A lot of things can lead to slowed libido, sex performance, and sometimes erectile dysfunction. It is then nice to get products that can solve all your male sexual health problems at once. Well, sometimes even be penis enlargement medicine. If you are in the market for such, then you need to find the best male enhancement pills. Lucky for you, we discuss them below so that you know more about them. 

Editor’s Choice

Performer 8

  • It can improve erection hardness 
  • It may promote sexual focus 
  • The product features natural and safe products 

Top 6 Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2022

  1. Performer 8 – Editor’s Choice 
  2. Prime Male  – Best for Endurance
  3. Erectin – Best for Improved Erections
  4. Max Performer – Best to Improve Libido
  5. Male Extra – Best for Powerful Orgasms
  6. TestoPrime – Best for Boosting Testosterone  

1. Performer 8


  • It may prevent premature ejaculation
  • Can improve erection hardness
  • Made of natural ingredients 


  • The live chat seems to have no agent most of the time 

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Performer 8 can generally help in revitalizing your sexual stamina compared to some other natural male enhancement pills in the market. Well, you would now be in a position to enjoy your sex life as before. When your sexual stamina is improved, a person tends to have more confidence and better self-esteem. These are additional reasons for getting the product. 

Users may also experience increased sperm volume than before. This is based on the clinical studies of some of the ingredients. The studies show that some of the ingredients help increase the sperm’s volume, concentration, and motility by up to 57%, as per the company website. Some even claim to have some of the most intense orgasms after using the product. 

Considering that the product would help increase blood flow to the sexual organs, it would be so easy to have improved erection hardness and girth. You would also maintain the erection for longer which is vital for a healthy sexual relationship. The manufacturer also claims that it can help prevent possible premature ejaculation. 

2. Prime Male


  • It uses natural ingredients 
  • It blocks estrogen and prolactin production
  • The product boosts sexual health 


  • It is not a fast-acting product 

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Prime Male has ingredients that boost the presence of the Luteinizing hormone in the body. The result is that now you can have the testes stimulated to produce more testosterone due to this hormone. A testosterone booster means well for your sexual health as a man.

The sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG can have an effect on your sex drive. This is because it can attach itself to testosterone, thus affecting your sexual performance. It is then why you would want to consider this product as it stops this from happening. Having more free and active testosterone will generally improve your sexual health. 

The product will also block Estrogen and Prolactin from forming in the body. These are female hormones thus men do not need them in high amounts. That is why you may find that you feel more energized when such hormones are blocked as a man. 

3. Erectin


  • 67-day money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer support 
  • It offers secure payments 


  • It offers conditional free shipping 

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Unlike other male enhancement formulas, Erectin largely focuses on helping you get rock-hard erections. This is through improving the formation of nitric oxide in the body. Such an increase means that more blood flows to the penis leading to a stronger and better erection than what you were having before. 

Have you been experiencing a low sex drive lately? Well, this product would also do that for you. Many will find themselves having an improved sex drive after only using it for a couple of days. Now you can imagine having a better sex life since you now have hard erections and also improved libido. 

Looking at the ingredients, you would notice that these are also popular ingredients in other male enhancement products. These ingredients also often have some scientific backing on them, making them even better generally. As such, it is possible to have boosted erections and elevate your orgasm intensity. 

4. Max Performer


  • Improved performance 
  • Better confidence 
  • More sex drive 


  • The product can be out of stock sometimes 

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This is another male enhancement supplement to get for yourself generally if you have hoped for increased sexual desire. As we age, libido might not always be high all the time. However, using this best male enhancement supplement can get you loving sex once again. It is also coupled with bigger and harder erections to make sex more exciting. 

Most people end up with increased sexual stamina and performance. This means you can stay harder for longer. Anyone who can experience this will generally have more confidence. You should expect intense sessions for you and your partner. The same thing applies to orgasms. They will be more intense and stronger. 

The product has interesting ingredients you can also find in other top male enhancement products. We are talking about Maca, horny goats weed, Korean ginseng, and more. Looking at the Maca ingredient, for example, it has been used for centuries to enhance strength, endurance, and stamina generally. You can now expect a better sex life after using the product. 

5. Male Extra 


  • 100-day money-back guarantee 
  • It may increase libido
  • You may find improved sexual performance 


  • Shipping often takes long

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This male enhancement supplement is another reason to be happy in your sex life. Well, it promises to get you bigger and harder erections. Anyone who has had ED before knows just how important this is for their sex life. You also expect to experience heightened sex drive better than before. 

The supplement generally improves blood flow to the penis. The result is having stronger erections. That is not all as you will still end up with more intense and still pleasurable orgasms overall. 

Users also experience improved stamina and performance. So, when you have long and hard erections, it is possible to satisfy your partner sexually. The result is that someone would also have increased confidence. That is something your partner really wants in the bedroom. 

6. TestoPrime


  • Safe and natural formula
  • It claims 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee
  • It can boost overall testosterone levels 


  • It could use a faster customer support team

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The Testo Prime male enhancement pills work by improving various processes in the body so that you can experience an improvement in your sex life. A good example is when the product helps promote testosterone production. Improved testosterone levels are vital for improving the sex life among other benefits. 

