Is your relationship losing its romantic juice because of sexual satisfaction issues? How much pain, frustration, nagging, and anxieties have poor erection caused you. What have you been doing about it?

So you’re online every now and then, scrolling through several online sex shops, hoping you’ll get the perfect penis pump! But, do you know the best for you among the incredibly diverse erection enhancement instruments?

Do penis pumps really work?

1.HydroMaxSizes: 5”-9”($129-$199); hydro pumping; shower strap; new technology(+35% more effective);
2.HydroXtremeSizes: 3”-11”($209-$399); hydro/air pumping; additional handball for manual pumping; Shower strap and more
3.Hydro7Old Bathmate technology, classic device; up to 5”($110)
4.AndrovacuumElectric air penis pump; penis rings; auto mode; one size($199)
5.FleshpumpBasic features; quality penis pumps($99), size: insertable length 7.3”x3”

In this article, I’ll introduce Bathmate—the water pump for the penis(Hydro7, HydroMax, and HydroXtreme series). You’ll benefit from understanding the matchless qualities of Bathmate: unique technology and exclusively patented design (FDA Registration Number: 3010386378).

Despite their uniqueness, every penis pump has automatic or manual vacuum functions. So if you wonder why anyone would use a penis pump, the answer is simple: For a quick and strong erection!

However, you can feel confused and frustrated, running your eyes across several flasks, electronics, accessories, and designs. But most men desire a penis pump that will not only increase erection but also completely rid them of erectile dysfunction and significantly increase penis size.

How is this penis pump rating created?

I am about to share my experience of testing and using Bathmate pumps. I’ll let you know how it compares with another pump called Penomet. You’ll realize why the Androvacuum pump is the best among electric air pumps. There’s also a Fleshpump from the renowned manufacturer Fleshlight. You will make the best choice after reading my firsthand review.

Here is how I rate the best pumps, which I compiled based on the comparative characteristics of:

  • features
  • tangible benefits
  • results achieved
  • comfort and safety
  • accessories
  • quality of each device
  • packages and prices

There are only 5 of them. But wait, they’re not just penis pumps but safe, effective, and high quality. They are the best among many others that can be found on the market.

What I’m about to share is beyond the misleading and insufficient information on official product websites or forums where people only talk about the convenience of different penis pumps, the comfort and safety, and how each creates practical solutions to erectile dysfunction problems.

TOP-5 Penis Pumps 2022(Hydro/Air Devices)

#1. Bathmate Hydromax

Prices: $129-$199 (size: 3”-9”); Worldwide Shipping: Free; Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days; Warranty: 2 years;

  • Short description

Bathmate Hydromax pump is designed using the latest technology! 35% more efficient than previous versions; this penis pump is for anyone looking for the best among the entire Bathmate series of erection pumps.

You’ll choose the tube size between 3″ to 9″ for maximum benefit. A good size will improve vacuum efficiency and erection penis pump usage. Unfortunately, most penis pumps have standard sizes for every man, making that technology/design ineffective!

Therefore, it’s ideal to have flask sizes that match your penis size. As a result, the vacuum created is effective, the pump action is efficient, and the result is a stable, safe, and enjoyable user experience.

  • How to use HydroMax

Since Hydromax is a water erection pump, it should only be used by drawing warm water into the tube and then placing the penis. This device does not have a manual handball to create a vacuum. So, it’s created automatically.

Here’s how to use HydroMax:

  1. Draw water into the pump and switch the valve to create a vacuum
  2. Press it tightly several times, and you will feel how the vacuum is created.
  3. After 5 minutes, you need to lower it again by switching the valve.
  4. You should massage the penis to disperse the blood, then put it back on and use it for 5 minutes. General series: 3 sets of 5 minutes.

This will be enough to create a powerful erection and, most importantly, to conduct therapy to combat erectile dysfunction.

