The stress that comes with these work drug tests is a bummer. And the fact that they can test even in weed legal states is so unfair. 

But how does the idea of trustworthy, synthetic urine brands and fake pee to beat that drug test without cutting down on your hits sound? 

Well, this article reviews the Best Synthetic Urine kits to pass those drug tests stress-free.

Jump in!

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Top Synthetic Urine: First Look

  1. Best overall synthetic urine – Clear Choice Incognito Belt
  2. Most reputed synthetic urine – Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine
  3. Best for using more than once – Urinator Powdered Urine
  4. Very informative guides and hacks – TestClear Synthetic Urine Kit
  5. Great for practice – Clear Choice Practice Kit 
  6. Pretty much straightforward use – Quick Luck Premixed Fake Pee
  7. Most affordable quality synthetic urine – Powdered Urine Kit
  8. Really helpful synthetic pee accessories – Quick Fix 6.2 Urine
  9. Best tailored fake pee packs – Quick Fix Plus Kit
  10. Impressive silent peeing valve – Extreme Solution 

Best Synthetic Urine Kits

1. Clear Choice Incognito Belt – Best Synthetic Urine Kit



  • One time use only

Price: $125.00

Wanna beat that drug test comfortably? 

The Incognito Belt synthetic toxin-free urine kit is a sport. And it is backed by Clear Choice’s massive 26 years of experience, so you know you can trust their products.

The good thing is that the synthetic urine kit comes with an adjustable (up to 48”) belt that you can wear under your clothing. So it will probably fit your waist size right. How about that?

Better yet, it’s not just fake pee; the 3.5 oz liquid synthetic urine is treated with 11 natural human urine chemical compounds like Urea to look and smell just as real as your last pee.

Not to mention, the kit comes with 2 heat pads to keep that synthetic urine liquid at normal body temperature.

All you need to do after you wear it is; release the clip at the end, and the fake pee will flow out of the rubber bladder automatically. Easy?

The seasoning is; the fake pee kit has up to 1-year shelf life, which means you can get it earlier in anticipation of a urine drug test.

2. Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine – Best Synthetic Urine Formula


  • Great accessories
  • Been around for 17 years
  • Unisex
  • Fast heat source


  • No urinator

Price: $85.00

If you fancy a tested and proven synthetic urine solution. Then Sub Solution fake urine has been around for the past 17 years! Can it get more assuring than that?

The Sub Solution synthetic urine kit comes with a small plastic collection bottle, a synthetic urine powder vial, a heat activator powder, and an easy-to-follow manual to get around mixing that synthetic pee.

Better still,

Sub Solution guarantees a biocide and toxin-free urine with normal human urine content, including a specific gravity / pH.

And a powerful heat activator to raise that urine temperature to normal body range within seconds! How convenient?

The best part is, you can get a little sly and buy a stash leg belt accessory for $24.95 and sneak in your urine powder, not weed he-he, with no one noticing.

3. Urinator Powdered Urine – Great Reusable Fake Pee Urinator



  • Pricey

Price: $189.95

Urinator Powdered Urine Kit is one of the best and simplest DIY career savers you can find. 

The Urinator fake pee kit comes with a digital yet self-regulated heating element, batteries, two temperature test strips, a syringe, a calibrated bottle, and a powder urine pack

With a side dish of a clear manual to make sure you get that liquid synthetic urine right.

The beauty is that the urinator is reusable, and you also get three 3 FREE powdered synthetic urine packs which you can use for some test runs, cool right?

Also, the kit comes with two temperature strips, so you can ensure your urine sample is within the real urine temperature range before going in.

To cap it off, you get 2 sets of batteries and just one of them can maintain your desired urine temperature for up to 4 hours

How a convenient way to pass that test?

4. TestClear Synthetic Urine Kit – Top Rated Synthetic Urine Reviews


  • Affordable
  • Long heater life
  • Helpful drug test tips and tricks
  • Natural urine contents in fake urine


  • Not premixed

Price: $49.95

Do you know that you don’t have to go deep in your pockets to beat that urine test?

With the Synthetic Urine Kit from Test Clear, you can beat that urine drug test at a massive bargain.

The powdered synthetic urine comes in a vial. But with their easy-to-use synthetic urine instruction sheet, you will come up with perfectly colored urine, with a natural smell and the real urine content like uric acid.

Of course. Test Clear pee kits come with air-activated heaters that can last up to 6 hours, so you don’t have to worry if your drug test is pushed ahead by a couple of hours.

