What is a penis pump used for? In most cases, it is purchased to improve erectile functions. After using the pump, you get a strong erection, which is easy to prolong using a penis ring.

It’s really easy to get an erection with a pump, and it’s a much-needed device for those who want to be guaranteed to get ready for sex. So naturally, penis pumps are sold in many sex shops, and the number of models is simply incredible.

At the same time, such air pumps can be dangerous for the health of your penis, and there is no need to talk about erectile dysfunction therapy here.

But there is a completely different category of penis pumps called hydro pumps, which the Bathmate brand introduced to its customers in 2006. These pumps are distinguished by the fact that negative pressure is created in the tube.

There is warm water, which effectively conducts the vacuum and distributes it throughout the shaft of the penis. And micro tears that form during pumping heal quickly due to the beneficial effects of water.

Thus, you do not just get an erection without painful tearing of the penis tissues. In addition, the use of Bathmate technology pumps improves your erectile function. It increases blood flow so that the tissues of the penis will take in more blood, which means that the penis becomes visually larger in an erect state.

So, you have already guessed that I will talk about water penis pumps in this comparison review.

The main thing is that I tried all three Bathmate penis pumps I use in the review and ensure they are safe, effective, and easy to use. I tried to find any other water penis pumps, but all of them are not worthy of your attention.

Compiling the rating of the TOP-5 pumps, I proceeded from:

  • features of each pump
  • its benefits
  • results
  • a comfort
  • additional accessories for comfort and efficiency

I selected these 3 pumps with market knowledge using testimonials, real user reviews, and the ratings they make on erection improvement forums.

There are dozens of different brands on the market now, well-known and not so, while most of them do not meet the criteria for quality, safety, or effectiveness. Therefore, the 3 hydro pumps from this comparative review really deserve the title of the best.

1.HydroMaxSizes: 5”-9”($129-$199); new technology(+35% more effective than previous one); 60 days money back; 2 years warranty
2.HydroXtremeSizes: 3”-11”($209-$399); hydro/air pumping; handball for manual pumping; Shower strap; capsule case;
3.Hydro7The first Bathmate serie; up to 5”($110); the original hydro pumping technology;

I advise anyone who wants to use the penis pump to be sure to register on the forums where users discuss the routine associated with the pumps. This should be done immediately after purchasing a quality penis pump.

TOP-3 Penis Pumps of 2022

#1. Bathmate HydroMax

Prices: $129-$199 (size: 3”-9”); Worldwide Shipping: Free; Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days; Warranty: 2 years;

  • Brief description:

This is the most demanded series for Bathmate pumps since it is Hydromax that ideally combines the latest development in penis pumping technology, which is 35% more efficient than the previous one (Hydro7), as well as cost and mode of operation.

With an automatic valve, you quickly create a vacuum and release it. You also create a comfortable vacuum with just the right power to make pumping efficient yet safe.

I also want to point out that Hydromax penis pumps come in different sizes according to the parameters of your penis. This is important as universal size means lower pump efficiency. The vacuum works best in a tube with suitable penis size. This technical feature is forgotten by other manufacturers who use the technology for some reason.

  • How to Use HydroMax:

The HydroMax pump is easy to prepare for use in the shower or bath. Both methods of use are considered equally effective. In the first case, you can relax and not hold the penis pump with your hands.

In the second case, you will have to keep it in the shower using your hands or fix a special shower strap around your neck, so you don’t have to hold the pump.

  • It would help if you shaved your scrotum and pubis
  • Switch the valve to “Closed” mode
  • Fill the tube with warm water to the brim
  • Insert the penis into the tube and press the corrugation to the pubis with several movements
  • The vacuum will be created immediately, and you will feel it
  • Make a few movements from and to yourself with the pump to adjust the strength of the vacuum and make it work effectively.
  • After 3-5 minutes, release the penis from the tube, re-create the vacuum, and so on 3 times. In total – about 12-15 minutes of pumping per day

HydroMax Pros:

  • The vacuum is created automatically
  • You get the erection immediately after using the pump
  • Hydromax helps to get rid of erection problems through daily use for several months
  • The size of an erection can increase since more blood enters the penis and the tissues of the penis are better stretched.
  • Comfortable and painless use
  • No side effects when used correctly
  • Fast recovery of penis tissues due to water in the tube
  • High-quality materials and European assembly of the device
  • The Hydromax price is lower than for the HydroXtreme series. This also explains the popularity of the pump

HydroMax Cons:

  • The unit does not have the manual pumping handball found on the HydroXtreme pumps, so you can’t control the pumping force enough to enhance the results.
  • Hydromax pumps are sold at a standard price. There are no discounts on them
  • This pump is designed to be used with water only, unlike the HydroXtreme, which can also be used without water.

