Sex is a huge part of any relationship, but it can be tough to keep the fire alive when you’re stuck in the same routine. 

Let us introduce you to the best-kept secret in bedroom antics—remote control vibrators.

These beauties can spice up your solo time or couple’s play in ways you never thought possible.

Keep reading to learn about the best remote control vibrators, how they work, and the features we absolutely love.

But First… How Do You Use a Remote Control Sex Toy?

Most remote controlled sex toys can be used in one of 2 ways: with a physical remote control or with a smartphone app. These controls are used to adjust the vibration settings, intensity, and vibe patterns. 

1. Physical Remote Control (the old-fashioned way)

If your vibrator comes with a physical remote control, that’s probably the easiest way to get started. Just turn on the vibrator and hold down the power button on the remote until it reaches the intensity level you want.

Then, sit back and enjoy!

2. Smartphone App Control (the cool, modern way)

If your vibrator is controlled remotely by a smartphone app, the process is a little different. First, you’ll need to download the app and create an account. Then, pair your phone with the vibrator via Bluetooth.

You can sometimes also give a long-distance partner access to your sex toy via Wi-Fi, allowing them to control your pleasure from 1,000s of miles away. Neat, right?

The Top 22 Remote Control Vibrators

Now that we’ve popped your cherry, let’s dive headfirst into the world of interactive self-pleasure.

1. Lovense Lush 3 (Rating: 5/5)


  • Syncs to music
  • 5 hours of continuous play
  • Impressive 30ft range


  • $119.00

Lush 3 is the latest Bluetooth egg vibrator from Lovense.

This little beauty is designed to sync with music, so you can enjoy a hands-free experience while you play your favorite songs. And with up to 5 hours of continuous play, you can keep the party going all night long. 

The Lovense Lush 3’s redesigned antenna means you’ll get even more pleasure from this toy. The fixed tail keeps it in just the right place and at just the right angle for the kind of O’s you really deserve.

The Lovense Lush 3 is one of the few remote controlled vibrators that can also be used as a long distance sex toy, using a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to give your partner control from afar.

2. We-Vibe Vector (Rating: 4.9/5)


  • Prostate & perineum stimulation
  • Custom vibration patterns
  • 2-year warranty


  • $139.00

Guys, are you looking for a little extra stimulation during sex? Say hello to the WeVibe Vector. 

This vibrating prostate massager is specifically designed to provide targeted stimulation to the prostate and perineum, giving you all the sensations you need to reach new heights of pleasure. 

Plus, with the We-Connect app, you can create custom vibration patterns that will send you over the edge. And if that’s not enough, the Vector also comes with a dedicated remote control for easy use.

Best of all, the Vector comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can be confident that your product will last. Don’t be scared of a little prostate play, fellas!

3. Lelo LYLA 2 (Rating: 4.9/5)


  • SenseMotion™ technology
  • 3x wireless range
  • Almost silent vibrations


  • $159.00

The Lelo LYLA 2 is a bullet vibrator that comes with a wireless remote. It’s pretty much the Cadillac of bullet vibrators if you’re into that sort of thing.

The SenseMotion™ technology responds to movements of the remote, so you can get your groove on without having to worry about fumbling with buttons. And if that wasn’t enough, the LYLA 2 has almost silent vibrations, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the neighbors.

This remote control vibe comes with a 1-year replacement warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that your investment is fully protected.

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg (Rating: 4.8/5)


  • G-spot stimulation
  • 30ft wireless range
  • 100% waterproof


  • $40.00

The Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg provides powerful G-spot stimulation. This toy’s ergonomic design ensures that it hits all the right spots and never leaves you wanting more (hopefully!)

It has a wireless range of up to 30 feet, so you can play with your partner even when you’re not in the same room. Plus, it’s 100% waterproof, so you can take it into the shower or tub for some wet and wild fun.

Whether you’re using it on your own or as a couple, the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg will make your next session even more intense.

5. Lelo Tiani 3 (Rating: 4.8/5)


  • SenseMotion™ remote
  • Dual pleasure device
  • 100% waterproof


  • $179.00

Ladies, if you’re looking for a little extra oomph in your life, look no further than the Lelo Tiani 3.