And you don’t have to worry, the kit also has temperature strips for you to make sure the synthetic urine has reached the normal body temperature.

5. Clear Choice Practice Kit – Best Synthetic Urine for Practice


  • Great for beginners
  • Comes with a temperature strip
  • Great instructions
  • Heat activator to help heat


  • No actual synthetic urine

Price: $65.00

Wanna familiarize yourself with synthetic urine kits before or after getting one?

Then think of Clear Choice Practice Kit as a nice training ground and yourself as a great sportsman.

Clear Choice’s Practice Kit gives you the opportunity to kind of train and makes sure you nail the process of making sure your Clear Choice synthetic urine is at the right temperature.

The kit comes with a 3 oz mixing container, a temperature strip for confirmation, a heating pad, and even a heat activator to make sure your fake urine bottle heats up.

To finish it off, the kit instructions are pretty easy to follow and will give you some confidence on your actual fake urine kit and passing drug tests.

6. Quick Luck Premixed Fake Pee – Best Fake Urine for Easy Use



  • Relatively pricey

Price: $100.00

Who said you have to give up that pipe or blunt to pass that drug test? 

Quick Luck Premixed Fake Pee offers you an easy way out where you don’t have to sacrifice anything.

The interesting part with Quick Luck is; the toxin and biocide-free urine come premixed, so you won’t have to do much but heat the mix and turn it up for the urine test.

Also, the urine has been carefully made with 11 human pee chemical compounds like urea and uric acid to create a natural-looking, smelling, and behaving synthetic pee.

With two heat pads and a heat activator powder to give your Quick Luck fake pee that normal right temperature.

7. Powdered Urine Kit – Top Cheap Fake Urine


  • Affordable
  • Long heater life
  • Reusable temperature strip
  • Comes with two heaters


  • Can take up to an hour to heat

Price: $49.95

The Powdered Urine Kit is another affordable way you could go to achieve that negative test result.

Like other powdered urine, all you need is some lukewarm water, and voila! You have your perfect fake pee, with every necessary compound and a real urine look and smell. 

The kit also comes with two heaters to heat up your urine. But you could play safe and get an extra heater just in case your test is delayed. Right? 

Better yet, you don’t just heat blindly. With the temperature strips, you can know exactly when you’re ready to go.

8. Quick Fix 6.2 Urine – Most Helpful Synthetic Urine Accessories



  • Short shelf life

Price: $39.95

Quick Fix 6.2 Urine gives you a more convenient way to keep it trouble-free at work and still pass that test. 


With their toxin-free pre-mixed urine. Which means you won’t have to worry about mixing anything.

To make it even more realistic, the urine has been balanced for pH, urea, specific gravity, creatine, and other human urine characteristics to make it as real as it can be. Yes, even the smell.

Still, you could get extra accessories like the sticky hand warmers to warm up your urine to normal body temperature or the synthetic belt that you can wear under your clothing and pass urine as you would normally.

9. Quick Fix Plus Kit – Best Synthetic Pee Tailored Kit


  • Comes with a realistic prosthetic penis
  • Premixed
  • Lab-tested 
  • Cleanable and reusable


  • Have to heat up in a microwave

Price: $139.95

You don’t have to walk into that drug testing room with some hesitance. Quick Fix Plus Kit is here to help you take that test with some great assurance.

The kit comes with a 1 piss perfect (prosthetic penis), a temperature indicator, 4 sticky hand warmers, quick fix synthetic urine, and pretty simple instructions.

But their customized prosthetic penis is where the magic is. They’re tailored to match your skin color, and you can choose one in either; Latino, Tan, Black, Brown, or White

10. Extreme Solution – Great Synthetic Human Urine Kit for a Silent Running


  • Silent urinator clip
  • Cleanable and reusable
  • Comes with a prosthetic penis
  • Adjustable belt


  • No reviews yet

How much do you fancy a more discrete and reusable synthetic urine kit?

Extreme Solution does just that. The toxin-free urine is put in a bag and attached to an adjustable belt (48”) to wear under your clothes, so it’ll probably fit you, my 420 friend.

Better yet, the synthetic urine kit comes with a prosthetic penis. Not just a random one, but you choose one closest to your skin tone. In options of; Black, Brown, Latino, Tan or White.

The good thing is after using the kit, you can easily detach the synthetic urine bag and valve, clean, take a smoke and save on future purchases.

Best Synthetic Urine Kits: FAQs About Synthetic Urine

Whether you’re a casual marijuana smoker or you buy weed seeds online and grow from scratch, you probably have a lot of questions about synthetic urine.

