Courtesy of Union Stage

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Claud at Union Stage

It can come off as insulting or dismissive to categorize and compare every lesser-known artist with someone more well-known. But it’s difficult not to hear a little Phoebe Bridgers in Claud—and it seems okay to mention this since Claud was the first artist signed to Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records. While Claud’s mid-tempo songs—which center around a jangly guitar line, with a little reverb and a simple drum beat—share DNA with Bridgers’ music, there are a few other guitar-based artists audible in their work. Claud’s music is classified as bedroom pop, but the production is worlds better than your run of the mill entries into the genre. Their 2021 debut album, Super Monster, is more like a particularly intimate take on singer-songwriter indie rock than a collection of out-of-tune demos recorded on a 4-track (that’s not an insult to bedroom pop, just a more accurate description of Claud’s music). The LP’s 13 tracks have a lot more in common with acts such as Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, and Rilo Kiley—also known for writing tender, story-based songs. Claud’s music is made to be listened to closely, sounding best via headphones, while wandering city streets late at night. Claud’s first headlining tour stops at Union Stage on March 24—see them if you can. Tickets remain for the D.C. date, but most shows on the tour have sold out. If Claud’s ascent is anything like Bridgers, it wouldn’t be surprising if their next tour hits venues twice the size of the intimate Union Stage. Claud performs at 7 p.m. on March 24 at Union Stage, 740 Water St. SW. $17. Proof of vax and masks required.