When you want to take care of your pet, then chances are you may consider using broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil. However, that is not all when it comes to CBD products for pets. There is also the option of using the best CBD dog treats too. These are normally soft chews infused with CBD you can use for the dog. Maybe you are training it and you want to reward the dog, such can be a nice idea.

If this sounds interesting, then there is the option of picking the best products in the market. To do so, you need a guide to help you. We focus on the best brands in the market to make your decision easier. Let us learn more below.

Editor’s Choice

Honest Paws

  • It uses organic ingredients
  • The chews are fast-acting
  • Can boost the mobility of your pet

Best CBD Dog Treats: Top Brands in 2022

  1. Honest Paws – Editor’s Choice
  2. HolistaPet – Best for Variety
  3. CBDfx – Best Treats for Anxiety
  4. CBDistillery – Best Treats for Cognition
  5. Petly CBD – Best for Affordability
  6. Extract Labs

1. Honest Paws


  • Products tested for contaminants
  • Can boost the pet’s mobility
  • Can improve the pet’s activeness


  • One-time purchases are expensive

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Honest Paws is a top-rated brand when it comes to making CBD dog treats. Here, there is a lot of variety and that is what you want. Also, proper categorization of the CBD products makes it easier to find the correct one. Some of the categories include CBD for calmness, mobility, relief, wellness, immunity, and skin & coat.

Taking the mobility soft chews as a CBD dog treat example, we find it has natural ingredients vital for the dog’s health. This is for joint health in particular. The presence of the glucosamine HCL ingredient leads to improved bone health and better mobility. Chondroitin sulfate, on the other hand, will help in keeping your dog active.

Using organic full-spectrum hemp oil means that the pet will get the most out of the CBD chews. The extract does not have contaminants and it is non-GMO. These are all the important features anyone needs to see in a CBD product.

Why We Included Honest Paws in This List

The testing in third-party labs makes the brand transparent. You would also buy knowing it is a safe product.

2. Holistapet


  • Cruelty-free products
  • Treats have no THC
  • Free shipping is available


  • Live chat support has too many delays

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Those who are in the market for a variety of CBD dog treats should consider getting them from Holistapet. Here, you will get CBD products meant for heart health, immune care, joint, mobility, calming, and more. It will then come down to what you want to treat in your pet. So, pick carefully.

The products also feature lab test results published on each page. These are individual results for each product. As such, you can open the results to understand if the products are safe or not. There is also the choice of potency. This is based on the size of your dog. Ensure you get the right potency as it determines the kind of relief the pet will get.

Most of the products featured are made using broad-spectrum CBD. This is the type of CBD that has no THC. Being THC-free should make it an easy pick for most people. They would generally find it safe for their dogs.

Free shipping is also available, so you can start placing your orders and get them in no time.

Why We Included Holistapet in This List

The CBD dog treats all are made using natural ingredients. Also, the products are THC-free to make them good for pets since pets do not do so well with THC.

3. CBDfx


  • It offers solvent-free products
  • The potency verified
  • It has a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The options may be limited

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The CBD dog treats can be in form of soft chews which makes it easier for the pet to enjoy them. You would get options such as CBD for anxiety, stress, mobility, and joint health. Taking the one meant for anxiety, we see that it features chamomile, valerian root, and passionflower in addition to broad-spectrum CBD extract. Such makes it good for relieving anxiety faster and calming the pet.

These CBD treats for dogs feature a 60-day guarantee vital for making people feel comfortable about picking the product. Two months are enough for you to see if the CBD products work or not. The brand is also readily available to process your return and help further if you have any questions. That is why it gets more customers using its products.

The brand is open about its ingredients. You can learn more about them from the website for more research where necessary. People like that the soft chews are solvent-free. This is based on the lab reports posted for each of the products. The results for this part mean you can trust in the brand’s transparency.

Why We Included CBDfx in This List

The brand works with human-grade, vegan, and soy-free ingredients. These are key in keeping the products safe for the pet too.