HydroMax Pros:

  • Automatic vacuum generation
  • Comfortable. Use the HydroMax with water inside the tube where the penis is placed
  • Thanks to the water, the tissues of the penis quickly recover from the action of the vacuum
  • No side effects
  • Penis enlargement effect
  • Gets rid of erectile dysfunction with prolonged use
  • High-quality medical materials
  • No need to consult a doctor
  • Affordable
  • Individual selection of the size of the tube for quality use
  • A unique patented technology for creating a vacuum inside the tube and distributing it throughout the shaft of the penis
  • Fast effect immediately after the first use
  • There is a separate tube size for men whose penis girth is greater than 6.5 inches
  • HydroMax can be used both in the bathtub and in the shower
  • The penis pump creates a comfortable vacuum in automatic mode. It is effective and safe at the same time.

Click here to visit the official HydroMax store

HydroMax Cons:

  • There is no manual handball for penis pumping. If you want to increase the pressure in the tube, you can seal the pump to your body a few more times to increase the vacuum
  • You will not be able to enlarge your penis with this pump. You can only stretch the penile tissues with regular use
  • You won’t find any discounts on these devices. They just don’t exist
  • HydroMax cannot be used without water. The next pump in this HydroXtreme rating can also work with air
  • The HydroMax is a medium-efficiency penis pump, but it is pretty safe

My HydroMax impressions:

It didn’t take long to figure out how to use the best penis pump. After watching a tutorial video, I assembled the device and created a comfortable vacuum on my first attempt.

But, you might ask, how was it? Well, at first, it was a new sensation, but the water made it easier to feel the vacuum while my penis was protected from the direct action of the vacuum.

In addition, HydroMax was much more comfortable to use than air penis pumps, and the erection became powerful after a couple of minutes.

I also want to say that after I dumped the vacuum, the erection remained at the maximum level for a long time. This is by far the best penis pump I’ve ever tried, including manual pumps where you had to create a vacuum by hand pumping. This can be dangerous because you don’t know exactly how much vacuum pressure to apply.

Get your HydroMax pump from the official site

#2. HydroXtreme

Prices: $209-$399 (size: 3”-9”); Worldwide Shipping: Free; Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days; Warranty: 2-years

  • Short description

This is the most powerful penis pump in the Bathmate series and among premium quality, penis pumps on the market. HydroXtreme is a 2-in-1 pump. It’s the HydroMax with its automatic valve-assisted vacuum system and the manual handball that can be easily attached and used by experienced users.

  • How to use the HydroXtreme pump

Using a penis pump without a handball is similar to HydroMax if you decide to connect a pumping handball. Then, you have a special hose to which the handball is attached. Everything connects easily, and now you can use a handball to increase the vacuum pressure. Remember – you need to do it gradually.

To understand how much it needs to be increased, be guided by your feelings. If you feel discomfort or pain, you should stop, and next time, do not use this vacuum power.

  • My HydroXtreme impressions

Some men on the forums said once they bought a HydroXtreme pump, they immediately connected a handball only to complain of side effects. Later it became clear that they were still newbies who did not understand how pumping should be done.

I did not connect the handball until I figured out how the vacuum works. It took about 2 months, but I didn’t see much point in it since the vacuum that could be obtained in automatic mode was quite strong, and it was enough to improve my erection. Moreover, I felt that my erection was getting stronger with each day of use.

HydroXtreme Pros:

  • You can use different modes to create a vacuum: using an automatic valve or a handball
  • The HydroXtreme pump is suitable for men with a penis size from 3 inches to 11.
  • There is a separate pump for men whose penis girth is above 6.5 inches
  • The penis pump does not limit you to the strength of the vacuum. So with it, you can achieve better results in the fight against erectile dysfunction.
  • With prolonged use, HydroXtreme stretches the tissues of your penis and improves blood circulation, which can affect penis growth.
  • It can also be used without water.
  • The erection pump comes with a handy carrying case. It is easy to transport and fit all the spare parts in it.
  • The HydroXtreme comes with a special cream for Jelling and instructions for stretching the penis with your hands. This is an effective tactic to promote penis growth and improve circulation after using the pump.
  • You can choose the pump size directly on the online store.
  • There are many additional accessories for HydroXtreme, such as Vibro Bullet, that make your routine even spicier
  • It gives real results, which is proven by many examples
  • The HydroXtreme is created in the UK in compliance with all quality standards
  • It uses the latest penis pumping technology, which is 35% more efficient than the previous one currently used in the Hydro7 pump

HydroXtreme Cons:

  • The penis pump is quite expensive compared to other Bathmate pumps. This is due to the cost of the technology itself as well as additional accessories.
  • Avoid using a handball if you are a newbie, as you may not know how to manage the vacuum force created by manual pumping
  • Handball usage takes time, so you have to learn how to use a manual pumping
  • When using the pump, you may experience discomfort if you do not follow the instructions.