The product does come with natural ingredients. The beauty of natural ingredients should be how they do not lead to side effects. Of course, you should always use it as recommended by the brand to get the most benefits. Since the products are also manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, it makes them safer. 

Having the 100% lifetime money-back guarantee is quite interesting. Not many manufacturers would have such a long-term guarantee for the type of product they are selling. No prescription is also needed to get the product. Simply place an order on the official company website and it will be delivered in a couple of days.

Benefits of Taking Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement supplements often have bold claims, but most of them can deliver on such claims. According to the most recent Health Canal piece, that medical teams did in 2021, the male enhancement pills are likely to benefit in many ways:

  • Male sexual enhancement pills may lead to bigger and harder erections 
  • They can increase your sexual desire or libido
  • The pills may also lead to increased sexual performance and stamina
  • Depending on the choice, some will boost your testosterone levels 
  • Users may also use the same to treat erectile dysfunction 

You can always experience more benefits depending on the choice of product on overall. Check out what the manufacturer claims the product can do before buying. 

How Male Enhancement Products Work

Most male enhancement pills work the same. They will simply stimulate more blood flow to the penis thus giving you a solid hard erection. This erection would also stay for longer than before resulting in more intense and pleasurable orgasms. 

That is how you may find that such pills improve your sexual performance and can be used in treating erectile dysfunction. Many people also find the penis enlargement pills working in almost a similar manner. That is why some of the male enhancement pills may also improve your penis girth. 

If the Male Extra and Testo Prime review are anything to go by, we find that most of these pills have the same working principle. The difference is that they might use different ingredients to arrive at better erections and libido too. 

Who Are Male Enhancement Pills Best For?

Male enhancement supplements such as the Rhino male enhancement pills are best suited for men experiencing low libido. Maybe the experience has been ongoing for over a month now. The same is for those who may also want to treat erectile dysfunction. This is because the sex pills will improve blood flow to the penis thus relieving you from ED.

Anyone who also wants to control ejaculation can consider such supplements. This is because most of these supplements will help a man maintain harder erections most of the time. In a way, it can help with premature ejaculation. 

Any man who wants to feel more confident in his sexual performance will generally consider the supplements. This is because you can now experience harder and stronger erections, improved sex desire, and other benefits. 

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Male Enhancement Pill?

When you are in the market for male enhancement supplements, having thousands of options available might not help the situation. It makes things a bit confusing. That is why you have to consider the following when choosing the supplements. 

  • Ingredients: This is the most important consideration. You have to ensure that you are buying a product with high-quality ingredients. If there are tests done in labs the better. It helps you see why such ingredients can help you with the quest of improving your sex life. 
  • Brand reputation: A good brand reputation always means more in terms of product performance. If the company has a reputation for using quality ingredients and often tests the products in third-party labs, then you would have more confidence in what you are buying.
  • Efficacy: Of course buying an effective product is paramount. Look at what the manufacturer claims the product can do and how long it takes for you to realize the results. As much as some things can improve over a long period of using the supplement, you should still be able to experience more immediate benefits. 
  • Reviews: Any good supplement will have positive and negative reviews. However, how do they compare? If 98% of these reviews are positive, you would then have confidence in just how good the product is. Also, the reviews may help you understand the supplement better. 
  • Potential side effects: Depending on the ingredients, sometimes you may experience some side effects. If you have an allergy to some of the ingredients, do not use the product. Also, stick to the recommended dosage to avoid these potential side effects. 
  • Price: Price is always going to be an important factor. You are advised to go beyond the price when choosing. Look at what you are getting in addition to the cost of the product. Sometimes you would get more while paying less. 
  • Customer support: Male enhancement pills claim to do a lot of things, but sometimes you can be skeptical. You need a good customer support team to help you understand the product in detail before buying. 

Potential Male Enhancement Pills Side Effects 

Male sexual enhancement pills may help someone experience an active sex life once more. However, these supplements are not always safe depending on the manufacturing methods and ingredients used. So, it is possible to experience some side effects. Here are some;

  • Back pains
  • Nasal congestion
  • Vision changes
  • Indigestion 
  • Persistent headaches
  • Face reddening 

Where to Buy Male Enhancement Pills Near Me?

Now that you have seen the benefits of the male enhancement supplements, you might be intrigued to give them a try. However, can you get the popular male enhancement pills mentioned above? 

Easy to buy the best male enhancement pills over the counter from a local store selling such products. The other option would be buying straight from the official manufacturer’s website. Going for the second option is often recommended since you are buying straight from the source meaning you get quality products always. 


If you can get the best male enhancement pills, you often end up with improved sex life. These products may generally improve your sex drive, and erections, make you last longer and achieve intense orgasms. All these are vital things to like about your sex life. Of course, having more sex stamina means well for your partner’s sex life too. So, you should find such products improving the quality of sex life you experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are male enhancement pills safe?

You are advised to always consider the ingredients the product has and reviews about it. If it contains safe ingredients and has many positive reviews, it is then a safe product. 

2. How long do male enhancement products last?

The effects may last up to 4 hours in most cases. It depends on the chosen product. Ensure you check with the manufacturer first. 

3. Can you buy male enhancement pills without a prescription?

Yes. Since they are categorized as dietary supplements, a prescription is mostly not needed to buy them. However, consult your doctor before you can start using the supplements.