Best Flower Delivery Service 2022 – Surprise Loved Ones With Beautiful Gifts

It is often difficult to express intense emotions in moments of grieving, happiness, or success. The right words can seem so far away. With the gift of flowers, though, we can share our feelings much better than with a generic card seen hundreds of times. While local florists aren’t challenging to find, many prefer online flower delivery services that can get a floral arrangement to the intended recipient in a matter of minutes or hours.

With an increased need for their services has come a growing number of online flower delivery services. In fact, the number of flower delivery services has grown so much that clients often find issues choosing the best one. This is where the unbiased reviews included in our article come into effect. We have found and listed the five best flower delivery services, leaving you with little else to do other than click on a favorite site to get the floral arrangement that perfectly captures the sentiment you want to share.

5 Best Flower Delivery Services

  1. FlowersFast – Editor’s Choice – Best Flower Delivery Services
  2. Enjoy Flowers – Runner Up
  3. Pickupflowers – Worthy Mention
  4. FiftyFlowers
  5. Overnight Flowers

What We Looked At To Choose These 5 Services

A beautiful floral arrangement is only a tiny part of what customers expect from the best flower delivery service. To ensure that our article is as up-to-date and helpful as possible, we have scrutinized customer experiences, identifying the top four factors that can either make or break a floral delivery service in the eyes of potential customers. The factors we have identified are:

  • Price – Whether the flower delivery service offers one-off prices or subscriptions, the costs must be affordable. While we are aware that some flowers are less common and take more care than others, which is reflected in their prices, we are also mindful of unscrupulous delivery services that may try to scam unaware customers. We have carefully compared floral arrangements to the overall service price to remove these delivery services from our list. We have also included delivery times in our comprehensive cost assessment, only including companies that we are sure are reputable.
  • Website Interface – As customers cannot physically smell and touch floral arrangements, the best flower delivery services make their arrangements as searchable and as easy to navigate as possible. Added customization should also be easy to find, such as bouquet size, flower choice, and delivery times. Floral arrangements for special occasions, with pre-designed colors and popular flower choices, should be as easy to find as they would be if the customer was presented with the display in a store.
  • Delivery –To emphasize the effectiveness of the best flower delivery service on offer, we have only included the services with the most flexible and convenient delivery times. As such, we can present readers with options that include same day delivery, next day delivery, and even international delivery.
  • Bouquet Design – We have only included the best flower delivery services that present the best bouquet designs on our list. We have judged these designs by floral arrangement, preservation of the blossoms, care in transport, and customer reviews. We have compiled these factors to present only the best flower delivery services possible.

5 Best Flower Delivery Services – Reviews

1. FlowersFast – Editor’s Choice – Best Flower Delivery Services


  • Same day delivery
  • Numerous categories, specialities, and arrangements
  • Discount opportunities
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Affordable prices

Why Shop With FlowerFast?

Chosen as the best flower delivery service on our list, FlowersFast presents customers, both new and old, with all the benefits of a local florist without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. FlowersFast’s easy-to-use website eliminates the need to endlessly browse through hundreds of flower selections by grouping its flower arrangements into six main categories. These include:

  • Specialties
  • Colors
  • Collections
  • Occasions

Customers can also use the quick search option to sort bouquets by delivery time, price, or the specific flower type being used. In order to meet customer expectations, FlowersFast has partnered with the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association to ensure that its customers across the United States receive their flowers in optimum condition and on time. The company even provides additional information for customers outlining the flowers of the month along with the symbolization behind each bloom.

Are The Delivery Options Flexible?

FlowersFast is one of the few online floral delivery services that offer same day delivery. Choosing this option means that floral arrangement will be hand-delivered by a florist who works for the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association. Unlike some companies, the FlowersFast same day delivery service comes with no additional fee and is guaranteed for orders made before twelve noon.

FlowersFast has indicated that most of its orders are automatically delivered the next day using the FedEx or UPS overnight service. FlowersFast even supports international deliveries to regions outside the fifty states and Canada. Such deliveries will usually take up to three business days. Delivery to more rural areas might be possible but will require a discussion with the FlowersFast customer representatives.