How Does Fake Pee Work?

Fake Pee is lab manufactured and treated with normal urine compounds like creatine, urea, uric acid, and more to match real human urine as well as possible in color, smell, and even behavior. 

Fake Pee usually comes with other synthetic urine products like; heat pads that you can use to bring up the urine to a normal body temperature of around 98.6℉ or 37℃.

However, different synthetic urine brands offer different qualities of fake pee, so make sure to pick a reputed and trustworthy synthetic urine brand.

Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine in 2022?

Well, some labs can detect synthetic urine, mostly, if the fake pee didn’t meet the color, odor, and density thresholds required in drug tests. This can happen due to a malfunction, e.g. a faulty heating pad, perhaps.

But if your fake pee has the right density, smell, and color, they probably won’t detect it unless they decide to check for the genetic composition of the urine sample. Which lab tests really don’t do as it seems too invasive for a drug urine test.

A good rule of thumb is to get synthetic urine from only the best synthetic urine brands with high-quality fake urine products, e.g. heating pads, temperature strips, that’ll help simulate real human urine as close as possible.

Synthetic Pee Reviews – Is Fake Urine Legit? There’s a site that sells real powdered urine, you just add water to the vial. It worked for me, and I had a physical as well. I wore double underwear and hid it in between. Bit uncomfortable but not noticeable at all Honestly dude fake p*ss is going to be your best bet, even though you’re looking for other answers. That’s just not that long of a time if you’re a heavy user. Yea. Synth urine is great. It’s really one of the greatest assets to passing. I’ve used it maybe 20 or so times and never had a problem. But it is not readily available everywhere… As long as your synthetic urine contains urea/uric acid then you’re fine. Just make sure it’s a passable temperature and you’ll pass no doubt. It’s fake pee, got it at a smoke shop. I was super skeptical but it worked just fine! Just follow the heating instructions Synthetic urine is your only option of passing.

Quick Fix Reviews Nice. Was kinda worried cause I got a drug test coming up pretty soon. I’ve used quick fix once and XStream twice and always passed but still nervous as hell going in there. Every time I’m about to go in the lab I check the temp and it’s too hot so I take the heater off and walk-in, worked so far but I think I just get lucky. Just to update — used Quickfix 6.2 Plus and passed. It was sent to Quest. Passed my 10-panel non DOT test last week using quick-fix 6.2. This was the second time I successfully used quickfix, but last time was in 2012 so I was a bit nervous if they had caught on yet. I just had success with quickfix at LabCorp. I think when it comes to synthetic or friends it all comes down to having the temp within range. : …I didn’t get much sleep and have been super anxious over the last week, but I found out this morning that I’m good to go and I couldn’t be more excited. QF 6.2 worked well for me and was definitely worth the money.

How To Pass a Drug Test for Weed

Passing a drug test is quite simple. The first thing you have to do is have your synthetic urine, which you can sneak in your pockets or bag, or socks. But you’d be safer using synthetic urine through a urine belt under your clothing or a leg strap to hide that small bottle.

If the heating pad isn’t preinstalled, you can then attach your heating pads to the synthetic urine bag a couple of minutes before your sample is taken and raise the temperature to the normal body range (around 98.6℉ or 37℃). Which you can know using a strip thermometer.

After that, you can then transfer this synthetic urine easily into the required container and wait to pass that drug test.

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Other Ways To Pass a Drug Test for THC

Detox drinks are another good method to pass a drug test. Although they don’t give you that assurance, they’re great if you’re a moderate user. Test Negative has some pretty nice detox drinks, with tasteful different flavors.

Also, we came across some pretty cool Custom Detox Program by PassYourTest. Before you get a product, you answer a short questionnaire on your toxicity levels, weight, and more. They then suggest a tailored product for you to detox on.

Which Is the Best Fake Pee?

There are a couple of methods that claim to help you in passing your drug test effectively. But really, nothing offers quite the same level of assurance that using synthetic urine kits gives you. And with these reviews, you have many options at hand.

A great place to start is with Clear Choice Incognito Belt. The toxin-free premixed synthetic urine is manufactured by a reputed brand and comes with a convenient and simple belt to keep it more natural.

Still, Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine is another bang choice. Their synthetic urine is carefully made to appear and smell as real as possible. And Sub Solution has quite the great synthetic urine reputation, too.
Tip: Since most drug test supervisors would give you some time limit when going about your business, you might want to preheat your synthetic urine to the right body temperature before you go in to save on some time.