Order HydroXtreme with a 60-day money-back guarantee

#3. Hydro7

Prices: $115 (size: up to “5); Shipping: Worldwide; Guarantee: 60 days

  • Short description

This is the only pump from the first Bathmate series that uses the original technology. Reputable scientists from the company have achieved groundbreaking results and have embodied them in the Hydromax and HydroXtreme pumps.

At the same time, demand for the first Hydro7 model remained on the rise. Other benefits of this product are the pump uses original technology that works; secondly, it is affordable.

For just $110, you can become the owner of a Bathmate penis pump. However, the penis pump is limited and only suitable for men whose penis size does not exceed 5 inches.

  • How to use Hydro7

The use of the pump is the same as the Hydromax. It can only be used with water in the shower or bath. The principle of operation is the same. Only the efficiency is lower than when using Hydromax or HydroXtreme.

Hydro7 Pros:

  • To date, the penis pump is efficient because it uses an original technology, which for several years it has remained one of its kind
  • The Hydro7 penis pump is very cheap even though it is made of quality materials
  • Using the device is safe if you follow the instructions
  • Inclusive with the pump is a set of necessary accessories

Hydro7 Cons:

  • Hydro7 uses outdated pumping technology that is considered less effective
  • No sizing is available if your penis is over 5 inches long
  • It doesn’t have all the necessary accessories as in the HydroXtreme package
  • No handball for manual pumping
  • Erectile dysfunction takes longer to resolve than with Hydromax or HydroXtreme, which are the best on the market today

My Hydro7 impressions

I will not say I felt any difference when using the Hydro7 and other latest versions of Bathmate pumps. However, at the same time, this penis pump loses to its new models, but still, it remains trusted by an official source. Nevertheless, if I want to try penis pumps that will not require me to spend extra money, I would buy Hydro7.

Get the original Bathmate pump for the best price possible

#4. Androvacuum Manual

Prices: $199 (one size); Worldwide shipping:from $24; Money back: 15 daysl;

  • Short description

This premium air penis pump made it to my TOP 5 for a reason: The manufacturer of this device is the Andromedical laboratory. Androvacuum Manual isan outstanding pioneer that supports men’s health.

The company is known for its exceptional quality in manufacturing penis stretching devices and male enhancement products. The Androvacuum is not just a pump that artificially causes an erection. It is used as a therapy for erectile dysfunction.

Research on the effectiveness of the devices has been published in reputable publications such as theBritish Journal of Urology International (BJUI), SGB of the University of Turin, University of Madrid, and Sexual medical journal ofmedicine.

Therefore, the Androvacuum should be trusted, like all the company’s devices. After all, they are eminent, and the above-mentioned scientific articles have confirmed their effectiveness and reliability.

Other quality products presented on the official website are:

  1. Penis straightener (penis traction device)
  2. Male enhancement supplements (penis, vigor, curvature, muscle, hair, slim, anti-aging)
  3. Penis extender
  4. Erection penis pump (Androvacuum Premium, Manual)

However, among such devices, Androvacuum is an undisputed product with matchless quality, technology, results, and safety. An official guide has been attached to the product; kindly follow through religiously to avoid any problems.

The company’s offices are located in the United States and Spain. The Andromedical S.L. company is very trusted and reputable. It has been on the market for 27 years and has an excellent reputation.