Is FlowerFast Worth The Price?

One of the main selling points of using the FlowersFast service is the price and discounts available. New visitors to the site are presented with an automated message offering a discount code before they have even browsed a single bouquet. FlowersFast offers three types of arrangements. Customers can purchase a standard bouquet for only $49.90, a deluxe bouquet for $59.90, or a premium bouquet for $69.90.

FlowersFast claims to save customers $6 per order compared with the retail price of other standard florists. In addition, customers are allowed to include a personalized gift message and are assured by the company’s satisfaction guarantee. This means that if any of FlowersFast bouquets contain plants that are not fresh flowers or are arrangements that don’t suit a customer’s requirements, they can receive a full refund with no hassle.

Final Thoughts?

With a 4.7-star customer service rating gained from more than two thousand customers, it should come as no surprise that we have chosen FlowersFast as our Editor’s Choice and one of the best flower delivery services in the industry. With their fresh blooms, low prices, and flexible delivery, not purchasing from FlowersFast would be foolish.

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2. Enjoy Flowers – Runner Up


  • Rewards systems
  • Subscription packages available
  • Free shipping
  • Seven-day guarantee


  • Same day flower delivery not available

Why Shop With Enjoy Flowers?

As a family-owned business with fifty years of flower farming experience, Enjoy Flowers offers a variety of advantages that has gained the company a top place on our list of best flower delivery services. Enjoy Flowers delivers farm fresh flowers directly to its customers, cutting out any other organization, thus lowering the price and time customers take to receive their bouquets. Enjoy Flowers also assures customers that all the bouquets they receive are harvested from fresh blooms grown on green farms in Colombia. In addition, Enjoy Flowers supports the local community by using its profits to sponsor a housing fund that has helped more than four thousand families over forty years.

Customers can choose from three categories when accessing the site:

  • A flower subscription
  • Event packages
  • One-time bouquets

Customers can customize their bouquets using Enjoy Flowers’ sleek interface design, changing the types of blooms, bouquet size, and frequency of delivery. There is also the choice to purchase pre-arranged flower selections. Customers can even cancel their subscription at any time with no hassle at all.

Are The Delivery Options Flexible?

The bouquets created by the Enjoy Flowers team are delivered by FedEx. Customers who choose to purchase from the One Time bouquet category will receive their flowers from Monday to Friday, while those who choose the Subscription option can look forward to their blooms on Tuesday or Friday. Delivery dates for subscription packages can be edited under the Subscription tab if necessary.

FedEx provides a tracking number and a link to the delivery manager to help customers keep track of their flowers. In the case of gifts, customers can register the recipient’s email address to ensure that they are notified beforehand. Unfortunately, Enjoy Flowers does not deliver the same day and does not offer weekend delivery. However, delivery is free and easy to organize, outside of these factors.

Is Enjoy Flowers Worth The Price?

Customers can purchase the One Time bouquet containing twenty to twenty-five stems for as little as $59. The Enjoy Flowers deliveries include instructions for maintenance, an optional vase, flower food, and a signature box, making it more than worth the price. However, customers who choose a Subscription can pay as little as $44.10 for a year’s worth of delivery, saving them up to $58.80. In addition, new customers can sign up for the Enjoy Flowers newsletter and save a further 20% on their first delivery.

There are also savings to be had by signing up to the company’s loyalty program to earn and redeem points. Or for those with a silver tongue, referring a friend will save them 15% off each.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy Flowers is an excellent place to find brilliant deals, and while we haven’t chosen the company as the best flower delivery service, it has thoroughly earned its position as a runner-up.

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3. Pickupflowers – Most Extensive Flower Delivery


  • International flower delivery
  • 30-day return policy
  • Same day delivery
  • Discounts available

Why Shop With Pickupflowers?

