Oh, marijuana—what a past. Now, when most look at CBD flower, they raise an eyebrow, wondering if it’s the same psychotropic green stuff that leads to failed drug tests. The truth is times have changed. Now, CBD has taken the world by storm. CBD is derived from the hemp plant but it’s certainly not the cannabinoid that most people associate with stoners—sure, the flower looks similar but it’s not the same type of hemp derivative that gets you high. When it comes to marijuana, there are legal repercussions depending on the state you live in, but luckily, CBD hemp flower is legal and a great way to deliver the benefits of CBD into your system.

With CBD flowers, the effects are strong enough for you to notice them, but they are not intoxicating. There are several different hemp CBD flower strains that you can sample, each with its own flavor profile and benefits. If you’ve tried CBD flowers before, you’ve undoubtedly discovered a few favorites. If you’re new to CBD flower, there’s a whole CBD flower world for you to explore. Knowing where to get high-quality CBD is the priority, so to make it simple, we’ve compiled a list of the top five brands that offer the best CBD flower products.

5 Best CBD Flower Brands

  1. Absolute Nature – Best CBD Flower
  2. CBD American Shaman – Runner Up
  3. Secret Nature – Honorable Mention
  4. Weed.com – Highly Reputable
  5. Plain Jane – Newly Discovered

5 Best CBD Flower Brands – Reviews

1. Absolute Nature – Best CBD Flower


  • 100% GMO-free
  • Organic CBD hemp flowers
  • Independent lab tested
  • Award-winning company


  • Some popular CBD flower strains may sell out due to high demand

About the CBD Flowers

CBD flower is one of the categories you’ll find on the Absolute Nature website. The CBD flowers are wrapped with trichomes, giving them the frosty aspect that clients enjoy. Bubba Kush is one of their popular CBD flower strain options with genetics that include 60% sativa and 40% indica. This strain has a sweet, woody, piney, and fresh minty aroma and is best suited for people who turn to CBD flower for pain relief. It helps you experience calm and relaxation while helping you focus. Hawaiian Haze CBD is another popular strain that is great for providing relief. It might give you an energized feeling in small doses, but it can also give you a peaceful and soothing sense in bigger doses. You may expect an earthy, piney, cinnamon, and tropical fruit fragrance from this strain.

The second category you’ll come across is for CBG flower. The White CBG is a popular CBG strain that has a calming effect and is recommended for use when you have to lend your attention to a specific set of tasks for a while. Whether you’re studying or exploring your creativity, this strain complements your focused energy. It will keep you attentive, help expand your thought process, and calm you all at the same time. The aroma of this strain is spring-like, with floral meadows and a hint of vanilla. For a louder aroma that’s sweet, complex, fruity, and spicy, check out the White Dragon CBG hemp flowers. The genetics of this strain include Northern Lights and Afghani and it’s an indica strain that’s comforting, delivering a soothing, relaxing sensation that’s perfect for bedtime.

The third category includes CBD hemp flower pre-rolls. These make enjoying your favorite CBD hemp flowers super convenient. If you prefer to have your CBD flower delivered in a smoke-ready fashion, check out this category on the Absolute Nature website. Some of the hemp strains you can select from include Hawaiian Haze, which has a sativa-like effect while inviting a mellow mood, Suver Haze, which is a good nighttime strain, and Siskiyou Gold, which is ideally suited for pain relief.

About the Company

Absolute Nature devotes a considerable amount of time to cultivating connections with their farmers to gain an insider’s perspective and a better grasp of their methods. Their CBD hemp flower strains are farmed by these small-batch specialists who welcome visitors to their farms. Absolute Nature’s close participation with producers allows them to carefully select the right team members who put as much care into the growing process as they do into their production.

We also appreciate that Absolute Nature chooses ethics over profit—while some companies cut corners and don’t mind selling subpar products, Absolute Nature goes the extra mile. They’ve made a promise to their customers to supply the best CBD flower products on a consistent basis and to do so with transparency, so you know you’re always getting clean, tested, and safe CBD flowers.