This powerful little pleasure device comes with SenseMotion™ technology, meaning the remote responds to movement. And whether you’re in the mood for a slow build or want to go all out from the get-go, the Tiani 3 has you covered with 8 different pleasure settings.

Plus, it’s whisper quiet and 100% waterproof, making it a versatile toy for any situation. So no matter how wet or wild you want to get, you can add a little spice to your life with this remote controlled vibrator.

6. Lovense Dolce (Rating: 4.8/5)


  • Clitoral & G-spot stimulation
  • Adjustable neck
  • Dual motors


  • $119.00

If you’re looking for a vibrator that can do it all, the Lovense Dolce should be at the top of your list.

This dual-ended remote control vibrator offers clitoral and G-spot stimulation, plus an adjustable neck to fit you in all the right ways. Plus, Dolce’s dual motors make it more powerful than most other vibrators on the market.

With up to 2 hours of continuous use, this vibe will make you feel like the goddess you are. In addition, the Lovense Remote app allows for customization of the vibration intensity and patterns to indulge yourself to your heart’s content.

7. CalExotics Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator (Rating: 4.7/5)


  • 30ft wireless range
  • Hand-held remote control
  • 70 minutes of continuous use


  • $63.99

This sex toy is designed to be worn beneath your panties, so you can enjoy discreet fun wherever you go. Plus, the wireless range is 30ft, so your partner can control the vibration settings from across the room with the hand-held remote.

With 12 intense power and vibration settings, there’s sure to be a setting that gets you off. And if that’s not enough, the vibrator is also waterproof for shower play alone or with a partner. 

With this CalExotics egg vibrator, pleasure is literally in the palm of your hand.

8. Lovense Nora (Rating: 4.7/5)


  • Flexible vibrating arm
  • Rotating head
  • G-spot stimulation


  • $99.00

The Lovense Nora is a high-tech rabbit vibrator that might just make your wildest dreams come true. 

With its flexible vibrating arm and rotating head for G-spot stimulation, you’ll be able to achieve orgasmic bliss like never before. And with the Lovense app, you can control each part of the vibrator independently, meaning you can customize your experience to perfection.

Whether you’re playing locally or long-distance, this remote controlled vibrator is sure to take your pleasure to new heights. Add this little gem to your toy collection and let the good times roll.

9. B-Vibe Remote Control Vibrating Silicone Jeweled Butt Plug (Rating: 4.6/5)


  • 15 vibration patterns
  • 90 minutes of continuous use
  • Jeweled design


  • $124.99

B-Vibe’s vibrating butt plug is made for those who want to take their anal play to the next level. It’s also extremely pretty.

This jeweled sex toy comes complete with 15 vibration patterns and 6 intensity levels, so you can always find the right setting to get you going. And with up to 90 minutes of continuous use, you’ll be able to enjoy backdoor fun all night long.

Plus, the handheld remote means your partner can get in on the fun and add a little sparkle, even from afar.

10. Lovense Ferri (Rating: 4.6/5)


  • Magnetic panty vibrator
  • Clitoral stimulation
  • Sound activated


  • $99.00

Simply put, Lovense Ferri is a game-changing panty vibrator.

This magnetic panty vibrator will stay securely in place while delivering intense stimulation to your most sensitive areas. The best part? The Ferri is sound-activated, so you can sync it to music for a truly immersive experience.

If you’re feeling frisky, you can even hand over control to your partner—thanks to the Ferri’s wireless range, they can make you quiver from up to 30 feet away.

Plus, with its whisper-quiet vibrations, you’ll be able to enjoy all the Ferri has to offer without anyone being the wiser.

11. Melt by We-Vibe (Rating: 4.6/5)


  • Pleasure Air technology
  • Clitoral stimulation
  • 2 hours of continuous play


  • $149.00

Meet Melt by We-Vibe, the wireless remote control sex toy that’s best suited for couples’ play.

With its Pleasure Air technology, it provides gentle suction to your clit, giving you the feeling of being wrapped in a cloud of pleasure. Plus, it’s designed to fit snugly between partners so you can both enjoy the 12 intensity levels while getting busy.