Marketed as international flower delivery experts, Pickupflowers boasts that the company can send fresh blooms to any city in the world. Based in Carrollton, Texas, the company promises no hidden charges despite its extensive delivery range. The company also claims to be able to produce flower arrangements for any occasion and any budget. Purchases can be paid for using Google check-out or PayPal, and Pickupflowers has customer representatives available 24/7 to assist clients both new and old.

Pickupflowers offers customers eight primary categories of blooms to choose from:

  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Carnations
  • Mixed

To gain a complete visual representation of the bouquets offered under each category, a customer must first input the bouquet’s destination. Each bouquet is displayed with the earliest delivery date possible and any discounts that can be applied to the purchase. Once selected, providing the destination city will allow customers to see the total shipping cost and move forward with their purchase.

Are The Delivery Options Flexible?

Pickupflowers has the most extensive coverage of any floral delivery service on our list. By working with florists in each country, the company can ensure same day delivery for all of its bouquets, presenting the recipients with fresh blooms that will last as long as any selected from a local flower shop.

The company’s numerous categories include gift basket options and holiday-themed bouquets that can be sent to over twelve thousand cities worldwide. In addition, Pickupflowers offers a 30 days return policy that customers are encouraged to use if they are not satisfied with the flowers they have received. To access this returns policy, customers need only email the Pickupflowers customer service team. To be valid, the report must be made within thirty days of the initial purchase.

Is Pickupflowers Worth The Price?

One of the unique advantages to be found when using Pickupflowers is the fact that the company provides terrific discounts for each delivery destination. For example, those looking to ship to Canada can purchase the Sassy Gerberas bouquet that was initially priced at $51.31 for as low as $46.18, with shipping costing only $9.20 bringing the overall price to only $55.38 for the same day delivery. While the company does not offer a subscription program, the low prices and numerous destinations more than make flowers from Pickupflowers worth the price.

Final Thoughts

With such an extensive delivery area, it should come as no surprise that Pickupflowers has gained highly rated reviews from customers worldwide. The ease of purchase, along with the low prices and available discounts, makes Pickupflowers the best flower delivery service for international clients. When combined with its unique Diwali, Corporate, For Him, and For Her categories, there should be no question why this service has found a prominent place on our list.

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4. FiftyFlowers


  • Extensive wedding flower collections
  • Pre-made flower collections for every season
  • Easily customized options
  • Floral supplies available
  • Unique “Make This Look” option


  • Can be somewhat expensive

Why Shop With FiftyFlowers?

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding day, and FiftyFlowers has aimed to make creating the perfect wedding bouquet as easy as possible. Couples can browse over forty color selections, with each section containing anywhere between fifty and one hundred different flower types to choose from. In addition, couples who prefer to use a pre-existing bouquet design can take advantage of the FiftyFlowers Make This Look selection, where they can see past wedding bouquets and replicate any that catches their eye.

Outside of wedding focused flower arrangements, FiftyFlowers offers customers a Ready To Go category that is filled with flowers for special occasions, including:

  • Hanukkah Arrangements
  • New Year Arrangements
  • 4th of July Arrangements
  • Valentine’s Day Arrangements

Using the company’s well-organized site, purchasing a bouquet is quick and straightforward. Customers need only select their quantity and delivery date before their bouquet is on its way. Customers can even buy all the floral supplies they need to keep their blooms fresh and fragrant directly from the FiftyFlowers site.

Are The Delivery Options Flexible?

FiftyFlowers deliveries are handled by FedEx, UPS, and other shipping services. For weddings, the company recommends that couples order their flowers three days before the event to ensure that the flowers are delivered on time. FiftyFlowers ships to most areas in the United States, though the company warns that shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Canada will carry additional charges.

FiftyFlowers provides regular deliveries from Tuesday to Friday. Deliveries are also available on Saturday though it is not recommended for weddings and will carry an additional charge. Orders from FiftyFlowers are usually shipped between 24 and 72 hours before the requested delivery date, and the bouquets can be tracked through the My Account page.

Is FiftyFlowers Worth The Price?