Why Shop from Absolute Nature CBD

With Absolute Nature, you’ll never have to worry about a product failing to meet their stringent requirements. They operate meticulously, ensuring they consistently provide their customers with products that meet the highest standards in the industry. From how they cure their hemp flowers to how they store and deliver their products, you can count on this brand for reliability. They are not afraid of sending back a batch of hemp flowers if the test results reveal they don’t meet their strict requirements. It’s this dedication to integrity that keeps loyal customers going back to Absolute Nature and it’s why they made it to the top of our list of best CBD flower brands.

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2. CBD American Shaman – Runner Up


  • Multiple products to choose from
  • Easily sort by strain
  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable, top-rated products


  • Most of the products on this website are already pre packaged into joints and CBD cigarettes

About the CBD Flowers

CBD’s American Shaman has created hemp flower products that are designed to be as convenient as possible. You can choose from numerous strains of loose hemp flowers, including Jack Frost flower, John Snow flower, Lemon Cream Diesel, Sour G, and White Widow. CBD joints, CBD cigarettes, a moon rocket pre-roll, a moon pebbles jar, and moon dust kief are among the products available. These packed items are convenient to have on hand when you just don’t want to take out the grinder, papers, and complete a whole ritual before getting the relief you need. Even if you regularly enjoy the process of rolling loose CBD flowers into a joint, you can still keep a pack of Shaman Smokes on hand. 

If you’re not feeling the smoke-ready options, just head over to the CBG flower section, where you can try the John Snow CBD and CBG hemp flower, which is known for its energizing effects. They also offer lemon cream diesel CBD hemp flower, which is known for its distinct lemon aroma. This strain incorporates several other cannabinoids, which makes it even more potent. For a good daytime strain, you’ll have to try the Jack Frost hemp flower because it’s known for putting a little extra pep in your step!

About the Company

CBD American Shaman grows its CBD flowers on small farms in a responsible manner. They ensure that each batch of flowers from the hemp plants contain high levels of terpenes and phytocannabinoids, so you can experience the many benefits of CBD within the comfort of your own home. Their CBD flower strains are always batch tested using ultra-performance convergence chromatography. In keeping with their mission to make CBD products available to all people who need relief, they’ve developed a Compassionate Care Program, which provides discounts for people who need it like veterans and those with low income. They also offer a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied with the products you purchase, you can reach out and request a refund (so long as it’s 45 days from the date of purchase).

Why Shop from CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman is a reliable provider of a wide range of CBD products. We love that they prioritize convenience and make smoking CBD flowers fun with items like moon rocks and CBD cigarettes. They always adhere to the highest industry standards and run CBD flower batches through a third-party lab to guarantee that they meet purity and potency requirements. This extra step demonstrates their commitment to accountability and to ensuring their customers have the best CBD flower products available whenever they need the support only CBD can deliver. Their hemp flowers are great whether you want to relieve everyday stress, alleviate pain, or just want to enjoy a good smoke at the end of a long day.

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3. Secret Nature – Honorable Mention


  • Special deals include freebies
  • 100% organic
  • Terpene-rich and top-shelf hemp strains
  • Grown in small batches


  • You must spend at least $75 to qualify for free shipping on your order

About the CBD Flowers

You’ll find several CBD flower strains on the Secret Nature website. Select from Sweet Cake, Diesel Puff, Frosted Kush, or Mr. Rainbow to name a few. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the aroma of Sweet Cake—it smells just like it sounds. This is a potent indica strain that helps you prepare for bedtime. It’s known to induce a sense of calm and relaxation. The buds are neon green and covered in orange hairs. If you love sticking with the classics, you’ll want to try the Secret OG strain. This is a powerhouse strain with silver and green buds that’s complemented by streaks of purple. This strain is indoor-grown and delivers a relaxing feeling like indica strains typically do. Smoke this at night when you’re ready to wind down—you’ll experience relief, and your sleep quality will improve too.