My experience with HydroMax:

HydroMax pump is really easy to use, even for a newbie. As soon as I unpacked the Bathmate parcel, I already saw the pump assembly. It only remained to figure out how it works. It is better to use not standard instructions for this but videos, many of which are on Youtube.

I liked that the vacuum was not hard on my penis as with air pumps. At the same time, I could increase the pressure by simply moving the pump corrugations away from me and towards me. In addition, the vacuum is quite persistent; I feel the vacuum pressure is strong, and my penis immediately becomes erect.

At the same time, the erection itself could last half an hour if I started having sex. So it’s an incredible experience, and after using a hydro penis pump, I would never use an air pump simply because it is a completely different experience and result.

Click here to visit the HydroMax official store

#2. HydroXtreme

Prices: $209-$399 (size: 3”-9”); Worldwide Shipping: Free; Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days; Warranty: 2-years

  • Brief description:

I would consider purchasing this pump for anyone who has ever tried penis pumping or is already an advanced user. I could put this device first in my rating of the best hydro penis pumps. However, its cost is higher than that of HydroMax, although this is justified, but not for newbies.

The fact is that HydroXtreme repeats the functions of HydroMax in terms of automatic operation. But, at the same time, with the help of a special hose and a manual handball, you can switch it to manual control mode and improve the vacuum force to enhance the pumping effect.

The fact is that this approach can ensure the growth of penis tissue, which is necessary to increase erection. I mean penis size. The fact is, the HydroXtreme pump gives you the ultimate penis pumping experience.

So you can work on enhancing the effect. This applies to getting rid of erection problems and increasing the size of an erect penis. Although this is not the claimed result when using the pump.

  • How to use HydroXtreme:

If you decide to buy HydroXtreme, you can use it with or without a handball. As a rule, the second option is preferable for newbies or those men who do not aim to get a quick result.

However, manual pumping can be dangerous if you are still a newbie and do not know how to control the power of the vacuum. In addition, it can harm the penis.

Simple operations are enough to connect the hose and handball,: put on the hose and attach the handball to it in no more than 20 seconds.

With manual pumping, you create a vacuum by pressing the handball, being consistent, and don’t use too much pressure. In case of discomfort, immediately switch the pressure valve, so it quickly subsides.

  • My Experience with HydroXtreme:

Buy the most powerful HydroXtreme penis pump

I want to say that I originally bought HydroXtreme, since it is actually the same HydroMax, but also with additional features such as manual pumping. Plus, I liked the package with all the accessories.

Yes, this is the most expensive pump in the Bathmate series, while its cost is justified by the fact that there is:

  • Optional selection of pump sizes from 3 ” to 11″
  • There is a separate pump size for men with a wide penis (6,5”)
  • Connecting a handball and engaging in manual pumping by increasing pressure to improve results is possible. You can quickly eliminate erection problems and significantly increase the erection, which will look much larger than before.
  • HydroXtreme includes a reliable case, shower strap, towel, ruler, Jlelking lubricants, and all necessary pump cleaning accessories. Easy and simple to take care of

HydroXtreme pros:

  • A large number of sizes, the exact selection of which helps to make pumping really effective
  • You can apply 2 pumping modes at once – manual and automatic
  • Special pump size for men whose penis width is over 6.5 inches
  • HydroXtreme is the only pump in the Bathmate series that can significantly increase the size of an erect penis through prolonged use. When pumping, micro tears of penis tissues occur. Their scarring can form new tissue. Thus, in fact, you achieve the effect of increasing erection.
  • The HydroXtreme pump can be used not only in the shower or bath but also without water
  • A complete set of accessories, a convenient capsule case – all this helps to store and transport the pump
  • Special set for Jelqing, lubrication, and instruction help to diversify the routine and improve your results
  • The penis pump is designed for long-term use. You can pump for many months and years to maintain or improve your results. At the same time, the HyroXtreme does not lose its properties and cannot be damaged. Its flask is made of high-quality plastic that does not beat. I dropped it many times in the shower, and it fell on the tiles, and there was not a single scratch on it
  • Manual pumping becomes a necessity when you use the automatic pumping mode for several months in a row. And all because the penis gets used to the same pressure, you need to increase it to achieve better results.