Creating absolutely stunning bouquets, the quality of FiftyFlowers blooms is exquisite. Customers are able to purchase some of the smaller bouquets offered by the company for only $39.99 with a further $15 per box for shipping. Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska bears an added $45 per box, and shipping to Canada has a surcharge of 40% for import and shipping fees.

However, a full wedding bouquet of the same quality will cost a couple $349.99 for thirty bunches of Rose Gold Airbrushed Baby’s Breath. When combined with shipping fees, this can seem quite expensive. But, customers can save by subscribing to the FiftyFlowers newsletter, which will notify them of any deals that could potentially be applied to their purchase.

Final Thoughts

FiftyFlowers provides one of the best flower delivery services for weddings and vow renewals. With thousands of exquisite bouquets to choose from, FiftyFlowers has more than cemented its place as the best wedding flowers provider on our list.

5. Overnight Flowers


  • Easy-to-use website
  • Handcrafted bouquets
  • Discounts available
  • Next day delivery


  • Same day delivery not available

Why Choose Overnight Flowers?

Overnight Flowers has earned a place on our list because of the company’s mission and the way that it has accomplished it. The creators of Overnight Flowers had a goal to provide customers with a simple, affordable floral delivery service. In addition, the company claims that the blooms used in its arrangements contain fresh seasonally sourced flowers obtained from the best sustainable farms. This claim is further supported by Overnight Flowers’ 100% Freshness Guarantee.

Customers who access the Overnight Flowers’ website are presented with only five primary tabs, creating a sleek and easy to navigate interface. Additionally, customers are able to choose between Mixed Bouquets and the variety of categories included under the site’s Shop tab. Overnight Flowers offers bouquets designs for not only specific occasions but also for the spontaneous shopper. The bouquet categories include:

  • Just Because
  • Anniversary
  • Sunflowers
  • Birthdays

Overnight Flowers claims that all its bouquets are handmade and presented in sturdy, protective boxes. The company also presents customers with its Long Stem Guarantee, promising to deliver only blooms with big heads and long stems.

Are The Delivery Options Flexible?

Unlike many other delivery services, Overnight Flowers offers free shipping with no hidden fees or catches. Customers need only enter the zip code of the delivery destination to find out the first delivery date available before purchasing their chosen bouquet. Experimentation has found that in some cases, a twenty-five stem bouquet can be delivered earlier than the larger option of fifty stems. Unfortunately, Overnight Flowers does not offer same day delivery. However, depending on the bouquet that is chosen, next day delivery is a possibility if ordered before 2:30 PM EST.

Is Overnight Flowers Worth The Price?

While the initial prices of most of Overnight Flowers’ blooms are well within the parameters of a highly rated floral delivery service, the actual savings can be found after discounts have been applied. For example, customers can obtain a Mardi Gras classic with twenty-five stems for $79.95. However, once discounts have been applied, customers stand to save up to 25% of the purchase cost, obtaining the same bouquet for only $59.96. Similarly, a fifty stem bouquet that retails for $99.95 can be purchased for only $74.96 with the discount ‘Save 25’.

Taking part in the Overnight Flowers rewards program can earn a customer ten points for every $1 they spend. Rewards are stackable with discounts, and new customers earn two hundred points just by signing up. In addition, referring a new customer to Overnight Flowers will gain the existing customer 30% off their next order.

Final Thoughts

Overnight Flowers is a sturdy choice for individuals who wish to avoid being overwhelmed during the shopping process. With numerous discounts and guarantees, Overnight Flowers has firmly earned its spot on our best flower delivery service list.

The Best Reasons To Order Flowers

One of the main reasons for shopping with an online flower delivery service is simply convenience. Visiting your local flower shop can mean minutes to hours of travel and browsing time in an effort to find something that will spark a customer’s interest. Not only can this experience be frustrating, but it can also be ineffective. Whereas shopping with an online floral delivery service is anything but. With flowers arranged by color, occasion, and price, customers can quickly browse an entire catalog of arrangements in just a few minutes.