About the Company

The secret is feeling, and Secret Nature operates to help people like you feel better every day. Their high-CBD, low-THC best CBD flowers are grown so that you can enjoy the wonders of the hemp plant without getting high or paranoid. They’ve been breeding and growing high CBD hemp cannabis for well over a decade and know how to produce CBD flower strains of the highest quality. They grow their hemp plants indoors with organic living soil and follow through with proper drying and cold curing to produce the CBD flowers available on their website. You can expect to enjoy a flavorful smoke session with a smooth pull every time.

Why Shop from Secret Nature CBD

Whether you’re looking to unwind at the end of the night or you’re looking to CBD for pain relief, you can count on Secret Nature CBD to deliver a variety of the best CBD flower strains to choose from. You’ll find all the information you need on their website, including whether the strain is indica or sativa-dominant, the percentage of total cannabinoids, and you’ll learn about the aroma and expected effects. This informative aspect of the website is ideal for those of you looking to try new strains—you’ll have all the information you need upfront to select a strain ideally suited for you.

Learn more SecretNatureCBD.com

4. Weed.com – Highly Reputable


  • Multiple strains to choose from
  • Thorough product descriptions
  • Shop all CBD products on one site
  • Fast delivery and frequent sales


  • Some popular strains sell out on occasion

About the CBD Flowers

Weed.com has a large selection of CBD flowers and you can usually find them on sale. Try their Casino Cookies flower for ultimate relaxation. Make sure that you prepare for the evening and can sit back to unwind with this slow-acting but long-lasting strain. The flavor profile is subtle with a sweetness that leads into a gentle piney flavor. You’ll also pick up notes of lavender and cinnamon. It’s a full flavor that ends with a strong taste of gasoline. The Key Lime Pie flower can help boost your mood when you’re feeling a little low. This is a versatile hybrid strain that works both to help you relax and help you feel a little more elevated. The flavor profile is slightly peppery with subtle cheese and citrus aromas. This is definitely a unique scent. If you’re battling depression or just need to feel a little better, this strain is worth checking out.

Try the Green Dream flower when you are ready to let the stress of the day go. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that puts you in a carefree state but keeps you feeling clear and energized. It has a fruity and sour scent and tastes a little like green tea. Use this strain when pursuing your creative hobbies—it’ll open up your imagination while helping you remain focused enough to complete your vision. To try a strain that relieves fatigue and pain, try the Dutch Delight flower strain. This strain is a cross between Northern Lights and Haze and has a sweet, fruity aroma mixed with pine and eucalyptus trees. The buds are dense and quite pungent!

For convenience, try the pre-rolls. Weed.com has one of our favorites—Sour Space Candy.  This strain is ideal for putting your life in balance, with the bonus of the tasty lemon and black cherry flavors that Sour Space Candy is known for.

About the Company

Weed.com is all about ensuring people from all over the world have safe and secure access to cannabis products. They focus on partnering with others who help them innovate. The company was founded by a former physician who, after seeing how cannabis products positively impacted his patients, became a strong advocate for this medicinal plant and all its derivatives. Weed.com operates with transparency and is clear about its mission to help lessen the stigma around hemp and cannabis products and help people lead more contented lives.

Why Shop from Weed.com

Weed.com is a one-stop shop for all your hemp and cannabis products. The top of the page itemizes several categories so you can easily find what you need. Just hover your mouse over any of the categories and you’ll see a list of available products to choose from. Shop for CBD flowers and pick up a bong, pipe, or vaporizer while you’re on the site. You can also check out other cannabis products, like delta-8 THC capsules, vapes, gummies, pre-rolls, and flowers. 

Learn more Weed.com

5. Plain Jane – Newly Discovered


  • Wide product variety
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping over $40
  • Less than 0.3% THC


  • Adult signature fee may apply when required by law

About the CBD Flowers

Plain Jane has one of the best selections of CBD products we’ve come across. You can find several strains on this website and can even enjoy unique items like full flavor CBD trim. The CBD trim comes in a pouch and depending on the strain, you could purchase up to a pound at once. This is the flower they use in their pre-rolls, and it’s been pre-ground so it’s ready for use upon arrival. This is perfect if you love rolling your own joints, making your own hemp cannabutter, or if you’re interested in experimenting with other types of extracts.