HydroXtreme Cons

  • I would not recommend using this pump for newbies. They often buy it and immediately start with a manual pump, and this feature is definitely not for newbies since you need to feel good pressure to use it.
  • The HydroXtreme is the most expensive pump in the Bathmate range. Most likely due to additional accessories, such as a handball with a hose, as well as filling the bag
  • Manual pumping can be dangerous to use, even by experienced users. If they constantly increase pressure and the penis does not have time to get used to the loads, you can feel not only discomfort but also harm your penis

Order HydroXtreme (60-day money-back)

#3. Hydro7

Prices: $115 (size: up to “5); Shipping: Worldwide; Guarantee: 60 days

  • Brief description of the pump:

This series is the latest of the earliest developed by Bathmate. Today it is the only Bathmate pump that uses the older pumping technology. No, it cannot be said that it is inefficient, but its use is not so effective as with HydroMax and HydroXtreme series(the new technology is improved by 35%).

And yet, due to its price of $110, the penis pump is in demand and is not removed from sale.

This model is especially relevant for those who just want to try what pumping with a hydro pump is. So, yes, this is a test option.

  • How to use the Hydro7:

Hydro7 is a complete pump from Bathmate that uses water inside a tube. It is suitable for use in the bath or shower, and after using it, you will immediately see a powerful erection.

On the other hand, this pump has a minimum of accessories, which makes its purchase not as successful as in the case of buying a HydroMax or HydroXtreme.

Hydro7 Pros:

  • Inexpensive and efficient pump from the Bathmate brand
  • Guaranteed quality of the pump and the hydro pumping technology itself
  • Easy use
  • It can be used in both shower and bath
  • Included with the pump is the necessary set of accessories

Hydro7 Cons:

  • Older Bathmate technology than HydroMax and HydroXtreme, which are 35% more efficient than Hydro7
  • There is only one pump size that is suitable for men whose penis size does not exceed 5 inches in length
  • There is no handball for manual pumping
  • Results take longer with Hydro7 than with HydroMax or HydroXtreme

My Hydro7 experience:

I tried this pump after using HydroXtreme for several months. Compared to other Bathmate series, Hydro7 excels in the workmanship quality and the vacuum power it creates. However, I had to work hard to get enough pulling power that I’m used to using the HydroXtreme.

Get the original Bathmate pump

How to choose the Right Bathmate pump?

Bathmate pump series differ in technology, price, dimensions, and a set of accessories included in the package.

The right selection should begin with the goals and objectives you set for penis pumping.

This can be getting a quick erection, fighting erectile dysfunction, and increasing the size of the penis in an erect state.

  1. I would recommend that you first go to the section with the selection of a penis pump by size on the Bathmate website. You can double-check your penis size and see the available options. Accurate sizing is the basis for high-quality and efficient pumping
  2. Then you can proceed to the selection of a series of pumps for purchase
  3. I recommend choosing the HydroMax pump if you are not planning on manual pumping and the HydroXtreme if you are serious about getting quick results and increasing your erection on a permanent basis. However, if you just want to test the hydro penis pumping and use it more to get an immediate erection, then buy the Hydro7, an inexpensive and easy-to-use pump with which you can achieve your small goals of getting rid of erection problems.
  4. When choosing a series of Bathmate pumps, remember that each penis pump helps to get a quick erection. But in turn, the HydroMax pump is more efficient than the Hydro7 due to the new technology, which is 35% more efficient. At the same time, HydroXtreme has a wider range of sizes, which means it will be more efficient to use.