Melt is waterproof for underwater fun, and with 2 hours of continuous play, you might just have to call in sick to work tomorrow. Don’t worry, your sex life will thank you.

12. Lovehoney Double Act Remote Control G-Spot & Clitoral Vibrator (Rating: 4.6/5)


  • 2 powerful motors
  • Dual stimulation
  • Bulbous shaft


  • $74.99

The Lovehoney Double Act Remote Control G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator should leave you feeling fulfilled in every way.

This powerful little number has 2 motors: one to target your G-Spot and one to stimulate your clitoris, so you can enjoy blended orgasms that will make you weak in the knees.

The bulbous shaft is designed to reach your G-Spot with ease, while the 3 speeds and 7 patterns allow you to customize your pleasure.

This remote control vibrator is splashproof for potential shower time fun, and it can easily be controlled with a hand-held remote.

13. Lelo Hugo (Rating: 4.6/5)


  • Prostate stimulation
  • Dual vibrating motors
  • SenseMotion™ technology



The Lelo Hugo remote control vibrator promises to give you longer, more intense climaxes.

This unique prostate massager features dual vibrating motors that deliver intense stimulation, as well as a waterproof design that makes it perfect for use in the shower or tub.

Additionally, the motion-controlled interface makes it easy to change up the vibration patterns to find the right settings for you. And if that wasn’t enough, the Lelo Hugo also comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can be confident that it will last. 

Very few sex toys offer THIS level of anal stimulation.

14. We-Vibe Jive (Rating: 4.5/5)


  • G-spot vibrator
  • Flexible arm design
  • 2 hours of continuous play


  • $119.00

Looking for a little extra stimulation during your next solo session? Or maybe you want to add some spice to partner play? Either way, the We-Vibe Jive is coming in clutch.

This wearable G-spot vibrator is designed to give you both internal and external sensations, with a flexible arm that hits all your sensitive spots. Plus, it comes with an impressive 2-hour battery life, so you can play for as long as you want.

Still not convinced? The We-Connect app lets you control the vibration patterns remotely, meaning you can have even more fun with your partner at the helm… whether they’re across the room or on another continent. 

15. Lovense Osci 2 (Rating: 4.5/5)


  • Oscillating feature
  • Adjustable programs
  • Sync to music


  • $99.00

The Lovense Osci 2 is a wireless remote control vibrator that will make you second-guess everything you thought you knew about sex.

This bad boy doesn’t just vibrate – it oscillates, meaning the vibrations move in and out. And not just any old in-and-out – we’re talking back and forth, up and down, all around.

It’s like getting a massage but better because it’s focused on teasing your G-spot until you’re ready to explode.

With 3 vibration levels and 10 patterns, the Lovense Osci 2 is sure to please anyone who likes to get off… which should be everyone, if you ask me.

16. Vibease (Rating: 4.4/5)


  • Syncs with audio erotica
  • Long-distance control
  • Panty vibrator


  • $89.25

Sexting is about to get a lot more fun with the Vibease vibrator.

This remote control panty vibrator device is specifically designed to be used during long-distance virtual sex, so you can still get your fix even when your partner is far away.

The Vibease supports chat, voice, and video calls, so you can hear each other moan and groan in real-time The interactive touchpad lets you control each other’s pleasure.

With the app, you can sync your vibrator with audio erotica in the Vibease library or create custom vibration patterns to suit your mood. 

It’s definitely one of the best remote control vibrators for teasing yourself in public or private!

17. Lelo IDA (Rating: 4.4/5)


  • Rotating vibrator
  • Designed for couples
  • SenseMotion™ technology


  • $179.00

The Lelo IDA is a spicy way to add a little extra excitement to your next sexual encounter. 

This rotating vibrator offers a whirling sensation precisely for G-spot stimulation, and with SenseMotion™ technology, you can control the movements with just a flick of the wrist.

IDA’s punchy vibrations will keep you coming back for more, and with its compact size, it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. 

Whether you’re in the mood for some slow and sensual stimulation or you’re ready to go full throttle, the Lelo IDA has you covered with 8 settings to tease and satisfy. 