4. CBDistillery


  • Includes natural ingredients
  • Makes tasty chews for pets
  • Third-party tested products


  • Conditional free shipping

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Since CBDistillery makes some of the best quality CBD products for humans, we also expect the soft chews available from the brand will be high quality. We always recommend the brand also because is US Hemp Authority certified. This will also give confidence that this brand uses high-quality ingredients always.

The brand still shares its third-party results with the buyers. This would make it easy for more people to fully understand what is in the product before deciding if to buy it or not. So far, such information has made CBDistillery transparent and trustworthy among pet owners.

How about where the brand gets its hemp? CBDistillery is able to maintain high-quality products simply because it gets its hemp locally in the US. Here, natural methods are used to farm the hemp leading to quality hemp. The result is you also get a non-GMO hemp extract for making the roll soft chews.

Why We Included CBDistillery in This List

The brand is US Hemp Authority certified. Such means it uses high-quality hemp sources for making CBD treats for dogs.

5. Petly CBD


  • 3rd-party lab-tested
  • Uses organically grown hemp
  • The products are THC-free


  • Limited product selection

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CBD dog treats come in all designs. Like for this brand, you get roll soft chews key for making it easy to feed your pet. If you are training your pet, you should find these CBD products quite easy to use. Since they are THC-free, the pet can enjoy them more often without necessarily having to deal with potential side effects.

The brand also tests the products in third-party labs for transparency. To make it better, the results are easily available so that you can check them yourself. Using organically grown hemp also means quality products generally. Many people would trust a brand that grows its hemp in the US.

The product is also water-soluble. This makes it even more bio-available than when the treats would be oil-based. More bioavailability means the absorption rate is better and faster. We also find the product is veterinarian-formulated. Since vets are involved, it becomes a good pick for pet owners.

Why We Included Petly CBD in This List

The products are formulated to be water-soluble. Such a product means it will be more bio-available.

6. Extract Labs


  • Certified gluten-free
  • It is highly bio-available
  • Made using human-grade ingredients


  • Limited potency options

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CBD dog treats from Extract Labs will be a top pick for those who want to give CBD to their pets. These products are made using human-grade ingredients which are vital for the health of your dog. Well, the products are still delicious, so you should not have a problem making the dog take its treats.

Extract Labs uses high-quality CBD extract and other key ingredients such as coconut oil, oat bran, oat flour, and molasses. Since all the ingredients are certified organic, the resultant soft chews are safe for your pet. The brand also donates 10% of the proceeds from the purchases to fund studies on how CBD affects dogs.

If you are interested in lab reports, then that is not a problem. You will find several types of tests listed on the website. The tests inspected for heavy metals, mycotoxins, potency, microbial, and more. So far, the results show the products are solvent-free. That is key to improving the potency and efficacy of CBD dog treats.

Why We Included Extract Labs in This List

The brand lists all the different tests done on the CBD treats. This is vital for helping users to understand what they are getting with its CBD products.

How We Came Up with This List of CBD Treats for Dogs?

Hemp Quality and Source

You do not just buy any CBD dog treat you come across from a store. There is the need for understanding what the product is all about first. That is where the hemp quality and source come in. We always go for those products that have their hemp source in the US. At least there is assurance that such products have been made using high-quality hemp.

Of course, hemp quality is vital as always. Whether you want organic full-spectrum hemp dog treats or broad-spectrum treats. The manufacturer should prove that the products are made using quality hemp plant extracts. The method of extraction can play a key role in finding the best quality dog treats. 

Other Ingredients

CBD dog treats will easily have many ingredients in addition to the usual CBD extract. However, what are the effects of these additional ingredients?

We look at a brand that would list all of its ingredients for us to do more research and understand what makes them special. The last thing a person needs is a product with too much filler content. It would be nice to see the flavors included in the product as part of the ingredients. A few common picks would be sweet potato flavor and peanut butter flavor.

Brand Reputation

What are the experiences that people have had with the brand? Such is just one thing that would help you see if the brand is reputable or not. You do not want to buy the calming soft chews from just any brand.

We take the time to read the brand’s review, and look at its background, the methods it uses for manufacturing, and how it handles customer requests. We will only list a brand that would treat its customers right. When you cannot get the answers about a product in good time, then it becomes hard to decide on which to pick. All the brands listed would respond to your queries faster.