How to use Androvacuum

  1. Lubricate the penis with a special gel
  2. Use the cone you need to put the penis ring, which can be easily transferred to the penis.
  3. The system is quite convenient and simple. Immediately after getting an erection, you can keep it with a penis ring; several of them can be found in the Androvacuum Manual kit.
  4. Note that the penis pump runs on batteries. They are included, and the device is started with one button. So you can always easily and quickly release the vacuum.
  5. Note that by placing the penis in a tube, you’ll feel how the penis pump works—the tissues of the penis stretch, blood flows to it, and it quickly becomes erect.

The beautiful side is that the erection remains for a long time. Therefore, if you use the Androvacuum daily according to the instructions, you can improve your natural erection and stamina in sex.

Androvacuum Pros:

  • One of the best air penis pumps in terms of performance
  • It has been licensed by medical health care and passed clinical studies that recommended its usage.
  • A secure device that is easy to use
  • Thoughtful design, easy to put on the penis ring immediately after using the pump
  • Quick effect – the result immediately after using the pump, which lasts a long time
  • Fight against erectile dysfunction. With constant use, it can completely get rid of erectile problems and strengthen your stamina.
  • European design with top-notch medical materials of high quality
  • Money Back Guarantee

Androvacuum Cons:

  • A classic technology that has many disadvantages
  • Any deviations in the time of use can lead to side effects
  • With direct contact of the head of the penis with a vacuum, painful tissue rupture and the appearance of redness of the penis can occur

My Androvacuum impressions

Previously I have tried different air pumps, such as the Outdoor Master Ball, NIXY Ventus, and SereneLife, and I have always wondered how they can even be used with such a strong vacuum and how they can be controlled in these devices.

But as for Androvacuum, everything here was produced with extremely high quality, and I was not afraid that the vacuum would be dangerous for my penis. On the contrary, I just enjoyed a good and fast erection.

Unlike in the case of Bathmate, which takes a long time to prepare before using the penis pump and draw water, close the valve, and create a vacuum. However, everything was simple and straightforward in this case – you had to press a button and stick your penis into the pump. I still use Androvacuum before sex if I feel like I can’t get a quick erection before sex.

#6. Fleshpump by Fleshlight

Prices: $99.95 (insertable length 7.3”x3”); Shipping: Free; Money back: 30 days

  • Short description

This pump is 13.3 inches long as an assembly, although you may need about 8 inches in real-time. The insertable size is 7.4”x3”. The manufacturer of Fleshpump is a well-known company called Fleshlight which has become famous for selling sex toys of the highest quality.

For this kind of penis pump, the principle or mechanism of operation repeats many of the same pumps on the market. But, at the same time, buying this product guarantees a return on investment.

When choosing similar pumps, the one you choose must meet the following standards:

  • It was made of quality materials
  • Its action was not associated with any dangers to the penis
  • You had the necessary controllability of the pump
  • You could quickly bleed the vacuum if needed
  • You did not need to consult with a medical professional before buying

How to use Fleshpump:

  1. Ensure you shave your pubic hair
  2. Lubricate your penis with a special gel that comes with the kit
  3. Put your penis in a tube
  4. Start pressing the vacuum start button in the pump.
  5. Continue to use the pump and operate the vacuum force for 5 minutes. You can end the session earlier and reuse it but within 5 minutes
  6. Relieve the vacuum by simply pressing the vacuum release valve
  7. Use a penis ring to secure an erection

Fleshpump Pros:

  • It is easy to use
  • Quality construction
  • Certified and tested product
  • Not only creates an instant erection but can also be used in the prophylaxis of erectile dysfunction
  • It is not dangerous for your sexual health
  • Always gives guaranteed results
  • Safe and convenient purchase on the manufacturer’s website

Fleshpump Cons:

  • Like any air penis pump, improper use can cause side effects and discomfort
  • No penis rings included keeping an erection
  • Classic design without innovation
  • The size of the tube is universal. There is no way to personalize it for more efficient use

Visit Fleshlight website to order your pump

How to choose the right penis pump for yourself?

So, in my rating, I have identified the best 5 penis pumps based on their features, benefits in operation, method of use, technology, quality, and medical recommendations. But, at the same time, you should know that the selection of a pump should be carried out based on your preferences, wishes, goals, and objectives that you’ve set.

