The world is slowly opening more and more post the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus is not gone but the majority of people are fully vaccinated and the world is opening more and more. While some might have an urge to go out and party as soon as possible, it’s also okay if you don’t feel like it. There are still lots of things for you to do, if you want to act carefully. 

Dining in and out

The restaurants and bars in Washington are open again, and while lots of the restaurants still take their precautions to take care of you and their employees, most of the places also offer take away. Therefore, you can either choose to dine out and pick a restaurant you feel safe at or you can get the food to go and dine in at the comfort of your own home and bacterias. 

You can also go to your local grocery store outside of rush hour and get the ingredients for your (or your significant other’s) favorite meal, drinks and snacks. It is often cheaper, and you can cook and eat in your pajamas blasting your favorite music. 

Casino Fun

A trip to one of the many casinos in Washington DC is also a fun way to spend the night, and to experience a very special and thrilling atmosphere. There is the MGM, if you are the luxurious type. The Live Casino & Hotel, if you are the laid-back type. Or you can go to the Hollywood Casino for a more old-school and authentic experience. 

Whether you do it for the money or just to entertain yourself, it is also possible to move the casino to your home address. You can play blackjack online where there are lots of opportunities to get the same thrill and money as at the casinos while staying safe at home without having to do your hair or makeup.

Movie Night

Another way to spend your time is with a movie night. Again, it is possible to do this at your local movie theater or at your own home. At the local theater you can watch the newest movies and get the well-known scent of butter fried popcorn and nachos cheese. If you go on a weekday and stay away from premier nights, the movie theaters should be a safe place to go without too many people.

However, you can also stay at home and turn to your preferred streaming service and binge watch an entire season of a new show or rewatch one of your favorites. If you want to make the experience more authentic you can also buy or rent a newer movie, shut your drapes, and make some popcorn. You can also invite some of the people you see everyday and feel safe around. In that way you get someone to talk with about the movie afterwards. 

Always reach out if you feel unsafe or in doubt about anything regarding COVID-19.