Ease of delivery is yet another reason why many seek out the best flower delivery online service. Oftentimes flower shops will wrap a fresh bouquet and pass the responsibility of getting the flowers from point A to point B onto the customer. This can result in battered and wilted blossoms depending on the method of transportation. There is also the risk of losing the flowers in transit. On the other hand, delivery is quick and easy, with some services such as FlowersFast even providing same day delivery with no additional fees.

Another advantage of the best flower delivery services is the overall price. Discounts and subscription programs often mean that even if bouquets from a flower shop were initially cheaper, the overall cost of bouquets are much less expensive. In addition, rewards programs that allow customers to earn by shopping can mean that in some cases, customers may pay little to nothing for their fresh flowers.

What Are The Best Flowers For Special Occasions?

Much like a picture, a flower can say a thousand words. Arrangements have been used for sending messages and communicating tricky emotions for years. Specific flowers have even been tied to certain holidays and achievements. To further illustrate this, we have included a few.

  • Birthdays –One of the best flowers for birthdays, irrespective of relationship, is the lily, as the flower represents positivity and happiness. Gerberas are also an excellent symbolic choice that speaks of cheerfulness. There is always the chance to be more specific and include the birthday flowers representing the month, such as roses for people born in June.
  • Congratulations –Daffodils are a brilliant way of celebrating new beginnings or dramatic changes such as a new job or a new baby. The flowers are bright, cherry blooms are a boon even without understanding their symbolism. However, the flower should be in a bouquet as one daffodil represents bad luck.
  • Apologies –The white tulip is a lovely way of expressing an apology. A bouquet of these stunning flowers can usually soothe even the angriest feelings, and if a single bouquet doesn’t work, a subscription program can keep the flowers coming until that frown has been turned upside down.
  • Romantic Interest –While the flower of love is seen as the rose, a perfectly arranged bouquet of lilacs might be more suitable for a new lover. The darker colored lilacs also have the added meaning of representing a solid, more potent form of love.

How Does Online Flower Delivery Work?

The process of arranging a flower delivery is quite a simple one. Most of the providers on our list have contracts with florists in the delivery area, while some grow their blooms themselves. Once a customer creates an account and selects a particular bouquet, the service’s team will make the bouquet according to the specifications or pass those specifications on to the local florists.

After a bouquet is created, it is carefully packaged to prevent harm to the flowers in transit. Some services like FlowersFast can complete this process in mere hours, allowing for delivery of the flowers to the recipient on the same day of the order. While other providers may have to request that flowers be delivered and thus take more time to complete an order.

Large orders such as those for weddings and special events may take some time to be delivered, depending on the number of arrangements required. For one-off purchases, the delivery is where the process finishes. On the other hand, subscriptions continue long past the first delivery. With the usual options of bi-weekly or monthly deliveries, these customers receive a recurring bouquet or can edit their choices to select new flowers over a specific period.

Flower Subscriptions For Your Home

There is nothing quite as remarkable as fresh blooms strategically placed to enhance the room. Not only does the presence of flowers provide a household with a level of tranquility, but the aroma given off can be just what is needed to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work.

However, it is easy to forget to buy flowers, and in some cases, there isn’t the opportunity to go flower shopping when a favorite bouquet eventually starts to wilt. This is where subscription programs such as those offered by Enjoy Flowers come into play. Maintaining a subscription allows a customer the peace of mind of knowing that their new bloom is on the way without having to waste a moment arranging the delivery themselves. In addition, some subscription programs offer significant discounts that are not available when purchasing a one time bouquet.

But, not every flower subscription is created equal, and some might include clauses that lock customers into contracts that could have been avoided with one-off purchases. Our list of best flower delivery companies is free of unscrupulous providers offering both subscription and one time buyers peace of mind when selecting the best flower delivery service for them.


Shopping with a flower delivery company is one of the easiest ways to receive your flowers delivered directly to your doorstep. While the number of companies presenting this service continues to grow, so have our standards. We have identified the best flower delivery services so that all our readers need to do is decide when and for what occasion they want their blooms.