What could it be?

Penis pumps can not only cause an erection for a short time, but you can immediately use and prolong the effect with a penis ring.

Penis pumps also:

  1. Help to get rid of erectile dysfunction
  2. Improve sexual stamina, which is essential for quality sex
  3. Help you recover faster after intercourse to start a new one
  4. Stimulate your sexual desire, arousal
  5. Improve your control over ejaculation
  6. Help to visually enlarge the penis due to additional blood flow to it and stretching the penis

Visit Bathmate website to choose your penis pump

Therefore, you should base your choice on your priorities; each of the pumps listed above can be the best for you.

More HydroMax benefits

  • HydroMax penis pump allows you to choose the size, which improves the efficiency of use. In addition, hydro-pumping technology is an entirely new experience for anyone who has ever tried an air pump.
  • Hydro penis pumps cause an erection and improve it without pain, tissue ruptures, affects the entire shaft of the penis, and still, you do not need to recover from pumping.
  • The erection occurs more naturally due to the water in the tube. It helps to relax the tissues of the penis, quickly restores it, and the vacuum becomes gentle, and you can use it more effectively to stretch the penis.

Official Hydromax store: Buy now

More HydroXtreme benefits

This multifunctional penis pump will definitely be needed by those who earnestly and permanently decide to use a safe pump with a hydro pump for the best results. However, someone has considered this pump as a penis enlargement tool, this ideology is outrightly wrong, and there are no statements confirming these claims.

At the same time, pumping stretches the tissues of the penis and increases blood flow to it, which means that the effect can be achieved. But I would not recommend beginners to buy this pump since you may not use its manual pumping function.

The HydroMax will be enough for you. But, on the other hand, this is the only correct option for men who have already tried a penis pump and want to use the best one.

Official HydroXtreme store: Buy now

More Androvacuum Benefits

For those men who chose a good medical device with classic air pumping technology, I suggest choosing this penis pump. It is simpler and more understandable for many men, especially those who do not set long-term goals of combating weak erections.

Therapy with this pump may be less effective and have side effects than if you were using a hydro pump. On the other hand, Androvacuum will be convenient for those who use the pump to prepare themselves for sex quickly or use it for a while to improve erection. But it would help if you were ready for the daily routine.

Official Androvacuum store: Buy now

More Fleshpump Benefits

So far, there has not been any evidence medically to support the effectiveness of this erection pump. In addition, you need to understand that not every pump can increase erection without side effects.

This is important to note because when we talk about air pumps and their use, the head of your penis comes into contact with a vacuum, which can be fraught with capillary ruptures, redness, and discomfort.

Official Fleshpump store: Buy now

Note these tips

Hydro penis pumping is more modern and requires gentle technology to enhance erection, showing a much better result than pumping with an air pump. So, when we talk about Fleshlight, you can be sure of the quality of the device, but I would not regard its purchase as a therapy for getting rid of erectile dysfunction.


Sustainable solutions are gotten when the right choice is made. We have looked at various penis pumps tested, trusted, and validated. However, I still urge you to make your findings, especially from publications that have attested to their effectiveness.

In this article, my goal was to help select the best pump with its description, pros, and cons. Understand that; It is impossible to correctly choose a penis pump by reading just the general characteristics.

However, you have to understand how the erection pump works, its effectiveness, and its convenience since there could be a no-one-pump-fits-all, and everyone is entitled to their personal opinion.

Finally, to achieve your goal with your choice pump, carefully read the reviews of users like me so you can understand what a penis pump is all about and how it can change your sex life.

Check out the official penis pump websites to place an order:

  1. Bathmate (HydroMax, HydroXtreme, Hydro7) –
  2. Androvacuum –
  3. Fleshpump –

Here are some medical references:

WebMD[1] –
Moorgate[2] –
Netdoctor[3] –

MAYO CLINIC [4]- A penis pump might create an erection firm enough for you to have sexual intercourse.
 In many cases, the Penis Pump is the best, and countless men have successfully overcome erectile dysfunction with a vacuum device.