages to make new trades 24/7 and keeps scanning the markets for the best possible trades. 

Tesla Coin: Platform Costs

According to the Tesla Coin platform, there are no additional account fees or trading fees. Furthermore, investors are not required to pay any subscription fees and can access the software completely free of cost. 

However, traders may be charged certain spreads while trading or while converting your crypto back to fiat currency. 

Trading FeesNone
Account FeesNone
Software CostNone

Is Tesla Coin a Scam or Legit?

Due to the abundance of automatic crypto trading robots available, many scam projects are looking to steal investors’ funds. In the case of Tesla Coin, the platform appears to be transparent about its minimum deposits and services offered. 

Tesla Coin states that it also offers a demo account – which lets traders access the account features whilst trading with virtual money. This is a beneficial feature for new traders who are unsure about the account features, results or security protocols. While we cannot verify these claims, investors can visit the Tesla Coin website and access the different account features. 

However, Tesla Coin does not offer complete transparency in all of its activities. Firstly, we cannot confirm the number of spreads charged for trades or the commissions charged while trading with Tesla Coin. Furthermore, there is no public information on the owners of Tesla Coin 

In terms of minimum deposit, traders are required to pay $250 to get started. While this is a hefty deposit, the supposed lack of fees charged may make this a reasonable charge in the long term. We recommend traders to invest in cryptocurrency markets cautiously and properly review the crypto trading bot before investing any money. 

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How to Begin Trading with Tesla Coin

For investors who are looking to invest with an automatic crypto trading bot – the sections below provide a step-by-step guide on how to begin trading with Tesla Coin. 

Step 1: Sign Up with TeslaCoin

Visit TeslaCoin’s website and begin by completing the sign-up form. Enter your full name, phone number and email address to continue. Sign Up for TeslaCoin

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Investors can begin trading on Tesla Coin with multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers. Deposit a minimum of $250 to begin accessing the Tesla Coin platform. 

Step 3: Begin Trading

The final step is to begin trading with Tesla Coin. Once the money has been deposited, investors can customize their account settings and allow the software to open and close crypto trades automatically. 


Tesla Coin is a crypto trading robot software which claims to offer automatic trading options to trade the best cryptocurrencies. The Tesla Coin platform lets traders quickly begin trading with its advanced software after making a minimum deposit of $250. 

We recommend investors visit the Tesla Coin website and conduct their research to decide whether Tesla Coin is a scam or not. 

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What is Tesla Coin?

Tesla Coin is a crypto trading software that automatically uses technical and fundamental data to scan cryptocurrency markets. Afterwards, the AI programming is used to find the best time to enter and exit a trading position. 

Can you buy Bitcoin on Tesla Coin?

The Tesla Coin platform claims to support crypto investing in Bitcoin. Furthermore, investors can also invest in some of the biggest altcoins, such as Ethereum, XRP and ADA. 

How do I Begin Trading with Tesla Coin?

Readers can visit the Tesla Coin website and fill in the registration form. After depositing $250 or more, traders can then customize their trading preferences and set the software live.