If you want a unique sensation, the IDA is definitely one of the best remote control vibrators to try.

18. We-Vibe Moxie (Rating: 4.4/5)


  • Clitoral stimulation
  • Slip-proof magnet
  • 2-year warranty


  • $129.00

The We-Vibe Moxie is a small but mighty clitoral vibrator that can be worn underneath your clothes. Moxie gives you a discreet yet powerful way to get off, no matter where you are. 

The slip-proof magnet design will keep the toy in place no matter how much you move. And with 2 hours of runtime, you can keep the fun going indefinitely without worrying about slippage.

Moxie’s hand-held remote and We-Connect™ app allow you to customize a tailor-made experience. Whether you’re looking for a slow and sensual build-up or a powerful orgasmic release, Moxie will deliver.

19. Lovense Hush (Rating: 4.3/5)


  • Unlimited vibration patterns
  • 3.8 hours of continuous use
  • Most powerful anal vibrations


  • $69.00

The Lovense Hush is a vibrating buttplug for any gender that’s designed to be both comfortable and safe.

With unlimited patterns and 3.8 hours of continuous use, it’s ideal for long nights of exploration. Plus, it’s the most powerful vibrating buttplug on the market, so you know you’re in for a good time.

If you can’t help but think about how good it would feel to get off, Hush can deliver more powerful orgasms than you ever thought possible. 

Its innovative design is built for beginners and seasoned vets alike, so nothing stands in the way of you and endless hours of fun.

20. We-Vibe Nova 2 (Rating: 4.9/5)


  • Dual stimulation vibrator
  • Flexible arm design
  • Constant clitoral contact


  • $159.00

The We-Vibe Nova 2 is the rabbit vibrator of your dreams.

Among the best remote control rabbit vibes, the Nova has a flexible arm design that provides constant clitoral contact, while the G-Spot stimulator massages your pleasure zones with rumbly vibrations that’ll leave you panting in minutes.

The We-Connect app enables both local and long-distance play. This way, you can pilot your own ship or hand over the reins to your partner and let them have control.

Plus, the waterproof design means you can take your Nova 2 into the bath or shower for even more wet and wild fun. 

21. Lovense Domi 2 (Rating: 4.2/5)


  • Male & female attachments
  • 3x battery life
  • Cordless wand massager


  • $99.00

Lovense Domi 2 is a game-changer in the world of wand massagers.

With its powerful motor, it packs a punch that other wand massagers simply can’t match. And with its male and female attachments, it opens up a whole world of new possibilities. 

The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and control while it’s used for either internal or external stimulation.

Perhaps most impressive of all is its battery life. With three times the battery life of Lovense’s previous model, Domi 2 is ready when you are. And because it’s cordless, you can take it anywhere for extended sessions.

It might just be the best remote control wand vibrator ever made.

22. Lovense Sex Machine (Rating: 4.9/5)


  • Double-sided thrusting action
  • Vac-U-Lock compatible
  • 300 strokes per minute (yes, really!)


  • $699.00

The Lovense Sex Machine is ready for anything. This app-controlled sex machine is sure to give you and your partner one wild ride. 

With 300 strokes per minute and double-sided thrusting action, it’s a versatile tool to add to the list of best sex toys.

The adjustable height and angle designs allow for the perfect position every time, plus it’s Vac-U-Lock compatible with all of your favorite attachments.

The Sex Machine is built for heavy-duty play, so you can be sure it can handle anything you throw its way. 

This remote control toy certainly isn’t for everyone, but some people will get a LOT of fun outta this product!

Best Remote Control Vibrators FAQs

Can Bluetooth Sex Toys Be Used in Long Distance Relationships?

Believe it or not, you can still get busy with your partner even when they’re 1,000s of miles away. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the sex toy industry, there are now a number of wireless remote sex toys that can be controlled via Bluetooth connection.

That means you can give your partner a little extra stimulation even when you’re not in the same room (or even the same country).

What a world we live in.

Of course, there are a few things to consider before using a Bluetooth sex toy in a long-distance relationship.