You can also find items like a flower sampler pack that includes several different strains for you to try. Each sample pack is categorized based on the effects of the strains contained within it. For example, if you’re looking for strains that deliver an energized feeling, you can pick up CBG, Harle Tsu, Jack Herer, and Durban Diesel all at once. For a super chill vibe, choose the sampler pack that comes with Golden Cherry, Hawaiian Haze, Kush, and Berry Blossom.

About the Company

Plain Jane has a mission to make it as easy as possible to buy hemp flowers and concentrates. They’ve built up their brand after networking with dozens of farmers. Their hemp is American-grown, and they focus on creating high-quality products while keeping their customer base well-informed. Their blog covers topics like the benefits of CBD and a cheat sheet on how to make edibles. It’s easy to spend more than a few minutes on their website because they make learning about CBD entertaining.

Why Shop from Plain Jane

One of the features of the Plain Jane website that first caught our eye is how the CBD flowers page is organized. You can sort by popularity, latest, average rating, or price. As you scroll through the different strains and other products, you’ll see a little tag on the photo of the product that immediately tells you what kind of effects you can expect from that specific product. For instance, if you’re only looking for strains that help you feel energized, you’ll easily be able to select the ones that deliver that alert, buzzy feeling. If you’re looking for a strain that helps you chill out, you can select from their “chill” or “super chill” options. Especially if you’re not into CBD hemp flower strains, having this quick bit of information upfront can make your shopping experience a lot easier.

How Did We Choose These CBD Hemp Flower Brands?

Finding high-quality CBD flowers online can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Sometimes, you might find CBD flowers you love and the next time you order them, the quality is completely different. Instead of feeling disappointed, shop CBD flower strains from companies that keep quality consistent across the board. Below are some of the factors we considered when putting this list of the best CBD flower together for you:

  • Product Descriptions

One of the most crucial components for you to review as a buyer is the hemp flower product descriptions. You’ll learn about the strain you’re getting, its effects, and the aroma. These critical pieces of information can help you decide which strain is best for you. There are daytime strains and nighttime strains, so when you have a clear product description, you can make sure you’re purchasing the right one for your needs.

  • Customer Satisfaction

One of the most significant components of our web searches is always customer evaluations and experiences. Customers aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and when they provide direct and honest feedback, we gain a more solid understanding of the customer experience. Of course, we want to ensure the strains are high-quality, but we also want to make sure that if issues arise, the customer service team is helpful.

  • Company Transparency

We look at CBD flower companies that are open about their operations. We’re interested in learning more about where they acquire their hemp flowers from, whether they outsource it to other industrial hemp growers or grow it themselves. We love it when a company takes the time to explain their breeding and growing processes—it gives us insight into the standards they set.

  • Independent Lab Testing

To ensure you’re getting a safe, pure, and potent product, CBD companies must test every batch of CBD flowers they produce. This final step demonstrates the company’s commitment to accountability and ensures you can trust the quality. For the best CBD flower brands, we looked for companies that make those lab test results readily available, so we can see for ourselves that they’ve done their due diligence and their CBD flower is trustworthy. CBD flowers taste better that way.

What is CBD Flower Used For?

Many CBD users are turning to CBD flowers since they not only provide a pleasurable smoking experience but also have several health benefits. Smoking CBD hemp flower delivers significantly faster effects. While there are plenty of other CBD products on the market to choose from, like capsules and gummies, hemp flowers bring faster relief because it’s inhaled into your lungs and immediately absorbed into your bloodstream. This means you can get the relief you need much faster, and the effects of many strains are also long-lasting.

With time and experimentation, you’ll familiarize yourself with the various hemp flower strains to determine which is the best CBD flower for you. Check out the product descriptions to uncover whether you’re more drawn to indica or sativa strains. Indica strains are known for providing full-body comfort—they can help you relax, get a better night’s rest, and can also assist with pain relief. Sativa strains are ideal for daytime use and can help to give you a natural energy boost while aiding focus. Below are some of the reasons why CBD users turn to hemp flower:

Mood Management

In today’s environment, there is no shortage of despair and anxiety circulating—the news is always breaking a new story and social media can be an overwhelming source of information. CBD flower is a useful tool for reducing anxiety, calming jitters, and making you feel better. You’ll notice better mental clarity and a calmer emotional disposition. Certain strains, such as Sour Space Candy, deliver a euphoric high while also calming your nerves, helping you achieve a certain balance in your life.