When I first got acquainted with the Bathmate product, it was unclear how pumps and rulers differed and what results I could achieve. Of course, I knew I wanted to get rid of erectile dysfunction and enlarge my penis.

But, at the same time, I got confused that I still needed to choose the right series of pumps according to the size of the penis and the pumping method (manual or automatic).

You should know that the first series of Bathmate is effective, but it is more suitable for newbies. HydroMax is more effective for those not pumping for more than 6 months, as you want to increase the vacuum load.

But the HydroXtreme pump is for those serious about penis pumping and achieving better results through manual pumping, more accurate pump sizing, and additional accessories for comfort.

Don’t buy fake

You should also be aware that many imitations of the Bathmate pump and pumps copy the original technology and pass it off as their own.

Bathmate’s official websites are indicated below:

 It is recommended to make a purchase only in this way because:

  1. You are guaranteed to buy the original pump
  2. When purchasing a pump on the official website, you get a 2-year warranty
  3. You get a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  4. You will have a choice of all the optional accessories that Bathmate has to offer.
  5. We always have all sizes in stock, and you will be sent exactly the one you order by a convenient postal service.
  6. Delivery is free

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathmate Pumps

  1. Will the choice of pump series and size affect the quality of the pump?

The penis pump should be selected according to its goals and penis size. With Hydro7, you will achieve minimal results in erection quality. HydroMax is a convenient and effective penis pump for fighting erectile dysfunction. HydroXtreme is the most powerful hydro pump that can effectively fight erectile dysfunction faster than other pumps and increase penis size.

  • Can I harm my penis using Bathmate?

You should know that side effects are the pump’s consequences, not as directed. Some men, seeking to achieve quick results, increase the strength of the pump and endure discomfort.

But because of this pump use, you can harm your penis. On the other hand, those users who follow the instructions never experience discomfort or side effects. The HydroXtreme pump is the most efficient, but you can harm your health if used incorrectly. Remember, when pumping, you should be guided by your feelings.

  • What exactly can I get with a penis pump?
  • Improved erection with continuous use
  • Fast erection after use
  • You will be able to train your sexual stamina and have sex longer
  • You will be able to increase your sexual desire
  • You will be able to recover faster after ejaculation and have sex again

  • Are hydro pumps really that different from air pumps?

Visit Bathmate official site to choose your pump

The difference is felt literally in everything – from your feelings during the pumping to the results you get. Hydro penis pumping is a new level of comfort with a device that does not give side effects but helps eliminate erectile dysfunction.

Pumping with an air pump is of lower quality and more dangerous. However, the consequences are important. The results are much less noticeable, the erection sometimes fades very quickly after pumping, and side effects often appear due to the direct impact of the vacuum on the mucous membrane of the penis.

  • What happens if I stop using the pump? Will everything return as it was?

In fact, it all depends on how you will support the changes that will occur after using the penis pump. Men who use the device for several months regularly see results.

But then you have to support them either with regular pumping, albeit not as intense, or with a lifestyle: more sports, healthy eating, less alcohol and smoking, fewer bad habits, and regular sleep. In addition, you must monitor your health so your erection is always in good shape.


Bathmate penis pumps have revolutionized the market. Due to the new technology and the results obtained, pumping with the help of the Bathmate has become a real therapy in the fight against erectile dysfunction, and the desire of men to get a strong erection and its size is larger than it was realizable.

In fact, you should have your own pumping program, where you will write down how much and when you pumped and what results you got. In addition, it would help if you noted all the changes that occurred and studied the dynamics of the vacuum pressure used to improve your results and evaluate the pump’s effectiveness.

That being said, Bathmate gives you the best tools to deal with erectile dysfunction. This brand’s pumps and their own patented technology will allow you to realize your full potential of male power and use it all the time, as it should be.

Among all the erection improvement methods, penis pumping is the most effective, safe, and does not take much time. Just 15 minutes a day. That being said, you can also use penis exercises to achieve even better results.

In general, pumping opens up opportunities for you that you did not have before in the fight against erectile dysfunction. So use this technique for the best results and devices like the Bathmate, whichever pump series you choose.

Order one of the best penis pumps from Bathmate:

  1. Hydromax – official store
  2. HydroXtreme – official store
  3. Hydro7 – official store