Just like broad-spectrum CBD oils for humans, CBD oil for dogs is also administered based on a certain dosage. A good dosage is key in ensuring you always use the right amount of CBD for your pet. Remember that CBD can also lead to a few side effects if it is abused.

Most brands, if not all, will list the dosage meant for pets. We do not take it lightly when there is no dosage information. Also, the brand should list the key dosage for different conditions. We cannot expect the dosage for the pain to be the same as for anxiety in most cases. The brand should always be available to help with proper dosage.

Price Point

You may have come across a CBDfx coupon or Holistapet coupon before. The availability of such coupons is what may help a person decide which option to pick eventually. This just goes on to show how the price point of the CBD pet treats is vital to consider too.

We look at the price of a product in relation to its features. The last thing a person needs is overly priced CBD dog products with little benefits. If someone is going to choose the crunchy CBD dog treats, they should at least benefit the pet. It is amazing how sometimes you can come across dog treats that are affordable and still offer the best results for your dog’s health.

Third-party Lab

Third-party lab testing of the dog CBD treats should not be taken lightly. Most CBD dog treat brands will have third-party lab reports listed on the website. This helps the pet parents to check out the reports before deciding if the CBD products would be good for their pets or not.

We do focus on these reports, but we also want the lab reports to be updated more often. Buying CBD dog treats with outdated lab reports might not be so wise. All the brands we have reviewed have the latest third-party lab reports.

Of course, testing in the third-party labs means that the brand is transparent. So, when the brand claims to use high-quality CBD extract, you can actually see it in the lab report.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Pet owners would want to understand what are the benefits of CBD for dogs before buying. Below is a quick overview of what CBD can do to your pet;

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce seizure frequency
  • Immune system support
  • Gastrointestinal support
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Cardiovascular health support

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

CBD has been seen to be safe and tolerable in animals. This is based on a WHO report published in 2017. However, this does not mean you use it for your pet without proper research and analysis of the CBD products. We will look at how CBD can be used for various applications below.


The pet may experience various forms of pain, one of them would be arthritis. Well, there are mobility chews and CBD for dogs with arthritis also available you can use for such applications to improve the joint health of your dog.

So far preliminary studies show that using a CBD regimen containing both THC and CBD would make the treats more beneficial to relieve pain. As much as this study has not been done on dogs, it can be relatable.


Many things can make your dog get anxious. It is then vital that you look for the right ways of relieving anxiety in your pet. Worry no more since you can get the CBD dog treats for anxiety available on the market.

According to Renton Reporter states that CBD will work by reducing pain, and inflammation, thus indirectly relieving the anxiety that might have been a result of the pain.


Seizures might be the most studied application of CBD mostly in humans. Right now, not much has been done to see if hemp dog treats would do much for seizures in dogs. However, most of these studies are relatable. The existing studies on how CBD may work for seizures in dogs so far make it seem like we are on the right path for using CBD for seizures in dogs.

What CBD Dosage Should Be Used For Pets?

Before you can quickly apply that Honest paws discount code to enjoy some savings, it is vital to also understand just much CBD is enough for your pet.

A lot goes into determining how much CBD will be enough for your pet. Remember that the amount of CBD per treat will vary from one brand to another. So, follow what the brand recommends.

The dosage would mostly be based on the weight of the pet. You may be advised to consider 2mg of CBD per kilogram of weight of the pet.


Dog owners are required to take care of their pets properly. That means doing the right research before buying CBD treats for their pets. We have done the hard part of getting you the brands, so go ahead and choose the right product based on your needs. Always take your time to find out more about the CBD brands. Of course, choosing a nice flavor such as the bacon flavor would make it easier for the pet to like its CBD treats.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What forms of CBD are available for pets?

Pets can have CBD in form of tinctures, soft chews, and balms. It may depend on the condition you want to deal with and your preference.

2. What are the risks of treating my pet with CBD?

The dog may experience side effects such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, and fatigue. Of course, always consult your vet before using CBD treats for dogs.

3. Can CBD cause my pet to get high?

No. CBD does not make the pet high. It is the THC compound that is associated with making the pet high. You can still get THC-free CBD products if you still have doubts.