Pain Relief

CBD flower is ideal for pain management because it has a faster onset of action than other CBD products. With edibles, you have to wait until the CBD passes through your digestive system. That’s not the case when you smoke CBD flowers. Inflammation exacerbates pain; hence CBD has a dual effect. It aids in the reduction of inflammation in the body, resulting in less discomfort. It also contains analgesic qualities, which aid to relieve aches and pains. Whether it’s muscle pain, joint pain, chronic pain, or just a plain old hangover, a little bit of CBD can help you feel a lot better.

Natural Relaxant

Many people have become accustomed to going to hitting the bar when they need to blow off some steam. Others use their prescription drugs regularly to help them control their anxiety, trading the side effects for just a bit of relief. CBD flower, on the other hand, is a natural option that provides a relaxing experience—everybody needs a little downtime to rest and recover and hemp flowers give you that time you need to relax and unwind. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, having CBD flower on hand is a better solution than turning to alcohol or prescription drugs.

Quitting Cigarettes

It’s not easy to stop smoking cigarettes, especially when you’ve already created an association with something else. For example, if you regularly smoked cigarettes in the morning alongside a cup of coffee, the smell of a hot cup of Joe could trigger your cravings. Instead of going cold turkey, you can begin substituting cigarettes with CBD joints or pre-rolls. When you use a CBD flower joint or pre-roll, you get the same sensation as smoking but without the health risks you take when you smoke commercialized tobacco. If you want to switch to a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes, this is an excellent option.

How to Use CBD Flower?

You can use CBD flower in a couple of different ways. Most people use it the same way as marijuana—you crush up the buds until you can carefully place them into a rolling paper or stuff it into a smoking device, like a bong. Some people use CBD flower with vaporizers, which creates a much smoother smoking experience. How you use CBD flower is ultimately up to you—if you haven’t tried smoking CBD before, you’re sure to develop a ritual that works for you. The thing about the best CBD flower is that you don’t have to smoke it—you can also eat it! Well, we wouldn’t suggest you ingest it right out of the container (unless you’re into that kind of thing) but you can certainly try incorporating it into recipes to deliver the benefits of CBD that way. You can also incorporate it into topicals to create your own body butter, salves, or relief sticks. CBD flower is incredibly versatile, and you can get as creative as you’d like.

How Much CBD Flower Should I Use?

If you’re trying CBD flower for the first time, you may wonder just how much to use. Take a little bit of the flower, grind it up, and place it into your joint paper or another smoking tool. If you’re not ready to smoke a joint all the way through, you may want to start with a small smoking pipe—this way, you can pause smoking at any time and come back to the hemp flower later. Take a hit and let the CBD take effect. Instead of smoking continuously and taking hit after hit, be gentle when trying CBD flower for the first time. Once you develop some experience with hemp flower, you’ll start recognizing the different strains and their effects and you’ll know how much to use to achieve those desired effects.

How Much THC is in CBD Flowers?

The 2018 US Farm Bill is what has permitted these companies to sell products derived from the hemp plant. So long as CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, they’re legal. When purchasing hemp flower, make sure that you’re selecting products within this range. Recently, there has been a surge of delta-8 THC products, including flower, that do contain a higher concentration of THC, though it’s not the THC that’s federally regulated. This type of flower does deliver a psychotropic high, albeit significantly milder than its close cousin, delta-9 THC. If you’re purchasing hemp CBD flowers, you can rest assured knowing the THC content is minimal and won’t produce a psychoactive high.


Hemp CBD flower is a fun way to incorporate CBD into your life. Whether you use hemp flower to create edibles or you enjoy smoking it, there are so many strains to explore! Just be sure you’re always purchasing from a reputable supplier like those listed above. We want you to enjoy the benefits of CBD and be safe about who you purchase from. Now that you know where to get the goods, here’s to happy shopping!