For one, you’ll need to make sure that the toy is compatible with your phone

You’ll also want to make sure that you have a solid Bluetooth connection—after all, you don’t want the toy losing power in the middle of… well, you know.

Finally, you’ll need to be comfortable with the idea of your partner being able to control your pleasure from afar. But if you’re up for it, Bluetooth remote control sex toys like the Lovense Lush 3 and Lelo LYLA 2 can add an extra spark to any long-distance relationship.

What is the OhMiBod Remote Controlled Vibrator?

The OhMiBod remote controlled vibrator is a Bluetooth-enabled vibe that can be used by webcam models to provide interactive pleasure for their viewers. These vibrators can be turned on remotely and are often activated by tips from viewers.

This allows viewers to experience a more intimate connection with the models they are watching and provides an extra level of excitement during a live show.

The Lovense Lush 3 can be used for a similar purpose too.

Which Sex Toys Come With Smartphone Apps?

Lovense and We-Vibe are two of the leading manufacturers of sex toys with smartphone apps.

Their popular sex toys include:

The Lovense Remote app lets you customize and control your Lovense toy, while the We-Connect app lets you do the same with We-Vibe products. 

Both apps allow for long-distance control with your partner’s phone, so you can play together even when you’re apart.

Who are Remote Controlled Vibrators Used By?

Remote control vibrators are not just for single ladies anymore. In fact, these handy little sex toys are becoming increasingly popular among couples and men alike.

Why? Because they offer a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to enjoying our sexuality.

Solo Play

There’s nothing quite like a little solo play to get the engine revving. And what better way to get things going than with a vibrator or sex toy you can control remotely? 

Those who enjoy using remote vibrators during solo play tend to be people who are comfortable with their own bodies and desires. They know what they like and how they like it, and they’re not afraid to go after it.

Long Distance Relationships

These days, there are all sorts of high-tech sex toys on the market, from VR porn to teledildonics. But for couples who are physically apart, nothing quite does the trick like a good old-fashioned vibrator.

For many of us, finding creative ways to use long distance toys can help keep the spark alive. With a simple push of a button, your partner can send you pleasure from across the country (or even around the world).

Discreet Public Play – Wearable Vibrator 

Remote sex toys can be worn out in public, providing a discreet way to get your thrills. For those who like a little kink, it’s a simple way to amp up the sexual tension.

For example, if you’re wearing a skirt or dress, you can slip a wearable remote vibrator into your panties and let your partner take control. 

It’s a fun new way to spice things up.

Cam Sites

Anyone who’s ever watched an adult cam show knows that the performers are always up for trying something new to get their viewers engaged.

That’s why a lot of them have started using remote control vibrators. Interactive sex toys like OhMiBod and the Lovense Lush 3 can be activated by tips. That means more viewers and more money make their toy buzz relentlessly.

Good stuff!

Remote Control Vibrators Reddit Users Love 

There’s no shortage of discussion on Reddit when it comes to sex toys. And when it comes to vibrators, there seems to be a clear favorite among users: remote control vibrators.

These handy little devices offer a whole world of possibilities when it comes to solo and partner play, and users seem to be totally smitten.

u/LifeStyleToyz comments that the Lovense Remote app “is on another level!” 

u/Squirrelmunk pegs We-Vibe Moxie as the “best wearable, app-controlled clit vibrator.”

u/PleasureBetter posts Lovense toys like the Lush 3 “have the best connectivity and app control.”

Lovense and We-Vibe certainly are the rulers of the wireless remote controlled vibrator market!

Remote Control Sex Toys – Which is the Best?

There’s no denying that remote control sex toys are the future. But which one is the best?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. 

If you want a toy that’s going to give you hours of pleasure, the Lovense Lush 3 is our top pick. It’s got a 5-hour battery life and is designed to hit your sweet spot every time.

If you’re looking for something specifically for prostate stimulation, then the We-Vibe Vector is the best on the market. It’s specifically designed for backdoor play, and it has many features other toys don’t have. 

We don’t mean to brag, but all of our picks are solid choices. So whatever mood you’re in… there’s a toy on this list that will satisfy you.

Whatever long distance sex toys get your engine revving, just remember to play safe, keep an open mind, and have fun!